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Corsets 4 u is one stop shop for all your corsetry needs, Our product range includes Steel boned corsets, plus size corsets and black corsets.

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  1. 1. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 WebsiteWebsite Call UsCall Us 0800 622 6766
  2. 2. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 About Corsets4uAbout Corsets4u Everyone thinks about what they're going to wear on their big day, but it's not just the dress that you need to spend time considering but what you are going to wear beneath it. Your Bridal corset needs to be amazing and it needs to be comfortable to spend your wedding day in. Underbust corsets are incredibly comfortable to wear over long periods of time and help to shape your waist nicely. Feel amazing and gorgeous in one of our stunning Bridal underbust corsets and help to make your big day even more special. You can wear any of our overbust corsets as a top on its own or over a camisole, with a jacket, shrug or wrap. Available in a variety of styles and colours we're sure that you will be able to find the perfect corset for you, be it for everyday use or for something a little special.
  3. 3. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 Get that Gorgeous Look with Cheap CorsetGet that Gorgeous Look with Cheap Corset Corset is a sexy garment that fits tightly to emphasize the upper body shape. It reduces the waist and highlights the bust; hence achieving an hourglass silhouette that is considered a beauty standard for women. This is a garment that is fashionable, especially for women looking for slender waists and it has become a garment that is in high demand in the modern world. Corsets come laced tightly and have the support they require to stay in place throughout the wearing session.
  4. 4. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 Getting it Right with Tight Lacing CorsetGetting it Right with Tight Lacing Corset Tight lacing is a practice that involves wearing of corset on a regular basis as a way of achieving that small perfect hourglass waist. Most women will do the tight lace as a way of getting a figure they feel is sexy and most attractive for them or as a way of just the sensation of that tightly laced corset around their bodies, thus ensuring that they look their best at chosen events. When wearing this corset for longer periods of time, ensure that you wear it coupled with a corset liner or a breathable underneath garment. Tight lacing should be enjoyable and this means going gradual with the tightening.
  5. 5. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 Look Seductive in Black and Red CorsetLook Seductive in Black and Red Corset For years the female figure has been considered sensuous, with the hourglass figure considered to be the standard. Fitting under garments have been used for years to ensure that the figure is brought out in the best way giving a woman a figure that is simply stunning. The corsets come in variations but their main purpose is to cinch the waist and press up the bust, thus easily achieving the hourglass figure that women will be dying to have. It is actually possible to find corsets designed to train the waist and eventually narrow it to a wasp size permanently.
  6. 6. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 Look Sexy in a Steel Boned Under-bustLook Sexy in a Steel Boned Under-bust CorsetCorset Modern women no longer have to struggle to look sexy and gorgeous with a figure that is nothing short of sexy and stunning. This is because there are all kinds of corsets which can be adorned by the women, fetching them the killer figures that they yearn for at a cost that is quite affordable. This corset is designed to shape and figure the female body and gives emphasis on the natural curves. It cinches the waist to enhance the bust line, hence a sexier look is what every woman gets to enjoy.
  7. 7. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 Look Stunning on Your Big Day with WhiteLook Stunning on Your Big Day with White CorsetCorset Corsets come in a variety of colors and white is one of the best colors that you will find. These white corsets are categorized as bridal corsets and they make it possible for all brides to have a stunning figure during their wedding days. The white color does not bring in any distraction and this heightens the shaping capabilities of the white corset. The people who get to see you will see beyond the color and they will behold the stunning sight that you turn out to be on your big day. It will also manage to keep the wedding gown well structured doing the magic on your behalf.
  8. 8. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 The Burlesque CorsetThe Burlesque Corset Every woman longs to look her best in any given setting and the burlesque is definitely a great excuse to just look fabulous in a sexy corset. Corsets can be very attractive and sexy, especially when you have the right size and style. The whole point of a burlesque is to show off that sexy figure that you have and this means showing off the corset and you will therefore enjoy the great and extravagant styles that burlesque corset comes in. A burlesque costume is not complete without a corset and this is because it serves as the slimming feature giving out a figure that is most attractive.
  9. 9. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 Waist Training Steel Boned CorsetWaist Training Steel Boned Corset Every woman yearns for a shapely figure that features a small waist. With so many things happening in today’s lifestyle, it can be hard to keep up with the great looking figure and at times things such as corsets can come in handy in boosting this achievement. The corsets are designed in such a way that they hold in the abdomen tightly and with time the ribs give way by changing their alignment so that the torso is shaped in an appealing manner. The steel boned corsets for waist training offer much more than just a one day hourglass shape since with continued use they actually help in achieving the small waist that most women are dying to have. They are referred to as waist trainers. A cinched waist, a high held bust and a curvy bottom is considered to be the beauty standard and this is exactly what the corsets help in achieving for you at the end of the day.
  10. 10. Website:- Call Us:- 0800 622 6766 Contact UsContact Us Corsets4uCorsets4u Call UsCall Us 0800 622 6766