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CADCAM system


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Neobiotech Milling System

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CADCAM system

  1. 1. Perfectly natural Zirconia restorations give dentists & patients a brighter smile! Innovations in Digital Dentistry with Neobiotech
  2. 2. Neobiotech CAD/CAM System
  3. 3. Next Generation’s Digital Solution Why CAD/CAM ? 04 Cameleon Integrated Solution 06 IntraOral Scanner TRIOS Cart 10 TRIOS Pod 12 Model Scanner 3D Model Scanner 16 D700 19 CAD Software 20 Milling Machine Cameleon Milling Machine 22 CAM Software 24 Sintering Furnace Sintering Furnace 26 Materials Zirconia Disk 28 Titanium Block 30 Resin Ceramic 32 Tools and Others 33 Contents
  4. 4. 4 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Dental industry is being digitized faster than ever. The advancement of CAD/CAM technology is signifi- cantly changing the way it used to be, and those who quickly adopt and apply the new system to their clinics become more competitive as they offer greater service to the patients. The CAD/CAM technology, which increases productivity of prosthesis, provides various products, and applies more esthetic and biofriendly materials, opens new possibilities and business opportunities for both dental clinics and dental labs. Neobiotech offers the Cameleon CAD/CAM System, an integrated CAD/CAM solution, that will streamline your business, help you become more competitive, and expand the range of your clinical business. Why CAD/CAM ? With a strong commitment to Re- search & Development, Neobiotech consistently introduces new prod- ucts and maintains innovative man- ufacturing technology, along with numerous patents, that leads the Implant & Digital Dentistry market. Applicabletoallclinicalcases,such as Customized Abutment, Coping & Crown, Inlay & Onlay, and Laminate by using various esthetic dental materials, such as Titanium, Zirco- nia and Glass Ceramic. Improves communication between clinics and dental labs through In- traOral Scan, 3D Scan, CAD Model- ling,OrderManagement,andMilling Machines. Innovative Technology Applications of Various Esthetic Materials Interactive Communication Tool As the world’s best-selling system known for its powerful designing tool, the 3Shape model scanner has achieved significant recogni- tion from users and remains the world’s best model scanner today. World’s unique milling machine that is convertible into 3~4~5 axis milling system through module up- grade is accurate, economical and efficient. Offers a broad range of applica- tions in restorations with an easy operation method enhanced by ef- ficient work flow and various tools. User Guaranteed Scan Tool Precise and Economical Milling Tool Convenient and Effective Use
  5. 5. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 5 Precise margin and occlusal surface Accuracy Perfect esthetic ha- rmony with natural tooth Perfection Automated control of softwares and machines Convenience Reductionofunnec- essary costs occur- ring within the distri- bution channels Economic factor Continuous research & development and systematic follow-up service Satisfaction Cameleon CAD/CAM System is an economic and independent system for perfect prosthesis. Customers can purchase the scanner, milling machine and sintering machine separately for their practical needs. V A L U E KGMP (KOR.) FDA (U.S.A) CE (E.U) ISO 13485 Certi. Cameleon System Neobiotech, a leading company in dental industry that invests heavily on its research to develop unique and innovative products, now introduces customers the Cameleon CAD/CAM System, the new solution to digital dentistry. The Cameleon System provides the optimal esthetic prosthesis that makes perfect harmony with the natural tooth. Given its 10 years of lengthy research on material development, new patented technology, and clini- cal experiences, Neobiotech’s Cameleon System assures the best results.
