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Presentation of the national well-being network.

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Hyvinvointi eng

  1. 1. NATIONAL WELL-BEING NETWORKPartnership and user orientation
  2. 2. Setting the pace in the wellbeing sector through cooperation.
  3. 3. THE NATIONAL WELLBEING NETWORK [ ] A national activity forum for the operators • entrepreneurs • developers • decision-makers • funding providers in the wellbeing sectorThe wellbeing sector can be considered to comprise availability both nationally and locally.health and general care and the service provision close- The Wellbeing Network is financed by the Ministry ofly associated with them, wellbeing tourism; the sports, Employment and the Economy.exercise and culture sector and the manufacturing andproduction of related tools and equipment. The Wellbeing Network further develops a traditional Partnership and industry boundariessector by unprejudiced use of new operating methods,service concepts and technological solutions to advance The Wellbeing Network acts in cooperation with theentrepreneurship. The attractiveness of the sector is also regions, ministries, national networks and programmes.enhanced through internationalisation. Cooperative efforts benefitting further development of the The goal is to develop operating models and services wellbeing sector are also underway with other nationalthat are as user focused as possible, and to improve their and international organisations. Dynamic communication Strategic themes of the network The network holds meetings several times a year. • customer-focused, region-specific development of economicNetwork meetings offer an accessible, direct channel development policyfor interaction between regions and industry opera-tors. At the meetings, current views are presented by • preparedness for a changing operating environmentcollaborators, funding providers, entrepreneurs and • partnerships, operating models, entrepreneurial and serviceother industry operators; views on projects and actions conceptspresently underway are also heard. The meetings serveas a venue for distributing good practices, exchanging • sharing good practices and experiencesexperiences and receiving peer support. The network provides information and communi- • capacity for renewal, strengths, attractiveness factorscates via an electronic newsletter, blog, and its own • cooperation and multitasking across industry boundariesinternet pages. A well-functioning wellbeing sector is a regional com-www.kokohyvinvointi.fi petitiveness factor!
  4. 4. A more effective operating environment.
  5. 5. THE NATIONAL WELLBEING NETWORKOperating environment developmentThe network supports comprehensive regional industrydevelopment through partnerships and cooperationPractical examples of actions:• advancement of cooperation between sectors and opera- tors through partnership workshops, for example• providing support for strategy work, such as service and procurement strategies• regional implementation of tailored, tangible deve- lopment measures for which the network can provide small-scale support through regional service vouchers The vouchers can be used to implement services such • studies concerning regional development work and the as training, cooperative opportunities, networking, pro- effects of procurement on the economy of municipali- viding support for strategy processes, regional studies, ties surveys, etc. Entrepreneurship and cooperation The entrepreneurship theme emphasizes entrepre- neurial competence, service voucher practices and services, and entrepreneurial concepts. Practical examples of actions: • advancement of industrial and commercial activity by offering comprehensive training in areas such as pro- duct development in municipal service provision, servi- ce design/user-focused wellbeing services and business competence for the future • development service and company concepts • development, expansion and distribution of service voucher practices: good practices, electronic systems, regional and provincial implementation • guidebook for industry entrepreneurs
  6. 6. Many paths to tread.
  7. 7. THE NATIONAL WELLBEING NETWORKAdvancement of health andwellbeingThe focal points of health and wellbeing include pre-vention, sports and exercise for health and wellness,wellbeing tourism and green care.Practical examples of actions:• exercise for health and wellness is developed on the basis of existing regional operating environments• development of entrepreneurship in the sports and exercise sector• enhancing knowledge of wellbeing effected by exercise and natureCooperation and internationalityGood practices, experiences, learning partnerships andcapacity for renewal across industry boundaries.Practical examples of actions:• cooperation with ministries and other national organi- sations and programmes; examples include wellbeing technology and user-centered services• cooperation with the European wellbeing-sector Creator project• undertaking shared projects within the network regions
  8. 8. More capacity for renewal!Familiarise yourself in more detail with the activi-ties and current events of the Wellbeing Network atwww.kokohyvinvointi.fi,or by subscribing to thenetwork newsletter. Make an impact through thenetwork blog at kokohyvinvointi.blogspot.com.Outi MyllymaaNetwork Coordinator+ 358 (0)45 127 1706outi.myllymaa@kehittamiskeskus.fiAnu SaarinenRegional Developer+358 (0)40 5190981anu.saarinen(@kehittamiskeskus.fi The National Wellbeing Network The activities of the wellbeing network are guided by a national steering group consisting of representatives of key operators in the wellbeing sector. Hämeenlinna Region Economic Development Company, Kehittämiskeskus Oy Häme, is in charge of coordinating network activities. NATIONAL WELL-BEING NETWORK Broad-based and open-minded www.kokohyvinvointi.fi