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Gearing up for mobile push notifications


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Learn how to use RedHat’s Aerogear Unified Push Server in the cloud to send Push Notifications to Android and iOS mobile devices from your Java based application.

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Gearing up for mobile push notifications

  1. 1. Gearing up for Push Notifications “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Sir Isaac Newton Text
  2. 2. Keith D. Moore • Independent Software Consultant • KD Moore Consulting • • • @keithdmoore94
  3. 3. What is a Push Notification? A method of notifying a user that an event has occurred and allowing the user to launch the application associated with it.
  4. 4. Push Notification Qualities • Asynchronous • Delivered even if the app is not running • Sent to the app, if in the foreground • May contain additional data in its payload that can be used by the app
  5. 5. Push Notification Guidelines • Should not be abused • Message should be short • Not intended for mission critical events
  6. 6. Why do we need a Push Server ? • Because we are lazy developers
  7. 7. Why do we need a Push Server ? • Capitalize on the work of others • Focus on our application • Separation of Concerns • Multiple disparate systems integration
  8. 8. Push Notification Servers
  9. 9. AeroGear • Backed by Red Hat • Active community • Good documentation • Rest API based • Other services (OTP, Crypto, Geofencing)
  10. 10. Aerogear Unified Push Server • Supports Android and iOS platforms • Cordova Plugin • Open Source • Can be hosted in the Cloud or internally • Java Sender API • Admin UI
  11. 11. Aerogear Unified Push Server • deviceToken (unique device identifier) • alert (“New Contact ‘John Smith’ added”) • alias (“”) • categories (“recruiter”, “sales”) • variants (“iOS Free”, “Android Free”) • ttl (time to live) • deviceTypes (“iPad”, “iPhone”, “AndroidTablet”)
  12. 12. AeroGear Unified Push Server
  13. 13. Aerogear on OpenShift(PaaS) • Backed by RedHat • Convenient • Practically free • Extremely easy to setup • Aerogear UPS Cartridge • MySQL 5.5 Cartridge • Nice command line tools • Jenkins Support • Docker support coming soon
  14. 14. Aerogear UPS Android Setup • Create a Google API project • Obtain Google API project number • Obtain API Credentials Public Key
  15. 15. Aerogear UPS iOS Setup • Setup Apple iOS developer account (pay the $99) • Create Apple App ID • Create SSL Certificate for APNs • Create Apple Provisioning Profile
  16. 16. Aerogear UPS Common Setup • Install Aerogear Unified Push Server (Locally, OpenShift or wherever) • Login to Aerogear Unified Push Server with default credentials • Add Push Application • Add Variant(s) • Android - Provide Google API project number and API Key • iOS - Upload certificate and provide passphrase
  17. 17. Server/Client App Setup Checklist • Setup server side application to send push notifications • Setup mobile client by providing push server url, variant info, etc.
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