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Learn how to setup and use down payment invoices in SAP Business One. Presentation from our June 1011 LBSi Regional SAP Business One User Group

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Sap business-one-down-payment-invoices-setup-and-processing

  1. 1. Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi)LBSI is a technology services firm that understands technology is a tool that enables you to grow profitably, outpace the competition, and provide better service to your customers. Cleveland – Columbus – Cincinnati – Pittsburgh
  2. 2. AR & AP Down PaymentsPresented by: Vicki Smith Agenda: About Down Payment Invoices Settings – G/L Account Determinations How to Create Down Payment Invoices How to Create Incoming or Outgoing Down Payments How to Apply Down Payment Invoices to Regular Invoices General Ledger Transactions
  3. 3. About Down Payment Invoices Used when payments are required in advance from customers or vendors Way to create a payment not based on a regular invoice Relevant for both sales and purchasing documents Has own numbering series Does not affect on hand balances or stock valuation
  4. 4. Settings – G/L Account DeterminationsGo to: Main Menu > Administration > Setup > Financial > Financials > GL Account Determination Enter GL code onSales - Purchasing> General Tab
  5. 5. Numbering Series – Down PaymentsGo to: Main Menu > Administration > System Initialization >Document Numbering Define numbering series for Down Payment Invoices
  6. 6. How to Create Down Payment InvoicesGo to: Main Menu > Sales A/R > AR Down Payment Invoice Main Menu > Purchasing A/P > AP Down Payment Invoice Use “Copy to” function to create from Sales or Purchase Order Click on “copy to” and select AR or AP Down Payment Enter the DPM % to calculate the down payment amount Add any text or payment instructions and then click Add Down Payment Invoices can be reviewed on Aging reports Note: DPM % can be greater than 100% if freight or sales tax need to be included
  7. 7. How to Create Incoming and OutgoingDown Payments Payments are handled in same way as regular invoices Down Payment invoices are referenced with “DT” for origin code Use Incoming Payments to record customer down payments Use Outgoing Payments to issue vendor down payments
  8. 8. How to apply DT invoices to regularInvoices Follow normal process to ship and receive Create AR and AP Invoice using “Copy to” or “Copy from” Apply down payments by clicking on and Add Down payment amount will be applied to regular invoice Any balance will be shown in “Balance Due” Note: Down Payment Invoices must be paid in full before they can be applied (linked) to regular invoices
  9. 9. General Ledger Transactions Standard Process - AR Down Payment Invoices [A] [B] [C] AR Down Payment Invoice Payment Received AR Invoice - Apply DT DR CR DR CR DR CR Acct. Rec. DT Account Cash Acct Rec. DT Account Revenue Standard Process - AP Down Payment Invoices [A] [B] [C] AP Down Payment Invoice Payment Sent AP Invoice - Apply DT DR CR DR CR DR CR DT Account Acct Payable Acct. Payable Cash Expense/Inven DT Account
  10. 10. Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) Cleveland – Columbus – Cincinnati – Pittsburgh Contact Information: Vicki Smith Senior Consultant email: Phone: 440-846-8500 ext 22
  11. 11. Next Meetings: o Tuesday, July 12, 2011 o 10 Ways to Improve Customer Service o Tuesday, August 16, 2011 o SAP 8.81 New Feature
  12. 12. Thank you for taking time to participate in the SAPBusiness One User Group Meeting.Please take a few minutes to respond to our surveyand provide us with feedback and suggestions goingforward. o We are always looking for new clients to work with. And we would like to find more clients and partners like you – companies that are engaged, smart, and focused on their future. o Can you help us out by referring LBSi to someone who could benefit from our services?
  13. 13. Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) Cleveland – Columbus – Cincinnati – Pittsburgh Contact Information: Vicki Smith Senior Consultant email: Phone: 440-846-8500 ext 22