  6. 6. 6 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Cameleon - Integrated Digital Solution Cameleon provides the next generation’s integrated digital solution for digital dentistry by offering a more productive and efficient work flow, such as precise 3D scan of intraoral or model, convenient CAD modeling & communication, and accurate milling & sintering. Direct connection among clinics with TRIOS Clinics can expand their customer base since they can receive the intraloral scan data directly from the clinics. Model scanner suitable for both clinics and dental labs It provides various scan tool such as Model Scan- ning, Impression Scanning, and Multi-die Scanning. Various design tools and tool box Virtual occlusion, Abutment Design, Multi Scan, Upper & Lower Design, Mirror & Copy etc. TRIOS Cart D810 D800 D710 D700 D500 IntraOral Scan CAD Design Model Scan TRIOS Pod
  7. 7. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 7 “Cameleon CAD/CAM system, an integration of the 3D Scanner, design software, and precise 3~5 axis milling system, is the user friendly and advanced digital system for the next generation.” Interactive communication Dentists and dental techni- cians can share 3D design online and discuss about clinical cases. Efficient Machine Tool Various types of dental CAD/CAM materials can be applied to the machine and axis expansion can be done with module upgrade. Guaranteed high quality materials We use high quality materials for block manufacturing Esthetic and Perfectly Adapted Restorations Custom Abutment, Coping & Crown, Inlay & On- lay, Laminate etc. SinteringCommunicateTM Milling 3~5 Axis Zirconia PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) Model Plaster WAX Titanium Blank Cr-Co Blank Titanium Abutment Glass Ceramic
  8. 8. 8 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System TRIOS With TRIOS, Cameleon CAD/CAM System offers yearly soft- ware upgrades to keep your TRIOS system ever-strong. TRIOS Benefits High quality clinical results ∙ High digital impression accuracy for high quality restoration fit ∙ Instant preparation and impression validation ∙ Reduced adjustment and grinding during seating Better experience ∙Quick with no discomfort caused by impression materials ∙Extra comfortable with powder-free scanning ∙Increased satisfaction Easy impression taking ∙ Powder-free scanning ∙ No impression materials and mess ∙ Never retake an impression Increased satisfaction ∙ High quality restoration fits and minimal grinding ∙ High quality clinical results Stronger business ∙Faster impression taking and reduced chair time ∙ Save materials and shipping costs ∙Online interactive communication Greater convenience ∙Reduced number of appointments due to fewer retakese ∙Reduced overall chair time Dentists Patients Next Generation Digital Impressions More and more dentists are using digital impression taking systems as the new technology provides easier impression taking, better clinical results, increased patient satisfaction, and quick return on investment.
  9. 9. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 9 TRIOS of Cameleon CAD/CAM System solves the problems of the traditional impression- taking by allowing faster treatment with exceptionally accurate digital impression, better satisfactory clinical results, and greater comfort to patients. “TRIOS allows you to save time and see more patients.” Traditional Impression Conventional Digital Impression TRIOS Offers high quality designing video with over 3000 pic/sec and high accuracy compared to other video cameras 30 sec
  10. 10. 10 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System TRIOS Cart TRIOS reinvents impression taking TRIOS Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology has been boosted with scan color, extra speed and an opti- mized tip design for ideal patient experience and integreated anti-mist functionality. RealColor scans with many clinical advantages With TRIOS color, you can scan in natural colors to clearly distinguish between teeth, gingiva and restor- ative materials. Easily identify true preparation margins and improve scanning experience. Up to 1000 3D pictures for true ge- ometries Combining hundreds or thousands of 3D pictures to create the final 3D digital impression based on real data rather than interpolated artificial surfaces. Scanning has never been easier Easily move along the teeth as the scanner captures the impression in real time. No need to hold the scanner at a specific distance or angle for focus. Autoclavable tip with anti-mist heater The integrated anti-mist heater auto- matically ensures an optimal tempera- ture for undistorted and crystal clear scanning. Powder-free for optimal accuracy and comfort Applying powder is technique de- manding, can ruin scan accuracy, is uncomfortable for patients and pro- longs chair-time. Now 40% faster TRIOS Ultrafast Optical Sectioning software has been optimized for even faster impression capture.
  11. 11. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 11 Live 3D Visualization Integrated Training Center & Remote Support Update your skills with latest vid- eos and tutorials. Connect directly to TRIOS support experts while sharing your screen. The TRIOS Cart radiates an aura of technology in a sleek design that heightens your patient’s visit-expe- rience and enhances the image of your clinic. View the digital impression be- ing built on your PC screen during scanning. Modern Easy-to-Use Touch Screen Unique Motion Sensor Interface Flexible Connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Single Hand Operation Smart-Touch screen provides full control without cumbersome trac- kball, or mouse operation. Like a gaming-controller, use the hand-held to virtually rotate and turn the digital impression. Move the cart anywhere in the clinic while staying online. Connect to 3rd party devices such as wire- less keyboards or cameras. Thenewlydesignedscannermount enables dentists to pick up and park the scanner with one hand.
