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Yahuwschua was born of the tribe of the Yahuwdym


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Yahuwschua was born of the tribe of the Yahuwdym

  1. 1. Zekeniam YSCHRaEL Sherut haRitztzuy (the ministry of reconciliation) by whom we have now received the ( Atonement) reconciliation of the Dvar HaRitztzuy Let this day be a day of reconciliation and regeneration [“ahaYAH ASHER ahaYAH”]( HaYaH (He was), Howeh (He is), and Yihyeh (He will be). I AM My Memorial for generation after generation.”
  2. 2. Shemot 3:13-16 This is MY NAME for ever, I AM / WILL BE WHAT I AM / WILL BE: "And YaHuWaH said to Moshe , I am that which I am. [ahaYah asher ahaYah] and he said, so you will say to the sons of YSCHRaEL, "I am[ahaYah] has sent me to you." and YaHuWaH said further to Moshe, now you are to say to the sons of YSCHRaEL, "YaHuWaH, ALuaHiYM of your father’s Abraham, Yitzchak [Isaac], and Ya’aqob [Jacob], has sent me to you. this is my name forever, and this is my memorial for generation to generation." "Shemoth 6:3," and I appeared to Abraham, to Yitzchak, and to Ya’aqob as hashadday [the almighty]. and my name, YaHuWaH, was not well known (famous) to them. YaHuWaH, ALuaHiYM TSeBAoWT, is his name. The ministry of reconciliation Message of Reconciliation Torah sh’Bichtav (Written Torah) “Sola Scriptura” (the Scriptures alone is authoritative for faith) Who hath ears to hear, let him hear. YaHuWSCHuA HaNaTSReY uWMeLeK HaYaHuWDYM (in His Name)
  3. 3. YaHuWaH [Yah -hoo-Wah] is the Name of the Creator. YaHuWShuWaH (YaHuWSCHuA) is His Son ALuaHiYM [Al-u-heem - ALHYM] means "Mighty Ones“ or "Power" Qadosh means Set-apart, Pure. Kodesh (Qodesh) also means "Set-apart" Ruwachis the Ibry (Hebrew) name for His "Presence", pictured as the Counselor, Helper, and Advocate, the One Who "proceeds from the Father" ANY HuWE ( I am He)
  4. 4. Hebrews 7:14What I mean is, our Master came from the tribe of Yahuwdah, and Moshah never mentioned Yahuwdah in connection with the priesthood.One of the most basic truths of scriptures is that YaHuWSCHuA was born of the tribe of the YaHuWDYM Written above his head when he was nailed to the stake was a sign written in three languages Luke 23:28 "And Pilatus also wrote a sign and placed it above his stake. Now this is what he wrote; YaHuWSCHuA HaNaTSReY uWMeLeK HaYaHuWDYM And many of the HaYaHuWDYM read this sign, because the place where YaHuWSCHuA was crucified was near to the city, and it was written in Åbrait (Hebrew) and in Ionait (Ionian/Greek) and in Rhomait (Roman/Latin)."Being of the tribe of Judah, YaHuWSCHuA was brought up in the customs of the Jewish People
  5. 5. YaHuWSCHuA was brought up knowing the prophets; again another fundamental Truth is there was no New Covenant (Testament) at that time YaHuWSCHuA lived according to The Torah of YaHuWaH (according to the LAW) Loukas 2:39-41When they had accomplished all things that were according to the Torah of YaHuWaH, they returned into Galiyl, to their own city, Nazareth. TheChild was growing, and was becoming strong in Ruwach HaQodesh, being filled with wisdom, and the favour of Aluah was upon him. His parents went every year to Yahrushalom at the Festival of the Pesach.At the time of the Pesach (Passover) we see also 2 Sabbaths ( one yearly) “1st day of unleavened bread “and the other Weekly (7th Day) Sabbath YaHuWSCHuA kept the festivals each year according to the torah that which is written Lev 23, and fulfilled the days in Yahrushalom according to that which is written. Loukas 2:42-48 When he was twelve years old, they went up to Yahrushalom according to the custom of the festival, and when they had fulfilledthe days, as they were returning, the Boy YaHuWSHuWaH stayed behind in Yahrushalom. Yowseph and His mother didn’t know it, but supposingHim to be in the company, they went a day’s journey, and they looked forHim among their relatives and acquaintances. When they didn’t find Him, they returned to Yahrushalom, looking for Him. It happened after threedays they found Him in the Miqdash, sitting in the midst of the Teachers, both listening to them, and asking them questions. All who heard Himwere amazed at His understanding and His answers. When they saw Him, they were astonished, and His mother said to Him, “Son, why have you
