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October 2010 presentation by LBSi for our LBSi SAP Business One Regional User Group. Presentation includes some of the new "cool" features for version 8.8 of SAP Business One

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Sap Business-One-Version8-cool-features

  1. 1. Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) LBSI is a technology services firm that understands technology is a tool that enables you to grow profitably, outpace the competition and provide better service to your customers. Cleveland – Columbus – Cincinnati - Pittsburgh
  2. 2. LBSi Whistle Stop Tour Topic: SAP 8.8 cool features Presented by: Vicki Smith Major functional enhancements and modifications are implemented in 8.8 8.8 is now available to all customers with a valid maintenance contract Upgrade to 8.8 is included in the annual maintenance contract You have already paid for it – so the software itself is free Your costs are only the costs to install and convert your existing data to 8.8 How long is my current software supported by SAP? 2007A End of Life June 30, 2011 2007B End of Life Dec. 31, 2011
  3. 3. SAP Business One 8.8 How does it benefit you? Higher Productivity New user interface, improved system messages and help Enhanced Business Control Negative invoices allowed, more flexibility in units of measure, improvements in down payment invoices, more options in aging reports Simplified reporting thru Crystal Reports Crystal Reports integrated with Print Layout Designer Faster System Response Application performance improvements, data archiving SAP Cockpit
  4. 4. ATP (Available to Promise) Ability to look ahead and project inventory levels Right click access in marketing documents & item master data Item Availability Check – new options New information fields: *Requested Due Date *Earliest Available New options: *Change to Earliest Available *Display Available to Promise
  5. 5. Negative Totals in Marketing Documents Negative totals and lines allowed in marketing documents Enter negative quantities for trade ins, deposits, core returns, etc..
  6. 6. Different Units of Measure Define standard units of measure in sales, purchasing and item master data
  7. 7. Increased Flexibility for Units of Measure Ability to change UOM on Purchasing and Sales tabs Display Items per Unit field on documents Make sure UOM field is active for updates
  8. 8. Down Payment Invoices Right click to display related Down Payment Transactions Linking of Down Payment Invoice to final AR Invoice
  9. 9. New Aging Reports Options Group by Customer or Sales Employee New range for from and to Due Date Ignore Future Remit column Specify your own interval buckets Form Settings options for display
  10. 10. New Aging Reports Display Display Original Amount and Balance Due Display BP Reference number View multi customer and vendor details without having to double click
  11. 11. Other Enhancements – too many to list More options in Document Generation Wizard Partial delivery capabilities Process documents according to document number Improvements to Pick and Pack Process Alternate control account function Change control account at document level Change Log functionality in Administration module Tax setup, House Banks, Freight, Credit card setup Data Archiving Capabilities Archive closed transactional data more than 2 years old Improved system messages Messages have been added or revised to clarify to results of closing or cancelling documents
  12. 12. Summary Thank you for taking time to participate in the SAP Business One User Group meeting. Please take a few minutes to give us feedback of the meeting and any suggestions for going forward. We are always looking for new clients to work with. And we'd like to find more like you - companies that are engaged, smart, and focused on their future. Can you help us out?
  13. 13. Tour Wrap Up Questions & Answers Schedule for next Stops: Tues., Nov. 16th - Writing Basic Queries Tues., Dec. 14th - TBD
  14. 14. Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) Cleveland – Columbus – Cincinnati – Pittsburgh Questions: Vicki Smith Senior Consultant Email: Phone: 440-846-8500 Ext. 22