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The Infant years (Birth to 12 Months Old)        Identify specific health and safety considerations that you will have to ...
position on their when in trouble or if parents smoke, a premature baby will not be able towithstand the smoke. Also when ...
Discuss the health and safety practices that you will implement for your preschool child.Dental hygieneDental hygiene is a...
though, it is confusing to the child and can be challenging, it is well worth the effort to help prevent accidents.For exa...
children to follow to reduce the spread of infections” As a parent, I will practice proper hand washingprocedure with my c...
delay area base on what the cause is. For example, if I did follow my doctor’s advice on enrolling my child intodifferent ...
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Health templates (infant and toddler years)[1]


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Health templates (infant and toddler years)[1]

  1. 1. The Infant years (Birth to 12 Months Old) Identify specific health and safety considerations that you will have to consider during the infant years. How will you address these issues?Hand washingProper hand washing is essential to keeping infants healthy as their immune system is low. “Handwashing is the most important health practice that parents /educators and children mustimplement to reduce the spread of infections.” (Pimento, Page 129) This was seen when my babyhad many colds and ear infections within the first year. Although it is common for infants to catchcolds and infections, I need to use proper hand washing.Safe Food HandlingKeeping food safe from bacteria or toxin produce by bacteria is essential in keeping infant healthy.Food born illnesses can be prevented by, through away any food that is spoiled, store on cook foodsand left over properly, controlling insect infestation in food and proper hygiene (proper handwashing).Also sanitizing cooking equipments and surface. “The way we handle food affect it safety”(healthy foundation pg272-278)ImmunizationImmunizing infant will keep them healthy and free from communicable diseases. Even though someparents chose not to immunize their children, every parent should be educated about theimportance of immunization. For example as seen with my baby, she was not immunize.Immunization is one of the most important ways of promoting the health of children (healthyfoundation pg 123)Breastfeeding and introducing foodBreastfeeding is one of the ways to keep infants healthy because their immune system is not yetstrong enough to fight against infection and diseases. Breast milk has all the antibodies to theChilds body fight against disease. The best nutritional choice for infant is breast milk (healthyfoundation pg 251). Also when introducing infants to food, one food should be introduce at a time togive time to identify any food allergies. Parents should communicate with educators about the newfood that the infant had been introduced to, and how long the infant has had the food.SleepSleep is also helpful for infant to grow healthy. If an infant has enough sleep, it will enable the childto concentrate well in all aspect of development. For example an infant needs 11-13 hours of sleepat night (ages and stages) if the child sleep less than that, during the day he or she will be to tiredto focus any activity. Also if the infant dose not has any nap during the day, he or she may be tire.When a child dose not have enough sleep, they may be negatively affected (healthy foundation pg527) Educator and parents should encourage infants to have enough sleep or nap.Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (crib death)SIDS is a call for concern or awareness to Educators and parents of infants. This is when a babydies suddenly during sleep for no reason. (chronological approach pg 103). The exact cause isunknown, but they are other contributing factors like; babies born prematurely unable to change
  2. 2. position on their when in trouble or if parents smoke, a premature baby will not be able towithstand the smoke. Also when infant sleep on their stomach (face down) or sleep on their back(face up). Babies should be put to sleep on their backs on firm and flat surface. Educators andparents should implement safe methods of putting and infant to sleep and providing a safeenvironment also. SIDS can be prevented, lets all prevent it. The Toddler Years (2 Years Old) Have there been any environmental events that you think might have influenced your child’s development? Does this create any health or safety concerns for your toddler?Play Ground SafetyPlay ground safety is one of the health and safety concerns of a toddler. At this age children are very active in playingand learning, especially when the area is design to meet their needs and interest. A thorough check of the play groundby an educator has to be done before the children are taken outside. Every high playing area should have a cushionincase a child falls. The play ground should also have enough space. (Healthy foundation pg 381-392)Dental Health EducationDental education is also a health concern of toddlers. It is a concern because when toddlers have dental problem, theywill not be able to speak, eat, or socialize which may affect their health. They will not be able to play and intact withfriends which is a form of learning. Toddlers with poor dental hygiene are going to have tooth decay, leading to pain anddifficulty when eating, there by not having