Enhanced material planning for sap business one


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Presentation on LBSi's material planning enhancement for SAP Business One. This enhancement based on several years of hand on manufacturing and planning expertise with other ERP packages. Our enhancement takes SAP Business One MRP to the next level and includes true MRP functionality

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Enhanced material planning for sap business one

  1. 1. ® SAP Business One A Single System to Streamline Your Entire Business
  2. 2. LBSi Whistle Stop Tour Topic: Planning Presented by: Vicki Smith A general overview of SAP B1 Standard MRP and LBSi Enhance Planning. Topics: 1. Initial MRP Definitions 2. Forecasts 3. SAP Business One - MRP Standard MRP Wizard Order Recommendations Report 4. LBSi Enhance: Material Planning Material Planning Generation Exception Message Reporting Enhance Planning Reports and Queries
  3. 3. Initial MRP Definitions Item Master Data settings are required to work with MRP or Planning. Go To: Inventory > Item Master > Planning Tab Item Master Data: Planning Tab 1. Planning System – Determines which items to include in process Must be set to MRP for Item to be included 2. Procurement Method – Make or Buy Make – plans Production Orders Buy – plans Purchase Orders 3. Order Interval – Time interval for grouping of requirements for orders 4. Order Multiple – Quantity for grouping of requirements 5. Minimum Order Qty – Minimum quantity for planning requirements 6. Lead Time – Time to receive a Buy Item or produce a Make item
  4. 4. Other MRP Definitions Settings in other areas affect MRP and Planning. 1. Warehouse – Go To: Administration > Setup > Inventory > Warehouses Nettable Check Box: Must be checked for Items in warehouse to be planned 2. General Settings - Go To: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Inventory Tab > Planning Tab Note: Settings on this tab are used by standard SAP MRP only Consume Forecast checkbox – check this for the system to subtract sales orders from the forecast Consumption Method – indicates how the forecast is consumed Days Backward – Number of days to search back for a forecast to be consumed Days Forward – Number of days to search forward for a forecast to be consumed
  5. 5. Forecasts Allow for planning of purchasing and production in advance • Note: While more than one forecast can be created, only one forecast can be used at a time in MRP and Planning Go To: MRP > Forecasts Define a Forecast(s): 1. Enter a Forecast Code and Forecast Name 2. Define beginning and ending date range for forecast 3. Select buckets for viewing forecast: daily, weekly, monthly When using weekly or monthly the forecast calculates the demand for the first day of the period selected 4. Enter items and quantities into the table
  6. 6. Standard SAP Business One MRP To run the SAP Business One MRP Wizard: Go To: MRP > MRP Wizard 1. Select New or Existing Scenario 2. Scenario Details – define the Planning Horizon and Items to include 3. Data Source – define which source data to include i.e. Warehouses, Purchase Orders, Production Orders, Forecast, etc.. 4. Run the MRP Wizard 5. Review MRP results Save recommendations for further action thru the Recommendations report 6. Take action on the Order Recommendations report by issuing purchase orders and production orders Carefully review items shown in RED
  7. 7. LBSi Enhance Planning Provides planning functionality that is not included in standard SAP Business One MRP to help fill the gaps. Some of the enhanced features: 1. Provides hard pegging of supplies to demands 2. Processing of BOM’s up to 22 levels 3. Prioritization of supplies and demands 4. Multi warehouse prioritization 5. Integration with SAP Business One forecasts 6. Exception message functionality
  8. 8. Enhance Planning Generation Go To: MRP > Enhance Planning Generation 1. Review and update if needed the Planning Generation parameters 2. Review Enhance: Item Planning Details 3. Review Enhance: Order Recommendations and take action to create purchase orders and production orders Note: By Right Clicking on any item row you can view further details on that item: Quantity on hand Business partner special prices Open purchase Orders Open production orders Open Work Orders Enhance planning pegging details 4. Review Enhance Planning reports Item Planning Details Order Recommendations What If Analysis
  9. 9. Summary Thank you for taking time to participate in the SAP Business One User Group meeting. Please take a few minutes to give us feedback of the meeting and any suggestions for going forward. We are always looking for new clients to work with. And we'd like to find more like you - companies that are engaged, smart, and focused on their future. Can you help us out?
  10. 10. Tour Wrap Up Questions & Answers Schedule for next Stops: Tues., Apr. 6, 2010 – KPI On-Line Financial Indicators Tues., May 18, 2010 – Bank Reconciliation