  12. 12. 12 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Extreme Mobility The light and handy Pod so- lution is easy to share among treatment rooms or different locations. Small footprint The compact TRIOS Pod can be placed anywhere in the treatment room or even in rooms where space is very limited. Connect to multiple laptops or PCs Use with laptops, PCs in your treat- ment rooms, or with the PCs inte- grated in you chair units. Simply connect to the USB port and start scanning. Use your iPad with scanning Control TRIOS from your iPad or mirror the live 3D view directly on other displays in the clinic, such as monitors integrated in the chair. TRIOS Pod The TRIOS Pod solution is an alternative to the cart and offers both mobility and flexibility for den- tists working in multiple locations or for clinics with limited space.
  13. 13. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 13 Integrated Chair Solution of TRIOS Streamline your clinic, enhance the experience, and save space with TRIOS integrated chair solutions. Control and view all scan activity on a chair-mounted iPad or other displays.
  14. 14. 14 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System TRIOS Workflow Complete digital workflow TRIOS is not just about impression-taking. TRIOS realizes full digital workflow opening new clinical possi- bilities and business opportunities – starting from the patient’s visit in the clinic and ending with completed treatment.
  15. 15. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 15 Implant impressions made easy Conventional implant impression-taking can be cumbersome, time consuming, and prone to errors. TRIOS lets you capture single implant positions using recommended autoclavable scan-bodies supporting a wide range of implant systems. Dentists ensure optimal esthetics by adding a scan of the soft tissue emergence profile. Get crowns and bridges in any material Supports crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and ve- neers, all with sub-gingival preparation. Unique workflow for Post and Core restorations A unique dual-scan workflow using Scan Posts ensures accurate capture of true depths and posi- tions of the root canal Digital models for Orthodontics Accurately capture full arches and the occlusal situation in a fast and easy workflow. The digital impression provides perfect input for digital study models, treatment planning, and appliance de- sign. Try the final restoration as a temporary Send digital impression of the unprepared teeth to your lab and get back cost-efficient temporaries in the shape of the final crown. TRIOS supports the broadest range of dental indications giving clinics more options for new business mod- els, widened opportunity, and rapid investment returns. Specially developed scan workflow deliver digital impressions that are optimally matched to dedicated CAD workflows and the intended clinical results. Get the broadest range of indications
  16. 16. 16 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System D800 The market’s most complete and flexible 3D scans 3Shape Model Scanner surely is the world-best scanner that offers the market’s most flexible range of technology-leading dental scanners for 3D scanning of both impression and gypsum models. 3Shape Model Scanner has proved its excellence with overwhelming market share since it has uncomparable fast scan time and easy & powerful design tool. 3D Model Scanner Supporting various types of 3D scans from gypsum models to im- pressions fast and accurate, it has achieved recognition all around the world and has been leading 3D technology. It raises the productivity of clin- ics and dental labs with fast data sending procedures and outsta- nding clinical results. Also easy manuals for the user help raise dental lab’s task efficiency. Scanning method with rotation of 3 axis and 2 cameras allows ef- fective scanning of deep inlay or undercut and scanning at various angles. Integrated Digital Solution Improvements in Task Efficiency Scanner leading the world market
