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Six Sigma DMAIC Project                    Kaiser Permanente – Asset Management                                  Project L...
Six Sigma in Action                                                                           Serial # - Model # MatchCust...
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Sn Model Accuracy Six Sigma Case Study


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Lean Six Sigma Group Free Project Case Study Overviews
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Sn Model Accuracy Six Sigma Case Study

  1. 1. Six Sigma DMAIC Project Kaiser Permanente – Asset Management Project Leader/Green Belt: Kahlil Rahaman Project Leader Title: Enterprise Planning & Strategy Analyst Project Start Date: July 24, 2003Master Black Belt: Steven Bonacorsi
  2. 2. Six Sigma in Action Serial # - Model # MatchCustomer Profile - 130,000 Seat Health Care ProviderBusiness Problem & ImpactThe Serial numbers within the current asset management databases Process Capability – Before(NOIS, AssetCenter, USS & DISCO) are not accurately matched to the Success 37Model numbers (affixed to the servers by the manufacturers). Thisimpacts problem solving, change management and maintenance contract Defects 160 19%management. 81% Measure & Analyze Data Collection: Focused on Servers within the Corona Data Center Root Causes: 1. Multiple Databases 2. Data must be verified across all databases 3. Manual replication of data 4. No documented processes Process Capability – After 5. Databases not accurately maintained 30 DefectImprove & Control 91 Success1. One Central CMDB established in Asset Center 4.x 25%2. Any Serial Number to Model Number inaccuracies found in 75% AssetCenter through physical audits will be corrected and root cause analysis doneResults/BenefitsMultiple CMDB’s consolidated into one definitive CMDB, AssetCenterProcess Improvement from Z_ST = 2.5 Sigma to Z_ST = 2.7 Sigma. Reduced Defects and Increased Sigma Level!