enough nutrients to help the child grow properly. At this age children havesweet tooth and want to eat and drink any sweet thing they come across. Educator should encourage parents oftoddlers to practice good dental hygiene, by encouraging healthy eating and drinking habits, and routine tooth brushing(healthy foundation pg 550-554)DrowningDrowning is a health and safety concern of toddlers. Toddlers should be supervised at all times when close to water. Achild can drown in as little as 5cm of water. Even in the wash room, a toilet pot can cause drowning. (Healthy foundationpg 369)So educators and parents should not live children alone at any time close to water.PoisoningPoisoning is also considered as a health and safety concern of toddlers. Poison is a substance that causes death orharmful to the body, breathing or eating it. All substance, medication, and hazardous product should be kept away fromtoddlers or use poison proofing and uses drawer lucks. Poison can be very dangerous (Healthy foundation pg 372)NutritionNutrition is also a health and safety concern for toddlers. If a toddler eats healthy food, he will live a healthy life.Toddlers are still developing and very active, so they need a lot of nutrients to keep them healthy and free from sickness.If a child is not healthy, he will not be able to develop properly physically, socially/ emotionally and cognitively becausethey will not be able to participate effectively during activities. (Healthy foundation pg 323-3230) Educators and parentsshould practice healthy eating for toddlers. The Preschool Years (3 to 5 Years Old)
  3. 3. Discuss the health and safety practices that you will implement for your preschool child.Dental hygieneDental hygiene is a health and safety concern for my preschool child because, having healthy teeth is apathway to a healthy life. Healthy foundation pg 550 states that “poor oral hygiene can affect a person’squality of life”. Also oral pain, missing teeth and oral infection can influence the way a person speaks, eat, andsocialize. As a parent, I will educate and practice good oral hygiene with my child by encouraging healthyeating and drinking habits. I will also make sure I teach my child how to brush her teeth and take her forroutine checkup. As you can see my virtual child never had a tooth problem.NutritionNutrition is very important in my preschool Childs life because she is still developing and needs a lot ofnutrients to keep her healthy and active. As a parent, I will make sure my child eats a healthy balance dietevery day, including healthy snacks. Healthy foundation pg 323-330 states that “parents should practicehealthy eating for children and cut down on fat in take and incorporate vegetable, fruits, and diary productinto children’s diet”. For example my virtual child was never malnourish or has any problems with her healthbecause of nutrition.DrowningDrowning is a health and safety concern I will have for my preschool child. As a mother, I will always supervisemy child when around water areas. I will also register her for swimming lesson in other to have knowledgeabout swimming in case of an accident. Healthy foundation pg 369 states that “children should not be leftalone close to water unsupervised”. For example, my virtual child was registered in a swimming lesson.Toilet hygieneToilet hygiene is a health and safety concern for my preschool child because a lot of germs and bacterias aregot from stool. As a parent I will educate my child about the importance of hand washing after using the toilet.I will also teach her the procedure and steps to follow. It is difficult for preschool children to concentrate andremember to wash their hands after using the toilet, so I will constantly remind her. that “hand washing reduces the spread of germs; therefore it is something your child must do all thetime after using the toilet”. For example, I did tough my virtual child proper hand washing, that is why shenever had any illnesses associated with poor toilet hygiene.Traffic safetyTeaching my preschool child about traffic safety is very important because at preschool children turn to becurious and wants to do things by themselves. As a parent I will teach my child the different colors andmeaning of traffic lights and to obey the traffic laws while working with my child as a good example. I will alsoteach my child to look both sides before crossing the street. Child road states that “teaching trafficsafety to preschool readies them for big adventures such as walking to the school bus”. It also state that even
  4. 4. though, it is confusing to the child and can be challenging, it is well worth the effort to help prevent accidents.For example, I did tough my virtual child about traffic safety because she likes riding bike a lot. The School Age Years (6 to 12 Years Old) As a parent, what are some of your concerns regarding your child’s health and safety during the School Age years?Healthy eatingHealthy eating should be encouraged in school age children because it prevent childhood obesity, preventthem from illnesses and allow them to be physically strong. For example, my virtual child was eating so much,but her weight was normal because she was eating healthy food. Chronological approach pg 318 states that“obesity children are at risk of many medical problems though out life, including high blood pressure anddiabetes because majority of over weight children and adolescent become overweight adults” So as a parent Iwill practice healthy eating habit for my child.ExerciseRegular