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Google hangouts

  1. 1. Google HangoutsThe More Personal Way to Reach The Top.
  2. 2. It’s a way to bring your conversation to life withphotos and even group video calls for up to 10people.Jabber has a limit of only 5 people video and withbandwidth constraints makes it less effective.Google hangout has many extra features to maketeam members feel like they are together in a roomworking closely together and makes them truly feellike a team.In this presentation I will break down each featurewith screenshots and how to setup Google Hangouts.What are Google Hangouts?
  3. 3. To setup Google Hangouts you must first have aGoogle Plus account setup.The next step would be to download the requiredplugin from here .Once this is installed disconnect from the VPN longenough to connect(this only required for the firsttime).Reconnect to VPN.Setup
  4. 4. Now that your all setup you need people to add toyour Hangout.All you will need to do is search for them click the addbutton and select the circle you would like them in.Getting Started
  5. 5. To start a hangout.In the bottom right corner click the Start a partbutton.Starting a Hangout
  6. 6. After clicking the button you will see this.The just type the names of who you’d like to add.New Hangout screen
  7. 7. Now you have your hangout up and going let’s look atwhat makes it great.First we have video where all 10 people can see eachother as they talk(camera can be turned off if youwant it off).Audio is much cleaner and clear and there is notalking over each other when one person is talking allother mics are muted.There is also a chat feature built in as well.Google Hangout Features
  8. 8. Screenshot #1
  9. 9. From the previous slide you can see on the left handside a menu.This menu is used to invitepeople, chat, screenshare, capture a screenshot andother great features that you can install.Some the features you can install are slideshare, whiteboard, Cacoo which is used for a group tocollaborate on a project together in real time.There are also some fun things as well during slowtimes there are games and Google Effects to makeyou look silly and give your team a chuckle.More Features
  10. 10. This is just a brief breakdown of Google Hangouts togive a general idea of what it is all about and how itcan be used.Please feel free to play around with it and if you havequestions contact me at keith.nelson@kellyhba.comClosing