  17. 17. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 17 Real ColorTM Technology Gypsum models - soon relics of the past As the way of digital model-making directly from impression scans be- came possible, impression scan- ning is likely to completely replace gypsum scanning in the near fu- ture. Opening the way to model-free crowns By omitting the model, labs can save production costs and be more com- petitive. Model-free crown production is expected to grow explosively in the future. Adaptive Impression scan technology Adaptive scanning technology, 3- axis motion and multiple cameras ensure complete impression cap- ture. Previous scanner – Before adaptive scanning The first scan result is imcomplete in the preparation, proximal and contact areas, which will jeopar- dize fit and clinical performance. 3Shape – After adaptive scanning A complete and accurate scan after adaptive scanning of incom- plete areas while automatically ap- plying the optimal combination of 2 or 4 cameras and 3-axis motion. Impression Scanners – a Future Secure Investment 3Shape scanner allows dental lab to capture impression precisely by patented technology therefore gives us bright future and certain invest- ment. Implant bridge and bar Multi-Die scanning
  18. 18. 18 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System “Surpassing all norms for speed, precision and detail level” ∙ Gypsum model scanning and Impression scanning (add on) is possible ∙ Dental SystemTM Standard S/W for typical indications ∙ Scantime–Singledie:50~55sec 3 unit bridge : 160~185 sec ∙ 2 Cameras , 1.3 Mega Pixel ∙ Accuracy : 20 ㎛ ∙ Dental SystemTM Premium installation is available for expanding the range of clinical applications or business ∙ Gypsum model scanning and Impression scanning (add on) is possible ∙ Dental SystemTM Premium S/W for all different kinds of indica- tions ∙ Scantime–Single die:25~30sec 3 unit bridge 100~125sec ∙ 2 Cameras , 1.3 Mega Pixel ∙ Accuracy : 20 ㎛ ∙ Multi-die scanning of 710 mod- els – necessary for faster pro- duction process of single or various clinical cases ∙ Gypsum model scanning and Impression scanning (add on) is possible ∙ Dental SystemTM Premium S/W for all different kinds of indica- tions ∙ Scantime–singledie:25~30sec 3 unit bridge 100~125sec ∙ 2 Cameras , 5.0 Mega Pixel ∙ Accuracy : 15㎛ ∙ Multi-die scanning of 710 mod- els – necessary for faster pro- duction process of single or various clinical cases ∙ Texture scanning technology that can precisely indicate ar- eas where hand marked on the gypsum model D500 D700 D800
  19. 19. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 19 D700 Characteristics 1) Speed – Shortening scanning time (Single 20sec) Classification Single 3 Units Wax Bite Opposite tooth Scanning Time 20 sec 90 sec 100 sec 150 sec ScanningPoint 150,000 300,000 300,000 1,000,000 2) Accuracy - Precise measurement in difference less than 20 microns max - Setting accurate occlusion relationship with bite scan of opposite tooth - 1 Line Laser + 2 CCD Camera provide precise model captures and broad scanning ranges on both jaws. CCD Camera Laser source Volume(W x H x T) 340 x 290 x 330 Weight 14kg Camera / Sensor 2/1 Interface Ethernet Processible Models Single - Die, Full Casts 14 units, Inlay, Onlay, wax bite International Certification CE / RoHS / FCC / FDA / SEEE
