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Corsets 4 u is one stop shop for all your corsetry needs, Our product range includes Steel boned corsets, plus size corsets and black corsets.

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Corsets | Corset | Corsets uk

  1. 1. WebsiteWebsite 5190416Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  2. 2. About Corsets4UAbout Corsets4UCorsets 4 u is one stop shop for all your corsetry needs, Our product rangeincludes Steel boned corsets, plus size corsets and black corsets.Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  3. 3. Our ServicesOur ServicesCorsetsFashion CorsetsSteel Boned CorsetsBridal CorsetsCorset OutfitsPlus Size CorsetsAccessoriesWebsite:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  4. 4. Steel Boned CorsetsSteel Boned CorsetsGet That Beautiful Hourglass Figure With Our Stunning Steel Boned Corsets!And reduce up to 5 inches from your waist.Stunning silhouettes and exquisite designs are brought together in our steelboned range here at Corsets4u. This range offers a range of different shapesand colours, but whatever the style they all provide waist and shape changingpossibilities with up to 4-5” being taken off!Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  5. 5. Overbust CorsetsOverbust corsets with steel boning tightly hugs the torso. They are strong and durable.The flat steel busk maintains the rigidity of the corset front. Tailor made for a certainwaist size, the steel boned overbust corsets can be mixed and matched with skirts ofdifferent colours and styles.Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  6. 6. Underbust CorsetsCorsets worn beneath a visible dress helps to accentuate the cleavage and reduce thesize of the waist. The underbust corsets with buckles boast of a variety of styles. Fromthe traditional steel boned classic white underbust corset to patterned or printed stylishcorsets, the choice of underbust corsets is unusually large. Corsets with stripes,brocades and prints are available in different color shades.Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  7. 7. Waist Training CorsetsOur waist training corsets are as beautiful as they are elegant. Designed to help youachieve the hour glass figure, these corsets are a popular choice. As you can see wehave them in a range of colours from emerald green to seductive reds. Waist trainingcorses are of course designed to achieve results over a long period of time, and if youconsistently wear them you can reduce up to 4-6 inches from your waist.Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  8. 8. Designer CorsetsOur designer corsets range bring your an array of designs from top brands such asCoquette, Dreamgirl, Shirleys Of Hollywood and Seven til Midnight. Made from greatquality materials these corsets can be worn as underwear or outerwear.So Whether youre looking for a sexy elegant piece of lingerie or a statement piece toshow the world, our fashion corsets range provides a variety styles to suit everyonestaste.Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  9. 9. Steampunk CorsetsWebsite:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  10. 10. Plus Size Fashion CorsetsHere at corsets4u we offer a wide range of cheaper corset tops for the plus size lady.These corsets are perfect to wear as lingerie or for dressing up for a night out.Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416
  11. 11. WebsiteWebsite 5190416Contact Us:-Website:- Call Us:- 0845 519 0416