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Breda Maher - the rebrand of Cooleeney Cheese

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Breda Maher - the rebrand of Cooleeney Cheese

  1. 1. Cooleeney Cheese Our branding experience
  2. 2. The Journey• Marketplace, February 2010• Our branding was an issue• Brand Forum Mentoring• Foresight4Food research with Ideaction• Appointed design agency• Launched in market April 2011
  3. 3. Our Objective• To create a brand identity for Cooleeney that would bring the range together in an impactful way to drive consumer brand awareness.
  4. 4. And to position our brandwith our customers…As a business that is“a premium artisanIrish farmhousecheese producer.”
  5. 5. Understanding what is uniqueabout us was really important...• A family run farm and the original home of the cheese range.• The Cooleeney Farm has been in our family for 3 generations.• Our son is now the forth generation to farm at Cooleeney.• He plays a key role in running the farm and caring for the Fresian herd.
  6. 6. Research• Worked with Bord Bia (Foresight 4Food & Ideaction on: – Focus groups in Ireland – Accompanied Shopper Trips in Ireland – Online focus groups in UK and US
  7. 7. We Created A Marketing Plan…• Our marketing plan is focused on advertising, pr and sampling.• We created a consumer press ad for Food & Wine Magazine.• Feedback so far positive..
  8. 8. The Result…
  9. 9. Thank YouAny Questions?