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Twitter for Journalists


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Tools and tips for journalists and reporters using Twitter.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Twitter for Journalists

  1. 1. Twitter For Reporters Seattle SPJ/ONA || 13 February 2012 @kegill
  2. 2. 1. Tweet More• Understand the rules of your newsroom journalism-11082011.html• Recognize that your personal “brand” may be more important to you (long term) than the brand of your news organization
  3. 3. 2. Be conversational• Talk to people (but remember you are publishing with every statement)• Ask questions (in general or directly)• “Be yourself”
  4. 4. Develop stories• Crowdsourcing: ask community for ideas or information• If you ask someone a question in email or in person, figure out how to ask the question publicly on Twitter (or FB)
  5. 5. Develop relationships• Ask who to follow• Follow opinion leaders on your beat• Follow public officials on your beat• Follow other journalists on your beat• Then talk to them. ;-)
  6. 6. 3. ListenWhat, exactly does this mean?
  7. 7. #hashtags may be more important than individuals
  8. 8. Tools To Monitor #hashtags• (iPhone app)•••• TweetDeck• Twitter Search
  9. 9. HootSuite : GeoLocation
  10. 10. Topsy : email, RSS
  11. 11. Breaking News• Storify• CoverItLive• ScribbleLive• Embed individual tweets or a group of tweets into a story using QuoteURL or Blackbird Pie.
  12. 12. Verify! Verify! Verify!
  13. 13. Other Tools• Twitter Lists•• Directories:••• Twitter -> email:
  14. 14. Resources• Twitter tips for journalists, Steve Buttry• How should journalists use social media, Nick Kristoff• The new baseline skill set, Steve Yelvington• On Twitter, neither a Luddite nor Biltonite be. Simply be human, Alex Howard
  15. 15. Credits• Kathy E. Gill, @kegill• Creative Commons : attribution, non- commercial, share-and-share alike• Resources at