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Characteristic of animals


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Science 5 Living things

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Characteristic of animals

  1. 1.  Animals naturally seek and stay in places where food is available and abundant. These places are referred to as their habitat.
  2. 2.  Are are organims that live at the expense of their host.  A host is an animal or a plant on or in which a parasite lives.  Ascaris Lumbricoides or Roundworm lives in the intestine of a human being.  Ascaris is an endoparasite. It is found inside the body of the host. ENDOparasite  Head lice and leech are ectoparasites. They live outside the body of their host. ECTOparasites
  3. 3. Marine animals live in bodies of water. Fish, mollusks and sharks obtain their food from the sea. They eat smaller fish. Other marine animals feed on single- celled organisms called algae.
  4. 4. Animals that live on land are called terrestrial animals. Insects eat leaves, nectar, and pollen. Domesticated animals like cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, dogs, and cats, rely mainly on humans for food shelter.
  5. 5. Animals are classified according to the kind of food they eat. They are grouped into: Herbivores Carnivores Omnivores
  6. 6.  Animals that feed solely on plants. Ex. Garden Insects (Butterflies, Grasshopper and Bees.) Parasites that live on Plants like the aphids that attack roses and blights that live on potatoes.
  7. 7.  Animals that prey on other animals. Ex. Lions and Tigers eat smaller animals in the jungle Eagles and Hawks eat rats and chicks. Frogs eat flies and other insects. Snakes eat Chickens
  8. 8.  Animals that eat both plants and animals. Ex. Humans are omnivores. We depend on both plants and animals for food.