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Pesach chart for the Yyhwhsa (Yahuahshua ) 2018


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The time line of the Pesach of Yyhwhsa ( Yahuahshua), that is ignored today, but has its roots in the Scriptual calendar, be not wise in thy own eyes but humbly seek the truth once delivered to the saints

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Pesach chart for the Yyhwhsa (Yahuahshua ) 2018

  1. 1. Pesach Chart for the Yyhwhsa Death Pesach Day Lev.23:5 Deut.16:1-4 Feast of Unleavened Bread Lev.23:6 Yyhwhsa In Tomb 3 Nights & 3Days Mattiyahuw.12:40 Jonah1:17 14th Abib (Nisan) 15th Abib 16th Abib 17th Abib 18th Abib About 6:00PM N I G H T About 6:00AM Tuesday Night Yyhwhsa eats Pesach with his Disciples just after sunset. Mattiyahuw 26:18-20 Wednesday Night HIGH SABBATH ( Yyhwhsa In Tomb) Y�huwch�n�n 19:31 Num.29:12 Feast of Unleavened Bread begins Thursday Night (Yyhwhsa In Tomb) Friday Night REGULAR SABBATH ( Yyhwhsa In Tomb) Saturday Night Yyhwhsa ALREADY RISEN Y�huwch�n�n 20:1/20:17/20:19 Luwqa 24:16 Mattiyahuw.28:1,6 Firstfruit Offering (Sheaf of Barley) About 6:00AM D A Wednesday Day April 5, 30CE 12Noon= 6th Hour Yyhwhsa Crucified. Thursday Day HIGH SABBATH (Yyhwhsa In Tomb) Friday Day (Yyhwhsa In Tomb) Shabbath Day REGULAR SABBATH (Yyhwhsa In Tomb) Yyhwhsa rises from Sunday Day Yyhwhsa ALREADY RISEN Firstfruit Offering
  2. 2. Y About 6:00PM 3:00PM= 9th Hour Messiah Dies. MattiYahuw .27:46,50 the dead around 6:00PM just before sunset. Luwqa 24:7 MattiYahuw.16:21 (Sheaf of Barley) Lev.23:10-15 4th Day of the Week 5th Day of the Week 6th Day of the Week 7th Day of the Week 1stDay of the Week