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Civility and The Three Cs: Context, Curation and Community


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Civil Discourse to Resolve Governmental Crises, October 10, 2012

Published in: Education
  • Apologies if you had bookmarked the prior version. Added a slide and Slideshare couldn't seem to update the file for the audio. :-/ I deleted it. In retrospect, I should have uploaded a single slide with this URL. Hindsight and all of that.

    Version 1 - no sound - had about 250 views when I deep-sixed it.
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Civility and The Three Cs: Context, Curation and Community

  1. 1. You liberals hate America!You’re an idiotic wing-nut! You feminazis are all alike! Fascist pig! T Civility and The Three Cs: Context, Curation, Community
  2. 2. Context
  3. 3. 2010: 24% of America’s high schoolseniors had a “proficient” scorein their knowledge of civics and government
  4. 4. CommonContext Is MIA
  5. 5. Gettinginformationfrom theInternet is likedrinking froma fire hose
  6. 6. Curation
  7. 7. Community
  8. 8. Conclusion• We are living in an age of disruption• Technology, alone, cannot ensure civil discourse• Digital literacy is essential for a functioning democracy
  9. 9. Credits• “The Role of Traditional and Social Media” Civil Discourse to Resolve Governmental Crises October 10, 2012• Copyrighted images are examples of Facebook shares; FairUse exemption claimed; firehose is Flickr CC• Kathy E. Gill, University of Washington Contact: @kegill, ,