exercise is necessary for a school age child because it dose not only help to maintain a healthy weight,it encourage muscle growth and help develop strong bones. Chronological approach pg323 states that“exercise promotes cardiovascular health of school children” For example, my virtual child likes playing soccer,basket ball, and riding bicycle. As a parent I will encourage regular exercise for my child by enrolling her insport activities and going for walks and even educate her about the importance of exercise.Traffic accidentPreventing traffic accident in school age children is very important because accident can occurs in many ways.For example, walking to school unsupervised. Wearing helmet when riding a bicycle or seat belt in a car toreduce the risk of injury is also another way of preventing traffic accident. Chronological approach states that“parents often under estimate their children’s abilities and will let a 7 years old to cross a busy street alone,that parents can help by being a role model and always fastening their own seat belt and assist a child cross abusy street”. As a mother I will practice and educate my child about traffic safety rules. For example, myvirtual child likes riding a bicycle; I will make sure she puts on her helmet and follow the traffic signs.Hand washingProper hand washing is essential in keeping everybody healthy from infants to adult. It is very important forschool age children to practice proper hand washing because they are very active most especially with theirhands. Healthy foundation pg 129 states that “hand washing is an important health practice for educators and
  5. 5. children to follow to reduce the spread of infections” As a parent, I will practice proper hand washingprocedure with my child. For example, they was an out break of flu in my virtual child school and I though herprocedure and importance of proper hand washing to reduce the spread of the virus, not only for her butbecause she has a baby sister at home that could get the flu also.Bullying and peer pressureBullying and peer pressure can affect a school child psychologically because it traumatizes the child thinkingand state of mind, and gives the child a bad conception about things. Chronological approach pg 378 statesthat “children with low self-esteem are at risk of having many developmental problems like peer problem andlikely to do poorly in school”. For example, my child had a low self esteem and she is always slow to warm upor in joining other children in an activity unless being encourage by the teacher. By doing so she was beingrejected by other children and often comes home upset because she has been picked on by other children. Isaid it is traumatizing because some days my child will refuse to go to school or after school activities becauseof the peer rejection she is going to receive. As a parent I will observe and watch my child closely for bullyingand peer pressure behaviors. Reflection Paper (1 page)Think about how might your child’s development might be different if s/he was raised by people with different socioeconomic, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds. How would the concept of the “whole child” play a role?(Please avoid stereotypes) My child would have develop differently if she was raised up in a more social environment because, shehas had a low self esteem and slow to warm from when she was a toddler, as she goes into preschool, it wasstill the same. She will some times don’t want to play with other children or will play with them after theteacher has encouraged her for a while. It went on until school age when she will sometimes comes homeupset because she has been bully or picked at by her classmate. Because of the bullying she started hangingout with rougher boys for protection. From when my child was an infant up to school age, she has always beenbelow average in her social development when ever the doctor doses her developmental assessment. Thedoctor has always recommended that to improve on her social development, she should be registered in tocommunity programs or activities, visits family members so that she can learn how to work in peers and toimprove on her self esteem. Base on the concept of the “whole child” children have to develop physically,cognitively, social and emotionally. So if my child was brought up in a more social environment, she wouldhave developed socially appropriate. Healthy foundation pg 6 states that “social environment is an institution,organization and informal practices that people create to share resources and build attachment with others.Further more, chronological approach pg 382 states that “consequences of peer rejection in childhood canhave a long term effect like dropping out of school, commit juvenile offences” This can be seen with my virtualchild, when I had another baby she no longer cling on me for support because she has divided attention.When she got to the 6 grade she started hanging out with rougher boys for support that could lead her in tojuvenile crime. Finally, we as parents should pay special attention to our children’s development. If the child isslow in any developmental milestone, follow up should be done to make sure that he or she works on the
  6. 6. delay area base on what the cause is. For example, if I did follow my doctor’s advice on enrolling my child intodifferent activities, inviting her friends over to play and taking her to meet and interact with family membersshe would have develop appropriately in her social skills.