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SAP Business One Purchase Quotation Presentation as presented at our LBSi SAP Business One User Group on October 11, 2011

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Sap business-one-purchase-quotation

  1. 1. Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) Management Software Solutions We help businesses manage for success Cleveland – Columbus – Cincinnati - Pittsburgh
  2. 2. Purchase Quotation Agenda: Store multiple Preferred Vendors in item master Manual Purchase Quotation request Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard Purchase Quotation Comparison Report Online Purchase Quotations
  3. 3. Authorizations Review user authorizations Purchasing – A/P Open Items ListGo to: Administration > Initial Settings > Authorizations> General Authorizations
  4. 4. Document Settings Allow copying Vendor Reference No. to Target Doc. Copy vendor’s quote or reference number to Purchase OrderGo to: Administration > Initial Settings > Documents Settings > Per Document Tab
  5. 5. Multiple Preferred Vendors Store multiple vendors per item Set default vendor
  6. 6. Manual Purchase Quotation Create Purchase Quotation document Use Duplicate function for multiple vendor requests Requests tied together thru Group No. Go to: Main Menu > Purchasing A-P > Purchase Quotation
  7. 7. Purchase Quotation – Item MasterCreate purchase quotation from item master record Right click and select Create Purchase Quotation Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard window opens
  8. 8. Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard Use the Generation Wizard to guide you thru the process Select the item(s) and quantities Select preferred vendors Preview results Create documents Review and sendGo to: Purchasing A-P > Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard
  9. 9. Record Vendor Prices Update the Request for Quotation document with vendor prices Find the Purchase Quotation and update the following fields: Quoted Date Quoted Qty Unit Price Additional Notes
  10. 10. Compare Purchase Quotation Results Review results in Purchase Quotation Comparison Report Right click and choose Purchase Quotation Comparison Report from these windows to review specific records Purchase Quotation document Item master data record
  11. 11. Purchase Comparison Report Access the Purchase Comparison Report Enter the desired selection criteria Click OK to run Review resultsGo to: Main Menu > Purchasing A-P > Purchasing Reports > Purchase Quotation Comparison Report
  12. 12. Create Purchase OrderCreate Purchase Order(s) from relevant Purchase Quotation document Use “Copy to” function to create your PO and link the documents
  13. 13. Another view of results Use the Relationship Map to view results from vendor quotations Visual map of all related transactions from marketing documents View these relationships
  14. 14. Online Purchase Quotations New feature for vendors to respond to RFQ’s on-line RFQ vendor website and integration available starting at 8.81 PL06 Here is the concept behind the process o Create an email message to vendor contact telling them a quote is ready for them at a website and the URL is provided. o An SAP B1 internal Message and Alert is generated to let the user know a email was sent to the vendor o Vendor goes to that site and the RFQ lines are there for them to update, QTY, Price, Currency, Delivery Date and comments hits OK to save the RFQ o An SAP B1 Internal Message and Alert is generated to let the user know the RFQ has been updated by the vendor
  15. 15. Thank you for taking time to participate in the SAPBusiness One User Group Meeting.Please take a few minutes to respond to our surveyand provide us with feedback and suggestions goingforward. o We are always looking for new clients to work with. And we would like to find more clients and partners like you – companies that are engaged, smart, and focused on their future. o Can you help us out by referring LBSi to someone who could benefit from our services?
  16. 16. Next Meetings: o Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011 o Internal Reconciliations o Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011 o TBA – Give us your ideas
  17. 17. Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi)Cleveland – Columbus – Cincinnati – Toledo - Pittsburgh – Philadelphia - Indianapolis Contact Information: Vicki Smith Senior Consultant email: Phone: 440-846-8500 ext 22