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What is god’s purpose for our life?


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What is god’s purpose for our life?

  1. 1. Prepared By: Minister Keishon Aban
  2. 2. Objectives In order to understand our purpose we need to know: 1. Who we are? 2. What we were created for? 3. How to fulfill our purpose? Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  3. 3. Knowing Who we are ACTIVITY 10 MINS Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  4. 4. ABRAHAM – The Phlegmatic Strengths of The Phlegmatic: The ability to perform tedious tasks, relate to both  tasks and people, calm easygoing, extremely efficient and perfectionistic. The  Phlegmatic in Inclusion can function quite well in a hostile social setting. Nothing  “ruffles their feathers.” Weaknesses of The Phlegmatic: Unwillingness to become involved, tendency to be  an observer rather than a participant, and use of a verbal defense that often hurts  others. Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  5. 5. MOSES – The Melancholy Strengths In The Melancholy: Introvert, loner, great thinker, genius-prone, very  artistic and creative, often found alone in thought, perfectionist, slow-paced, great  understanding of tasks and systems, a critical and challenging mind, and seeing both  the pitfalls and the end results of a project undertaken.  Weaknesses In The Melancholy: Extremely moody, suffer from “black” depressions,  reject people, set standards neither they nor anyone else can meet, develop habits  that are very hard to break, sometimes has suicidal tendencies, low self-esteem and  are negative. Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  6. 6. PETER – The Sanguine Strengths of The Sanguine: Friendly, outgoing, inspiring to others, relationship  oriented, enthusiastic, warm, optimistic, ability to see the bright side of life and the  good in other people. They genuinely like people, are rarely found alone, and freely  interact with people. Weaknesses of The Sanguine: Talkative, always the center of the conversation, apt  to take on behavior and morals of the people around them, impulsive, undisciplined,  rude, prone to exaggerate, will ignore responsibilities in order to be with people. Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  7. 7. PAUL – The Choleric Strengths of The Choleric: Being open, friendly, confident, outgoing, optimistic,  tough-minded, task oriented, perfectionist with a good mind for envisioning new  projects, and an extrovert of a highly selective nature. Weaknesses of The Choleric: Hot-tempered, a people user, although everyone uses  people to some degree, the Choleric “carries the red flag”. They think of themselves as  people motivators. They become easily frustrated in their attempts to “motivate” people.  They harbor anger and can be cruel and abusive.  Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  8. 8. What are we created for?  Love God - Ecclesiastes 12:13, Matthew 22:37-38  Love each other – Matt 22: 39-40, John 15:12-15,  Proverbs 17:17  Make disciples – Matthew 28:19-20 Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  9. 9. Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  10. 10. How to fulfill our purpose?  Walk in Love - Ephesians 5:1-2  Let our Light shine - Matthew 5:16  Be a Living Sacrifice – Romans 12: 1-2  Colossians 3:17 Done By: Minister Keishon Aban
  11. 11. Final Thought “I learn a little from what you say I learn more from what you do But I learn the most from who you are” Czech Proverb Done By: Minister Keishon Aban