Male Stereotypes


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Male Stereotypes

  1. 1. Stereotyping MenStereotyping Men
  2. 2. Men = Action Men are usually portrayed as virile, muscular Powerful bodies dominate space in advertisements.
  3. 3. Men are more often portrayed doing something, an activity, action Women more often just look Into the camera • focus is on slenderness, • attaining a feminine ideal • weakness and • vulnerability In Advertising/Media
  4. 4. Focus on Masculinity “He didn’t buy 20 pink pashimas””
  5. 5. Smell like a Man, Man
  6. 6. The Jock Male Stereotype • Powerful • Athletic • In control • Men admire him • Women adore him
  7. 7. The Jock Male Stereotype Beefcake
  8. 8. The Buffoon Stereotype Oatmeal Crisp Dad- Hiding Cereal Example: Bungling father Well-intentioned
  9. 9. Jim Carrey The Joker The Joker Stereotype Mask of Masculinity
  10. 10. Action Hero Male Stereotypes •Strong •Not silent There to save the world or a damsel in distress
  11. 11. The Big Shot Male Stereotypes The epitome of success Powerful
  12. 12. Strong Silent Type Male Stereotypes In charge In control Acts decisively Successful with women Doesn’t need to discuss feelings