  20. 20. 20 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Fast, Easy, Powerful Design The World’s most powerful CAD modeling software “Easier utilization of CAD software.” 2) Easy Custom Abutment Design Easy UI Cut-Back Design CT Scan Export / Import 1) World’s first / World’s best virtual articulator - works and functions just like the real articulator SAMⓇ 2P KaVo PROTARⓇ EVO Occlusion Compass 3) Consultation tool between clinics and dental labs - 3shape CommunicateTM - Better Satisfactions! Less Remakes! Login Case List Real Time View CAD Software
  21. 21. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 21 3 Shape Design Software - Dental SystemTM 4) Functions of Dental SystemTM Abutment Library 5) Convenience of Dental SystemTM Abutment Design Partial Design Full Crown Hybrid Design Attachment Abutment Library Virtual Articulator Upper Lower Design Wax Scan Compatible intraoral scanner Link Library Link Library
  22. 22. 22 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Clas- sifica- tion AXIS Spindle ATC (Auto Tool Chang- er) Servo Motor Weight (kg) Size W x H x D (mm) Milling Type Milling Time Power RPM Zirco- nia Tita- nium abut- ment Zirco- nia PMMA Tita- nium abut- ment CM3i 3 AXIS 275w, 500w (Choosable) 50,000 , 100,000 (Choosable) 9ea Ab- solute type 240 840 x 900 x 760 Dry X 10min 15min X CM4i 4 AXIS 3,000W 60,000 9ea 250 Wet 35min CM5i 5 AXIS 3,000W 60,000 12ea 270 Cameleon Milling Machine Efficient manufacturing of esthetic works with a wide range of materials by 3~5 Axis milling Cameleon milling machine is an economically automated open milling system that maximizes the task ef- ficiency by quickly identifying accurate margin and precise occlusion of all restorations using various re- storative materials. The products above could undergo some changes without notice for system improvement
  23. 23. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 23 4 Axis 5 Axis Parts Module Upgrade System Cameleon milling machine is the first to adopt the Module Upgrade System that allows axis upgrade from 3 to 5 axis at user’s convenience for economical and work efficiency. 3 Axis Add 1 Module Add 1 Module Add 2 Modules Z Y X Z Y X Z Y X R 0∘ 180∘ -30∘ C -360∘ ~ 360∘ C -360∘ ~ 360∘ 30∘ B 3 to 5 axis milling that speeds manufacturing and increases the accuracy of margin and occlusion. (With module addition 3 - 5 Axis upgrade) Excellent milling results with harmonious sending and rotational speed Generating optimal data suitable for the CAM Software milling Accurate milling with 3~5 axis
  24. 24. 24 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System CAM Software (Delcam) Practical use of different materials - Zirconia, Titanium, PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate), Glass Ceramic, Resin, Wax etc. with Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Application in various cases - Titan Abutment Rod, Core, Full Arch, Full Crown, Custom Abutment, etc. With open system, it is compatible with all standard dental CAD software solutions such as 3Shape, Dental Wings, Exocad, Delcam, etc. Practical use of different materials - CAM Software generates the optimal data suitable for the milling property and supports efficient milling by a simple control. - After installing tool and block, every process is done automatically; therefore, user does not have to control the machine anymore. Efficient Block Space Use Arrangement of Titan Custom Abutments Nesting Function (Prearrangement Memory) Easy and Fast Arrange- ment with Drag Drop Using the Mouse PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) Zirconia WAXTitanium Abutment Custom AbutmentGlass Ceramic