  6. 6. treated us this way? Behold, your Father and I were anxiously looking for You.” He was keeping his father’s commandments, not question them orreplacing them, he was obedient to the Torah is own written words, for he is the living WORD of YaHuWaH Loukas 2:49-52He said to them, “Why were you looking for Me? Didn’t you know that I must be in the matters of my Father? ”They didn’t understand thesaying which He spoke to them. And He went down with them, and came to Nazareth. He was subject to them, and His mother kept all these sayings in her heart. And YaHuWSHuWaH increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with Aluah and men. Many today are like the blind leading the blind in bringing in a falseteaching that is not supported by the scriptures in YaHuWSCHuA time or now However every nation (person) made mighty ones of their own, and put them in the houses.............In promoting a different teaching the new day worshipers, know not what they worshiped, because they rejected the prophets who would have directed them. And in rejecting the prophets reject YaHuWaH’s Righteousness Yahuwchanan 4:22 You worship something which you do not acknowledge; but we worship that which we acknowledge; since Life(s) comes from the YaHuWDYM. Salvation also came from the Jews in that Messiah came from Judahs tribe
  7. 7. BRayshiyth. 49:10 The scepter will not depart from Yahuwdah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until Shiloh comes. Matti 2:6 ‘‘But you, Bayith Lechem Ephrathah, are not to be lightly esteemedamong the thousands of Yahuwdah: from you One for Me shall emerge to be Ruler in YSchraEL ! in Breath (Ruwach) and in Truth/Remembrance Yahuwchanan 4:23 But the hour comes, and now is, when the authentic worshippers shallworship the Father in Breath (Ruwach) and in Truth/Remembrance, for the Father seeks such to be His worshippers. For Aluahiym is Ruwach/Breath BRayshiyth 2: 7YaHuWaH Aluahiym formed man (adam) from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. [The "nephesh chayah" - "living being/soul" of Bereshith 2:7 - is best understood as the "ruwach of speech"] (... and the Powerful One filled the man with His shadow/character) Breath [nshamah]: from the idea of panting; the act of exhaling as opposed to inhaling. Thus he inhaled something that YaHuWaH exhaled. In Hebrew anthropology it is something included in the direct image of Aluahiym having to do with intellect, distinct from and higher than the kind of soul (drive, appetite) that animated the other creatures, and the ruwach or spirit (which motivates on another level).
  8. 8. It is sometimes called the "second soul", now said to be imparted to man only on the Sabbath day so as to be better able to commune with YaHuWaH, As a foreshadowing of how our full nature will be restored in the 7thmillennium, the Messianic Kingdom. (Note the parallel with the two stages seen in Yahuwchanan 20:22 As the Father has sent Me, even so I send you.” Acts 20:22When He had said this, He Breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive Ruwach HaQodesh]Thus having YaHuWaH’s own breath is part of what it means to be human. It gives us something in common with Him. Our ruwach (which also means “breath”) is how the common life (soul) can again take on the higher nature that more fully bears the image of YaHuWaH. In YaHuWSHuWaH, that connection remained stronger than it does for mostpeople, because he never damaged or interfered with this “hotline”. But itcan be strengthened in each of us to the extent that we give it space to do so. Dust (cosmic) tiniest particles, possibly a description of atoms. But if the mist watered the whole surface of the land, how could there be dust? The water makes the dust bond together. This in itself is an important allegory, because water is a picture of YaHuWaH’s word BRayshiyth 2:8YaHuWaH Aluahiym planted a garden in Eden from the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed.Before man sinned he was a ruwach being, not yet complete for he was to be come with life inherit and eternal, to imaging a ball of light mirrorimage shaped has a orb, is to see Adam in the garden of Eden, with many trees of righteousness, only when sin became his downfall did he become Adamah ( breathe). Ephesians 5:25And you husbands must love your wives with the same love haMashiyach showed the Assembly. He gave up His life for her
  9. 9. and dust is a description of the descendants of Abraham and particularly YSCHRaEL. (13:16; 28:14) But it sounds very much like He is working with clay, and indeed He often likens His creation of man to a potter working with clay who has the right to restart the job at any point. Yahuwchanan 9:3 YaHuWSCHuA answered, “Neither did this man sin, nor his parents;instead, [he was born blind] in order that the works of YaHuWaH might be manifested within him. I must work the works of Him Who sent Me, while it is day. The night is coming, when no one can work. While I AM in theworld, I AM the Light of the world.” When He had said this, He spat on theground, made clay with the saliva, anointed the blind man’s eyes with the clay, and said to him, “Go, wash/mikvah (immerse) in the pool of Shalach” (which means “Sent forth”). Some therefore of the Parash said, “This Man is not from Aluahiym, because He doesn’t keep the Shabbath, and He formed clay!” YashaYahuw 64:8; But now, O YaHuWaH, You are our Father; we are the clay, and you our Potter; and we all are the work of Your Hand. Our Father: the Aramaic interprets this as emphasizing His mercy. Clay: The best was dug from the part of the Hinnom Valley into whichYahrushalom sewer systems ran out; thus it was full of impurities that had to be removed and/or burned away. Elsewhere the word symbolizes thewhole earth, and indeed we have been removed from there and no longer belong to it. The potter has a very intimate relationship with the clay, being skilled with a flimsy substance that reminds us of our flesh. 