Chapter 4 recruiting salesman


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Chapter 4 recruiting salesman

  1. 1. Recruiting Salesman
  2. 2. 4,104,000 engaged in selling in U.S 1:42 people in the country
  3. 3. RecruitingRecruiting toptop talenttalent is asis as important as everimportant as ever with so many jobwith so many job candidates stillcandidates still looking for newlooking for new jobs and top talentjobs and top talent sticking by theirsticking by their current positions.current positions.
  4. 4. The Recruiting Problem Turnover of Salesman is High and large no. Of salesman is needed to serve broad market. this is the case in direct-to-customer sales organization.
  5. 5. Superficial selection; in which as many salesmen are hired as will agree to work for the compensation offered, with the expectation that a few will become successful
  6. 6. Reasons for turnover of salesman
  7. 7. If a sales force of 20 men now produce a total of $1,200,000 annual sales or an average of $60,000 per man, to attain a sales quota of $1,500,000 an additional of 5 salesman will be needed
  8. 8. If a sales force of 20 men now produce a total of $1,200,000 annual sales or an average of $60,000 per man, to attain a sales quota of $1,500,000 an additional of 5 salesman will be needed 25% of the total no. Of salesman produce around 75% of the total business
  9. 9. If a sales force of 20 men now produce a total of $1,200,000 annual sales or an average of $60,000 per man, to attain a sales quota of $1,500,000 an additional of 5 salesman will be needed 25% of the total no. Of salesman produce around 75% of the total business Salesman power requirements are also determined by the size of the market to be sold
  10. 10. A salesman power study should include an analysis of the cost of recruiting salesmen. Substantial reductions in the cost of recruiting can be made by more effective methods.
  11. 11. These may be, specialty, missionary, junior, engineering or technical institutional, wholesale, retail, or export salesman.
  12. 12. A sound recruiting program requires a substantial amount of timeof the sales manager, of branch, division or district managers and supervisors, as well as of the head quarters staff responsible for planning and coordinating the recruiting program.
  13. 13. TYPES OF SALESMAN NEEDED Specialty Salesman - specialize exclusively in the introduction of a new product Junior Salesman - save time of regular of senior salesmen on the performance of non-selling activities Missionary Salesman - work with retailers & wholesalers to aid them in the resale Senior Salesman - needed to sell the full line of the products, to devote their efforts primarily to seeking orders Export Salesman - represent domestic organizations in foreign markets, calling on foreign distributors Sales Engineer - engaged in the sale of industrial products
  14. 14. Plan should state the specific and state the specific objectives and methods of fulfilling the personnel needs of the sales organization for a year, three years, and five years in the future
  16. 16. these people are familiar with company products, policies, and operations and have proven their loyalty and ability.
  17. 17. Those companies which select employees from nonselling departments for sales job encouraged applicants in variety ways, according to Sales Executive Club survey.
  18. 18. About 25% of the companies responding discuss the advantages of selling, particularly the possibilities for greater income and progress with men inside the company.
  19. 19. The most frequently used method of recruiting salesmen is for the sales manager or supervisor to ask his friends to recommend recruits for the sales force, according to Sales Executives Club of New York survey.
  20. 20. However, care must be exercised not to accept only on the basis of what their friends have to say about them, because it is natural that friends will be favorably biased.
  21. 21. 50% of the industrial managers surveyed by the Sales Executive Club recruit men for sales work through present employees and successful salesmen
  22. 22. Successful salesmen presently employed are one of the best sources of new sales recruits for the following reasons:
  23. 23. Salesmen are in frequent contact with it, and know the ability of other salesmen;
  24. 24. They are aware of salesmen who are seeking to make new connections;
  25. 25. They like to choose their own associates; And they prefer good men in selling with them rather than against them.
  26. 26. Customers are good source of salesmen as they are usually favorably disposed, know the sellers product, and are generally aquainted with salesmen who are seeking connections
  27. 27. Are classified or display advertisements in daily newspapers, direct mail advertising to selected list, and business paper advertising.
  29. 29. NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING Open advertisements identify the Advertiser Blind carry only a key or telephone number or street address
  30. 30. Sometimes used successfully to reach men who may be likely candidates for sales force
  31. 31. Salesman who are progressive may be seeking new opportunities can be readily reached through classified or display advertisments in the trade press
  32. 32. Sales candidates from school and colleges, while often lacking in practical background and experience, have the advantage of being adaptable and easily trained.
  33. 33. Salesmen recruited from competitors are trained in selling, know the trade and product, and, in some instances, expect to bring new customers with them.
  34. 34. Salesmen who sell related but noncompeting lines often have experience with the same class of trade and have establish contacts and good will.
  35. 35. 1
  36. 36. Charge a fee for placement service, which is usually paid by the applicant
  37. 37. 2
  38. 38. Do not charge either the applicant or the employer a fee.
  39. 39. Know the abilities of salesman and are in an excellent position to recommend able men.
  40. 40. People with many contacts, such as secretaries of Chamber of Commerce, churchmen, secretaries of civic club, city and state officials, and bankers, are usually aquainted with salesmen seeking connections and are often good sources of sales personnel.
  41. 41. Enables such men to continue their present occupation and to receive their usual income while learning new business.
  42. 42. Salesmen who voluntarily apply for a sales connection reveal a high degree of interest and probably some knowledge of employer.
  43. 43. Salesmen may be recruited from the situated “Situations Wanted” advertisements;