Text Message Marketing for Pet Groomers


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Text Message Marketing for Pet Groomers

  1. 1. Text Message Marketing TipsFor Your Pet GroomingBusinessPresented By:SMS Dominator
  2. 2. SMS (Short MessageService) Text MessageMarketing is the ability tosend “permission-based”text messages to a group ofpeople who have opted-in toyour mobile list.The small, yet powerful, 160character space is one of thebest marketing toolsavailable today.What Is Text Message Marketing?
  3. 3. How Text Message Marketing Works
  4. 4. Why Text Message Marketing?WHY?Text Messagingis the Most-UsedMobile ServiceMore Than 6BILLION MobileSubscribersWorld-wideMost MobileUsers Send andReceive TextMessages DailyMore Than ½ ofU.S. MobileSpending isLOCALConsumersALWAYS HaveTheir MobileDevices withThem4.1 Billion TextsAre Sent Daily inthe U.S Alone
  5. 5. Extremely TARGETEDPermission-Based (Opt-in)Reliable, INSTANT ReachBenefits of Text Message Marketing
  6. 6. High Open RatesHigh Response RatesReduced Advertising CostsBenefits of Text Message Marketing
  7. 7. Cut Down on “No-Shows”Builds Client LoyaltyCan Go ViralBenefits of Text Message Marketing
  8. 8. Ways to Build Your Mobile ListText toJoinEmailListWebsiteSign-UpPeople Opt-inUsing YourKeyword andShort CodeAdd a MobileSign-UpForm to YourWebsiteEmail YourClients Listand Ask Themto Join YourMobile List
  9. 9. SocialMediaSign-UpAsk YourSocial MediaFollowers toJoin YourMobile ListManualSign-UpNewsletterSign-UpCreate aNewsletter onPet TopicsManuallyAdd NewClients WhoAgree toJoinWays to Build Your Mobile List
  10. 10.  Pet Grooming Business Flyers Business Cards Radio Ads TV Commercials Billboards T-shirts Posters Anywhere Else YourTarget Market WillSee Them!Where to Advertise YourShort Code and Keyword?Text 55555 toPETGROOM and Get 10%Off Your Next Visit
  11. 11. Text Message Marketing IdeasFor Your Pet Grooming BusinessIdea #1Idea #1 Idea #2Idea #2 Idea #3Idea #3Use AppointmentReminders to CutDown on “No-Shows”Offer MobileCoupons andDiscountsSend TextMessage Offers onSlow Days toIncrease Traffic
  12. 12. Text Message Marketing IdeasFor Your Pet Grooming BusinessIdea #4Idea #4 Idea #5Idea #5 Idea #6Idea #6Send ClientsHelpful Pet CareTips from Timeto TimeAlert ClientsAbout NewProducts andServicesSend YourClients SpecialInstructionsBefore anAppointment
  13. 13. Text Message Marketing IdeasFor Your Pet Grooming BusinessIdea #7Idea #7 Idea #8Idea #8 Idea #9Idea #9Implement theUse of QR Codesto Direct Peopleto Your Website,etc.Start a“FrequentCustomer”Loyalty Programto Get RepeatBusinessRun a “Pet”BirthdayRewardsProgram
  14. 14. Text Message Marketing IdeasFor Your Pet GroomingBusinessIdea #10Idea #10 Idea #11Idea #11 Idea #12Idea #12Send“Thank You”Messages to YourClientsCommunicateEfficiently WithStaff MembersConduct ClientSatisfactionSurveys and Polls
  15. 15. Different Types of Text MarketingUsesConfirmationConfirmationReminderReminder CancellationCancellationTypes of TextMarketingUses
  16. 16. Different Types of TextMarketing CampaignsSaveSaveMoreMoreSpendSpendMoreMorePurchasePurchaseMoreMoreGet aGet aFreebieFreebieTypes of TextMarketingCampaigns
  17. 17. Let’s Take a Closer Look at These…
  18. 18. EXAMPLEMrs. Smith, youhave anappointmentwith PetGrooming Spoton January 6that3pm. Please call555-555-5555 ifyou can notmake it.ConfirmationConfirmation
  19. 19. EXAMPLEMr. Jones,Fido’s MonthlyGrooming isnow due. Pleasecontact PetGrooming Spotat 555-555-5555to schedule.ReminderReminder
  20. 20. EXAMPLEMs. Brown, I amsorry, but we hadto cancel yourappointment withPet GroomingSpot on Jan 9th.Please call us toreschedule at555-555-5555CancellationCancellation
  21. 21. SaveSaveMoreMoreEXAMPLEShow this textto receive 20%off any service atPet GroomingSpot EXP 5/15
  22. 22. EXAMPLESpend $100 ormore at PetGrooming Spotand receive $20OFF your nextservice whenyou show thistext. EXP 5/15SpendSpendMoreMore
  23. 23. EXAMPLEPurchase anyservice at PetGrooming Spotand receive 50%OFF anadditional servicewhen you showthis text. EXP5/15PurchasePurchaseMoreMore
  24. 24. EXAMPLEGet one service($50 or more) atPet GroomingSpot and receive aFREE service (upto $50) when youshow this text.EXP 5/15Get aGet aFreebieFreebie
  25. 25.  Reduce “No-Shows” Ability to Fill More CanceledAppointments Lowers Lost Revenue Saves Staff Some Time Easy - No Software or TechnicalKnowledge RequiredBenefits of AppointmentReminders
  26. 26. How to Use QR Codes Send Users to a MobilePreview of Your PetGrooming Establishment Send Users to Your Photosand Social Media Sites Send Viewers to YourCoupons and DiscountOffers
  27. 27. How to Use QR CodesPut Your QR Codes on ALLMarketing MaterialsPut QR Codes on YourReceipts
  28. 28.  Tell List Subscribers What toExpect as Soon as They Join Always Include Your PetGrooming Business’s Name inYour Messages Make it Easy for Your Customersto Opt-Out of Your List Notify Customers of PotentialText Message CostsText Message MarketingPoints to Remember
  29. 29.  Sending Out Sporadic,Inconsistent Messages Sending Out Spam ONLY Sending Out PromotionsText MessageMarketingMistakes To Avoid
  30. 30. THANK YOUTHANK YOUFor Viewing Our Text MessageFor Viewing Our Text MessageMarketing Presentation!Marketing Presentation!If You Would Like More Information AboutText Message Marketing, Contact Us Today.SMS Dominatorhttp://smsdominator.com