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レッツ!Google Apps ScriptでTDD(仮)

#llplanet(Lightweight Language Planets) でのLT資料

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レッツ!Google Apps ScriptでTDD(仮)

  1. 1. Option ExplicitPrivate Type Hogehoge name as String id as String vba_children as BooleanEnd TypePrivate me as HogehogePrivate Sub Class_Initialize() = “Kei Sawada” = “remore” me.vba_children = trueEnd SubPrivate Property Get name() as String name = me.nameEnd PropertyPrivate Property Let name( ByVal entry as String) = entryEnd Property
  2. 2. Limitations1. Currently Google Apps Script does not allow connection to internal (behind-the- firewall) corporate databases, which is key to building business apps. Similarly, lack of other connectivity, such as LDAP connectivity, limits the level to which GAS can be used in the enterprise. ⇒ LDAP2. There is no way to share scripts i.e. a new instance has be created for each use.[5] This creates overhead when it is time to update a script, since each instance has to be update manually. ⇒ ※3. UI Widgets in Google Apps Script lack support for displaying HTML formatted content.[6] This severely limits the formatting of text displayed in a Google Apps Script app. ⇒UI Widgets HTML (※ Google Sites )