2 Cor. 4:7 However we have this treasure in earthen vessels, to show that this all- surpassing power is from YaHuWaH, and not from us. But once crushed into dust, even an uncooperative lump can become useful again if the right amount of water (a symbol of the Word of YaHuWaH) is added.. 2 Tim. 2:20
  10. 10. In a large house some utensils are made of gold and silver, and some are made of wood and clay. The expensive utensils are used for special occasions, and the cheap ones are for everyday use. Tells us we can have some part in the decision of whether the vessels He makes us will be put to noble or ignoble use, by how willing we are to cleanse ourselves from impurities. YirmiYahuw 18, 19 Give heed to me, O YaHuWaH, and listen to the voice of those who contend with me. Ground: Heb., adamah, which is related to Adam’s name. A living soul: Aramaic, a ruwach uttering speech. Why would the Parash have said that to YaHuWSCHuA if he was not keeping the customary Sabbath and those who worship Him must worship Him by means of the Breath (Ruwach) and in the Truth He ordained.” Many modern day churches have eliminated HaYaHuWDYM because of their strong aversion to Judaism. They just cannot accept the implication that to have YaHuWSCHuA as your "Jewish" king, you likewise would become Jewish, just as the Nazarenes. HaYaHuWDYM (Jews) are also synonymous with all YSCHRaEL, and at the time was used to refer to all the tribes, and was interchangeable with term YSCHRaEL. Not so withChristianity or the Church. For this reason certain Orthodox denominations substitute the offensive "King of the Jews" with "The King of Glory" or "The King of the World". The Roman Catholic church however maintains Jews in their Latin acronym I.N.R.I. (IESVS NAZARENVS REX IVDÆORVM) while
  11. 11. other Orthodox churches maintain it in their Greek acronym I.N.B.K. (Ἰησοῦς ὁ Ναζωραῖος ὁ Bασιλεὺς τῶν Ἰουδαίων). In scripture we read often of the 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day....... and yet only one day has a name the Sabbath the 7th It was the custom of YaHuWSCHuA to enter the Temple on the Sabbath Day Loukas 4:14-16YaHuWSHuWaH returned in the power of the Ruwach into Galiyl, and news about Him spread through all the surrounding area He taught in their synagogues, being esteemed by all. He came to Nazareth, where He had been brought up. He entered, as was His custom, into the synagogue on the Shabbath day, and stood up to read. So the Sabbath is clearly sign throughout all our generations, from thebeginning of time, to Sinai, and beyond, to the day YaHuWSCHuA walked upon this earth. And in our future YaHuWaH spoke to Moshah, saying, “Speak also to the children of YSCHRaEL, saying, ‘Most certainly you shall guard my Sabbaths: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that you may know that I AM YaHuWaH who sets you apart. You shall guard the Sabbath therefore; for it is set apart to you. Everyone who profanes it shall surely be put to death; for whoever does any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among his people. Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, set apart to YaHuWaH. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day shall surely be put to death? Therefore the children of YSCHRaEL shall guardthe Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant. It is a sign between Me and the children ofYSCHRaEL forever; for in six days YaHuWaH made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested, and was refreshed.’”
  12. 12. An everlasting covenant, beginning in the dawn of time, reaching out to everlastingness Romans 2:28-29 For he is not a YaHuWDYM who is one outwardly, neither is thatcircumcision which is outward in the flesh; but he is a YaHuWDYM who isone inwardly, and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Ruwach not in the letter; whose praise is not from men, but from YaHuWaH. Numbers 6:27“Thus they shall put My Name on the children of YSCHRaELl; and I Myself shall bless them.”For many years we wondered about those many texts wherein YaHuWaH (or His Son YaHuWSCHuA ) says that His Name “Shall be put on the children of YSCHRaEL,” Or “That the Name of YaHuWaH is called upon you.” Duet 28:10All the peoples of the earth shall see that the Name of YaHuWaH is called upon you; and they shall be afraid of you.