  25. 25. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 25 Efficiency Convenience Diagnostic Tools - Broken Tool Detection 17 bit Absolute Type - Previous Process Memory in case of Blackout - Manual Control - Automatic Tool Changer LED Status Indications Manual Control Function Pannel “Be more competitive with fully automated manufacturing”
  26. 26. 26 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Stable temperature control sintering furnace system Cameleon Sintering Furnace is the optimal sintering furnace that maintains temperature distribution and temperature stability control. ● Eco-therm ET spec Max temp Up to 1,800℃ Sintering Space (W x H x T) 100 x 90 x 100 Sintering could be done at one time 20EA Heating Element 2EA Temperature Control Pid Controller Program 2Types(1,500℃ / 1,600℃) Power Supply 220V *Machine cooling fan attached Sintering Furnace ● Zirconia Coping Crown Bridge ● Titan Hybrid Custom Abutment
  27. 27. `Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 27 “Open your doors to Cameleon CAD/CAM system and expand your business”
  28. 28. 28 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Cameleon Zirconia Disk is manufactured with 100% Zirconia Powder, pro- ducted by TOSOH Co,. Ltd., Japan that is recognized around the world. This disk block offers high quality that has quality certification approved by GMP, FDA and CE. Zirconia Disk Certified quality and esthetic shades from selected material Manufactured and qualified under QMS throughout the entire manufacturing process. Cameleon Zirconia Disk is highly translucent but, at the same time, maintains a high flex- ural rigidity and durability.Cameleon Zirconia Disk is available in different shades. USA Europe ISO International KGMP Korea
  29. 29. Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 29 * Customized order could be done in accordance with the customers’ needs. Type Size(mm) Product Code S Block 100 x 10 DISK10T(S) 100 x 12 DISK12T(S) 100 x 14 DISK14T(S) 100 x 16 DISK16T(S) 100 x 18 DISK18T(S) 100 x 20 DISK20T(S) 100 x 22 DISK22T(S) 100 x 25 DISK25T(S) B Block 100 x 10 DISK10T(B) 100 x 12 DISK12T(B) 100 x 14 DISK14T(B) 100 x 16 DISK16T(B) 100 x 18 DISK18T(B) 100 x 20 DISK20T(B) 100 x 22 DISK22T(B) 100 x 25 DISK25T(B) ET Block 100 x 10 DISK10T(ET) 100 x 12 DISK12T(ET) 100 x 14 DISK14T(ET) 100 x 16 DISK16T(ET) 100 x 18 DISK18T(ET) 100 x 20 DISK20T(ET) 100 x 22 DISK22T(ET) 100 x 25 DISK25T(ET) ● Physical Properties and Ingredients B Type S Type ET Type Physical Property Strength ⦿ ◎ ◎ Translucency ◯ ⦿ ⦿ Bending Strength 1,000Mpa ~ 1,250Mpa VickersHardness 1,250 Hv10 Fracture Toughness 5MPam0.5 Ingredients (wt%) ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2 O3 + Al2 O3 99.9 Y2 O3 5±0.2 Al2 O3 ≤0.25 ⦿ Best ◎ Better ◯ Good ● Types of Cameleon Block B Type High S trength Long Bridge or Opaque Core S Type Transparent Full Crown (1,500℃) ET Type Transparency and for Full Crown manu- facturing (1600℃)
  30. 30. 30 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System Titanium Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) Cameleon Titanium Block is a safe and guaranteed block ap- proved by the Korean Food and Drugs Administration. Its library is also constructed for various applications of implant systems. Type Classification Titanium Block Product name Link Product name Scan Body Product name InternalSub. (IS) Neo Hex ∅10.0 ISBKH10NB ∅4.0 ISLKH4035NB ISSBH50NB ∅14.0 ISBKH14NB ∅4.5 ISLKH4535NB ∅5.0 ISLKH5035NB Non-Hex ∅10.0 ISBKN10NB ∅4.0 ISLKN4035NB ∅14.0 ISBKN14NB ∅4.5 ISLKN4535NB ∅5.0 ISLKN5035NB SCRP ∅10.0 ISBKS10NB ∅4.0 ISLKS4035NB ∅14.0 ISBKS14NB ∅4.5 ISLKS4535NB ∅5.0 ISLKN5035NB Osstem Hex ∅10.0 ISBKH10OS ∅4.0 ISLKH4035OS ISSBH50OS∅14.0 ISBKH14OS ∅4.5 ISLKH4535OS ∅5.0 ISLKH5035OS ∅10.0 ISBKH10OSM ISLKH4035OSM ISSBH50OSM Non-Hex ∅10.0 ISBKN10OS ISSBH50OS ∅14.0 ISBKN14OS Dentium Hex ∅10.0 ISBKH10DM ∅4.0 ISLKH4035DM ISSBH50DM ∅14.0 ISBKH14DM ∅4.5 ISLKH4535DM ∅5.0 ISLKH5035DM Non-Hex ∅10.0 ISBKN10DM ∅14.0 ISBKN14DM Titanium Block / Link / Scan body * Status up to 2013.10.06
