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SAP Business-One-Cash-Flow-Reporting


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Learn how to setup and use cash flow reporting in SAP Business One

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SAP Business-One-Cash-Flow-Reporting

  1. 1. Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) Management Software Solutions We help businesses manage for success Cleveland – Columbus – Cincinnati - Pittsburgh
  2. 2. Cash Flow ReportingAgenda: Why is it important? Authorizations & setup Elements of Cash Flow Report Recurring Postings & Cash Flow Report Cash Flow Reports
  3. 3. Why Cash Flow Planning? Simple Goal: have enough cash on hand when needed How? Implement good cash flow techniques to ensure you can always meet your obligations Start by using the SAP Business One Cash Flow reporting tool Keep it simple to start with Add more functionality as you go Know your current financial ratios and how they impact cash flow Define where they are now and monitor
  4. 4. Know your liquidity ratios Cash Flow planning is linked to Liquidity Liquid assets, i.e. cash are needed for day to day operations Liquidity ratios measure company’s ability to meet its obligations Quick Ratio: $$ of liquid assets available to cover $$ of current assets Quick Ratio = Cash + Accounts Receivable Total Current Assets Current Ratio: Measures ability to meet short term debts Current Ratio = Total Current Assets Total Current Liabilities
  5. 5. Authorizations: Set-up Review user authorizationsGo to: Administration > Initial Settings > Authorizations> General Authorizations
  6. 6. Authorizations: Reporting Review user authorizationsGo to: Administration > Initial Settings > Authorizations> General Authorizations
  7. 7. Set-up: General Settings Define settings for assigning cash flow items to transactionsGo to: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings
  8. 8. Elements of Cash Flow Report
  9. 9. Cash Flow Relevant Accounts Only “active” accounts at the asset level can be Cash Flow Relevant Use “Category” to classify G/L accounts
  10. 10. Set-up: Cash Flow Line Items Define cash flow line items assigned to transactions classifications for Statement of Cash Flow Report Go to: Administration> Setup > Financials > Cash Flow Line Items .
  11. 11. Recurring Postings & Cash FlowCreate recurring postings to capture budgeted expenses payroll, rents, lease payments
  12. 12. Assigning Cash Flow Assign cash flow items in Payment Means, Deposit or Payment Wizard windows.
  13. 13. Cash Flow Reference Report Use this report to review cash flow transactions Drill down and modify and/or assign transactions as neededGo to: Financials > Financial Reports > Financial > Cash Flow Reference Report
  14. 14. Statement of Cash Flow Report Review classifications, compare & adjust cash flow items
  15. 15. Cash Flow Report View cash relevant transactions by Security Level and Due Date Include Recurring Postings or Journal Vouchers Add any projected future cash transactions, i.e. asset purchases, etc.. The smaller the Date selection, the more relevant the data
  16. 16. Cash Flow Report Reports by “Security Level” Shows running projected cash flow balance
  17. 17. Thank you for taking time to participate in the SAPBusiness One User Group Meeting.Please take a few minutes to respond to our surveyand provide us with feedback and suggestions goingforward. o We are always looking for new clients to work with. And we would like to find more clients and partners like you – companies that are engaged, smart, and focused on their future. o Can you help us out by referring LBSi to someone who could benefit from our services?
  18. 18. Next Meetings: o Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2012 o What’s New o Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2012 o TBA – Give us your ideas
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