  13. 13. Duet 7:6 For you are a Set-apart people to YaHuWaH your Aluahiym: YaHuWaHyour Aluahiym has chosen you to be an especially-valued treasure above all peoples who are on the face of the earth. The "you" here is singular; He sees us as one man. Especially-valued treasure: Hirsch, “belonging exclusively to Himself". The door is open to any who would follow YaHuWSHuWaH by walking in Torah. “Many arecalled—but few are chosen”, for only those who leave behind their former treasures can be YaHuWaH’s treasure. Few end up actually being the elect, because they do not follow the call they hear. Surely when the above verse is understood, it brings joy to the most saddened heart when concern is for our lost loved ones  YaHuWaH your Aluahiym has chosen you  How great is the mercy of our father 2 Dibre 7:14if My people, upon whom My Name is called,* shall humble themselves,and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will bear away their sin, and will heal their land. *(Bemidbar 6:22-27)They fell on their faces, and said, “Aluahiym, the Aluahiym of the spirits of all flesh, shall one man sin, and will you be angry with the entire congregation?” YaHuWaH spoke to Moshah, saying, “Speak to the congregation, saying, ‘Get away from around the tent of Koran, Dathan, and Abiram!’” Moshah rose up and went to Dathan and Abiram; and the elders of YSCHRaEL followed him. He spoke to the congregation, saying,“Depart, please, from the tents of these wicked men, and touch nothing of theirs, lest you be consumed in all their sins!” So they got them up from the tent of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, on every side: and Dathan and Abiram came out, and stood at the door of their tents, and their wives, and their sons, and their little ones. Yesh. 43:7
  14. 14. Everyone who is called by My Shem, and whom I have created for My splendor, whom I have formed, indeed, I have even made him!’” Yesh. 63:19 We have become as they over whom You never bear rule, as those who were not called by Your Shem. 2 Cor. 4:6"And Aluahiym Who said, "let there be Light in the darkness, has made us believe that this Light is the Brightness of the Splendor of YaHuWaH that is seen in the Face of YaHuWSHuWaH the Anointed." The Lilies of the Covenant.” Teh 80 Hear us, O Shepherd of Ysraal, You Who lead Yowseph like a flock, You Who dwell between the cherubim, Shine Forth. Before Ephrayim and Binyamin and Menashsheh, Stir up Your Might! Come and save us! Cause us to turn back, O Aluahiym; Cause Your Face to shine, That we may be saved. O YaHuWaH Aluahiym of Hosts, How long will Your anger smolder against the prayers of Your people?
  15. 15. You have caused them to eat the bread of tears,You have given them tears to drink by the bowl-full.You make us a source of contention to our neighbors, And our enemies laugh among themselves. Turn us back, O Aluahiym of Hosts; And cause Your Face to shine, That we might be saved. You brought a vine out of Mitsrayim. You cast out the nations, and planted it. You cleared the ground for it. It took deep root, and filled the land. The hills were covered with its shadow. The mighty cedars with its twigs. She spread her branches to the Sea, And her shoots to the River. Why have You broken down her hedges, So that every passer-by plucked her fruit? The boar of the forest ravage it, And the wild beasts of the field devours it. Return, we beg you, O Aluahiym of Hosts!Look down from heavens, and see, and visit this vine, And the vineyard which Your Right Hand planted, The branch that You made strong for Yourself. It’s burned with fire, it is cut down; They perish at the rebuke of Your Face. Let Your Hand be on the Man of Your Right Hand,The Son of Adam whom You made strong for Yourself,
  16. 16. And we shall not backslide from You. Revive us, and we will call on Your Name. Turn us back, YaHuWaH Aluahiym of Hosts, And cause Your Face to shine, that we might be saved. YaHuWSHuWaHALuaHiYM YaHuWShuWaH HaMashiyach In His Name blessed be, in His nameYaHuWaH be with you. and they answered him, YaHuWaH bless you. "
  17. 17. Be not blind to the truth And, hinnei, two blind men sitting by the way side, when they heard that YaHuWSHuWaH passed by, cried out, saying, Have mercy on us, O YaHuWaH, [thou] Ben David. And YaHuWSHuWaH stood still, and called them, and said, What will ye that I shall do unto you? They say unto Him, YaHuWaH, that our eyes may be opened. So YaHuWSHuWaH had compassion [on them], and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him. His servant and yours Shalom in Righteousness by the GRACE of YHWH keiYAH nätzräyaRemember me and pray for me that YaHuWaH will be gracious unto me and be merciful unto my sins which I have sinned against him. Peace be to them that read and that hear these things and to their servants: Amein and Amein Freely ye have received, freely give A rule necessary, and of great extent. A servant in the Gospel Vineyard, though worthy of his Comfortable support while in the work. Should never preach for hire, or make a secular traffic of the Ruwach (spiritual work): what a scandal is it for a man to traffic with gifts which he pretends, at least, to have receivedfrom the Ruwach HaQodesh, of which he is not the master, but the dispenser. He who preaches to get a living, or make a fortune, is guilty of the most infamous sacrilege The Everlasting Covenant is The Sabbath
  18. 18. ALuaHiYM YaHuWShuWaH HaMashiyach be with your Ruwach