  31. 31. Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 31 Type Classification Titanium Block Product name Link Product name Scan Body Product name External (EB) Narrow (Hex2.4) Hex. ∅10.0 EXBKH2410 ∅4.0 EXLKHN4035 EXSBHN50 ∅14.0 EXBKH2414 Regular (Hex2.7) ∅10.0 EXBKH2710 ∅4.5 EXLKHR4535 EXSBHR50 ∅14.0 EXBKH2714 Wide (3i,Hex2.7) ∅10.0 EXBKHI2710 ∅5.5 EXLKHI5535 EXSBHI50 ∅14.0 EXBKHI2714 Wide (B,Hex3.4) ∅10.0 EXBKH3410 ∅5.5 EXLKHB5535 EXSBHB50 ∅14.0 EXBKH3414 Narrow (Hex2.4) Non-Hex. ∅10.0 EXBKN2410 ∅4.0 EXLKNN4035 EXSBHN50 ∅14.0 EXBKN2414 Regular (Hex2.7) ∅10.0 EXBKN2710 ∅4.5 EXLKNR4535 EXSBHR50 ∅14.0 EXBKN2714 Wide (3i,Hex2.7) ∅10.0 EXBKNI2710 ∅5.5 EXLKNI5535 EXSBHI50 ∅14.0 EXBKNI2714 Wide (B,Hex3.4) ∅10.0 EXBKN3410 ∅5.5 EXLKNB5535 EXSBHB50 ∅14.0 EXBKN3414 Narrow (Hex2.4) SCRP ∅10.0 EXBKS2410 ∅4.0 EXLKSN4035 EXSBHN50 ∅14.0 EXBKS2414 Regular (Hex2.7) ∅10.0 EXBKS2710 ∅4.5 EXLKSR4535 EXSBHR50 ∅14.0 EXBKS2714 Wide (3i,Hex2.7) ∅10.0 EXBKSI2710 ∅5.5 EXLKSI5535 EXSBHI50 ∅14.0 EXBKSI2714 Wide (B,Hex3.4) ∅10.0 EXBKS3410 ∅5.5 EXLKSB5535 EXSBHB50 ∅14.0 EXBKS3414 Internal (IT) Octa(3.1) Octa ∅10.0 ITBKO3110 ∅5.5 ITLKO5535NB ITSBO50 ∅14.0 ITBKO3114 Non-Octa ∅10.0 ITBKN3110 ∅5.5 ITLKN5535NB ∅14.0 ITBKN3114 * We also provide other materials not listed above. * Status up to 2013.10.06
  32. 32. 32 Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 3M Lava Ultimate - Material Type : Resin Nano Ceramic - Shades : 8 Shades 2 Translucencies - Size : 12 / 14 - Quantity : 5 Blocks / Pack - Characteristics : Long-lasting shade due to wear resistance Excellent strength and wear resistance Convenient and fast milling Resin Ceramic LOW TRANSLUCENCY HIGH TRANSLUCENCY SHADE SIZE 12 SIZE 14L SIZE 12 SIZE 14L Item # Item # Item # Item # A1 2912A1-LT 2914A1-LT 2912A1-HT 2914A1-HT A2 2912A2-LT 2914A2-LT 2912A2-HT 2914A2-HT A3 2912A3-LT 2914A3-LT 2912A3-HT 2914A3-HT A3.5 2912A3.5-LT 2914A3.5-LT B1 2912B1-LT 2914B1-LT 2912B1-HT 2914B1-HT C2 2912C2-LT 2914C2-LT D2 2912D2-LT 2914D2-LT Bleach 2912BL-LT 2914BL-LT
  33. 33. Neobiotech CAD/CAM System 33 size(mm) Product name Ø4 NT4(4) Ø3 NT5(3) Ø2 NT6(2) size(mm) Product name Ø3 GCNT1(3) Ø2 GCNT2(2) Ø1 GCNT3(1) Shades Product name A1 PMMA(18T)A2 A3 Shades Product name A1 B1 Coloring Liquid HL A2 B2 A3 B3 A4 B4 A1 B1 Coloring Liquid TL A2 B2 A3 B3 A4 B4 Brown / Gray Special Color LiquidOrange / Violet size(mm) Product name Ø2 NT1(2) Ø1 NT2(1) Ø0.5 NT3(0.5) size(mm) Product name Ø2 RNT1(2) Ø1 RNT2(1) Tools Etc. Tools are specialized for each material with diamond coating Functionally structured for better cutting, stability, durability and capability of machining free form surface with diamond coating Titan Product name WAX(10T) WAX(14T) WaxPMMA Coloring Liquid Glass Ceramic Zirconia Resin
  34. 34. Neobiotech Integrated CAD/CAM Solution
  35. 35. |주| 네오바이오텍 152-789 서울 구로구 구로동 212-26 이스페이스 1001호 Tel. 1577-2885 Fax 02-582-2883 서부 Tel 02)716-5037 강북/강남/강동 Tel 02)466-1804 강원 Tel 033)813-2885 강릉 Tel 033)813-2886 경기남부 Tel 031)283-9885 인천 Tel 032)556-9550 경기북부 Tel 031)903-2845 충청호남 Tel 042)638-2885 부산 Tel 051)861-6033 경남 Tel 055)261-5881 대구 Tel 053)746-2804 포항 / 제주 / 울산(씨앤파트너스) Tel 1566-3241 Perfectly natural Zirconia restorations give dentists patients a brighter smile!