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Gtd training waterford institute of technology

  1. 1. Keith Bohanna Presented by GTD Training, Waterford Institute of Technology Keith Bohanna is not licensed, certified, approved, or endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with David Allen or the David Allen Company which is the creator of the Getting Things Done® system for personal productivity. be clear GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. For more information on the David Allen Company's products, please visit their website:
  2. 2. Collect Process Organise Mastering Workflow Review Do Overview 50k Purpose and Core Values 40k Vision 30k 1 to 2 year goals and objectives 20k Areas of Responsibility Horizons of Focus 10k Current Projects Next Actions
  3. 3. Piles of Paper Physical Inbox Physical Stuff Notes Email inbox Workflow - Collecting Any todo lists? Linkedin Digital Stuff Twitter Other internal systems Mind Dump Mental Stuff
  4. 4. Working through your collected Stuff and deciding what to do with it Workflow - Process or Clarify Do it - less than 2 minutes Decide on very next action Delegate it Yes Defer - put into system to be organised Only 2 possible outcomes Actionable? Throw it out Put in a pile to be filed as reference No Need to be reminded at a future date? Put it where you will be reminded
  5. 5. Making sense of your processed piles Project Support Physical Filing Reference Calendar Next Actions list Workflow - Organise Projects list Bringing them into Trusted Systems Waiting for Someday maybe Next Actions will need A project A context For actionable items a Next Action Projects will need A defined outcome
  6. 6. Weekly - or as often as appropriate A KEY element of GTD - and the one most likely to be ignored Workflow - Review Gather everything into Collection Box Zero email inbox, notes, etc Mind sweep Mark off completed Review your next action list Update as required to pick up outstanding actions etc Review recent calendar Actions to be taken to pick up actions required etc Review upcoming calendar Review waiting for list Review project list
  7. 7. The point of it all :-) Now you get to decide what to do. Or not Workflow - Doing pre determined ones that just show up Actions can be defining your work context Time Energy You decide what you do based upon Priority