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I don’t agree with this because impatient people use this phrase often whichoften leads to incorrect decision making. The ...
It’s an area that many organizations can think of venturing out from theirnormal operations. There is also huge potential ...
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Six untapped opportunities_in_six_sigma


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Six untapped opportunities_in_six_sigma

  1. 1. Six Untapped Opportunities in Six SigmaContributor: Bryan Camoens View linked In ProfilePosted: 05/12/2011 12:00:00 AM EDTProcess Excellence Network’s Bryan Camoens speaks to 6 Six Sigmaauthorities who discuss the untapped opportunities in Six Sigma and wherewe will see their deployment in the coming years.Seow Hong Xuan, Deputy Director, Lean Six Sigma MasterBlack Belt SINGTEL:"Lean Six Sigma is a structured approach towards problem solving. Peopleused to say Six Sigma only works for process that has controlled factors but ithas been proven otherwise. People used to say Six Sigma is formanufacturing, again it has been proven otherwise.Many other industries are deploying in their areas. Importantly, Lean SixSigma should be deployed and used as and when there is an opportunity interms of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. If you look at anyhappenings in the day-to-day activities, DMAIC just happens to everything.You don’t know what you don’t know, so just go forward and uncover anyopportunities that come along with DMAIC."Khwaja Moinuddin, Head of Process Excellence for Garmco :"Six Sigma and Lean (TPS) methodologies are like an ocean. Even the mostadvanced experts are yet to tap the full potential of lean six sigma philosophyand methodology. Most of the organizations are satisfied with simple analysis(like fish bone diagrams, process maps and basic statistical analyses likeregression analysis, basic DOEs etc). It takes a while (and of course lots andlots of patience) to teach and train and get the buy in from employees toactually use these simple methodologies instead of taking the shot gunapproach of jumping to solutions. One of the most famous quotes is In GODwe believe, for all else, show me the data.Just to give an example of untapped opportunities is using advancedstatistical methods like surface response designs (advanced form of Design ofExperiment), advanced regression analysis (using curvature and DurbinWatson statistics, linking eVSMs with excel and thus analyzing VSMs, designFMEAs etc). There are many more. As we dig deeper into each method, weunderstand the process more and thus make the correct decisions and thusmove the organization in the right direction (leaving the competition milesbehind). The only thing we need is patience. Many people use the term“Paralysis by Analysis” referring to too much analysis and no decision making.
  2. 2. I don’t agree with this because impatient people use this phrase often whichoften leads to incorrect decision making. The Japanese companies (Toyotaparticularly) plans, plans, plans, plans, replans, replans, plans again andexecutes the plan right the first time. Western companies and some Asiancompanies’ plan, plan, become impatient with planning, execute, correct, planagain, execute the plan, correct the plan again, execute and finally maybe getit right! They lose a lot of time by following this method (if only they realizedit!)."Rohit Khanna, Chief Operations Officer of GE CAPITAL:"Six Sigma can be a great program for all parts of the organization that haverepetitive internal processes at one end; and complex new productdevelopment on the other. We have seen it being actively deployed in variedfunctions and industries over the last 15 years. In fact, though it originallystarted in Manufacturing, the Services industry has benefited immensely fromits application in banking, hotels, healthcare and other related industries.The potential for Six Sigma to drive customer satisfaction and income isimmense as we speak. Some areas where I believe companies can do more:firstly share the Six Sigma experience with smaller customers who may nothave the wherewithal or commitment to afford a standalone implementation –very similar to At the Customer, For the Customer initiatives GE hassuccessfully run. An extension of the idea could be in Supply Chains whereagain Six Sigma can be used to optimize performance.We also need a better understanding of the balance between processexcellence and innovation. An indiscriminate Six Sigma deployment candamage the creativity levels in a company in the long-term, resulting insteadin bureaucracy and tendency to over analyze. Done well, I see significantopportunity in a more proactive approach with focus on designing for SixSigma vs merely using it for incremental improvements."Dumidu Ranaweera, Process Excellence & Lean Six SigmaManager, for DIALOG AXIATA PLC:“Lean Six Sigma has been applied and tested in many areas of late and stillkeeps proving its potential. Green Lean Six Sigma (application of Lean SixSigma towards reducing environmental impacts), Lean Six Sigma inMarketing, Lean Six Sigma Accounting, and Lean Six Sigma for SME aresome new emerging areas of Lean Six Sigma application.For the future there can be also grown interest on how Lean Six Sigma toolscan be used in Socialnomics i.e. mainly to enhance leverage of companiesoperating based out of Social media. There are many blue oceans in theAsian and African terrain that still needs to be explored even by the promotersof traditional methods of application. Lot of interest has also generatedtowards applying the concept in College education and making Lean part ofthe standard student curriculum.
  3. 3. It’s an area that many organizations can think of venturing out from theirnormal operations. There is also huge potential and growing demand onacademic programmes (i.e. specialized degrees) on Lean Six Sigma andonline education and open source training material.”Alex Budiman, Vice President, of Operations for BiosensorsInternational:"Within our organization, one big opportunity lies in integrating Six Sigma intobusiness excellence that will allow the greatest impact with optimumresources.The other opportunity lies in playing a key role in the sustainability of anorganization. In general, I don’t think Six Sigma has been tapped by non-manufacturing organizations with the same deployment intensity as bymanufacturing organizations."Remigus Saptono, Six Sigma Process Specialist for GoodyearTire & Rubber:"The consistency on implementing the program to become continuousimprovement all the time. The Six Sigma method is not something frigid andcan not become a creative solution for anyone. Creating the Six Sigmamethod as the main culture in the company will help us on seeking theopportunities to improving our product and services.The more we committed to implement it and evaluate it regularly the more weknow our position in the business so we can creating some creative way to goin the competitors business and will knowing better what customer needs andwants. In my point of view, Six Sigma is the centre on continuousimprovement cycle to create a competitive advantage in the business."About Process Excellence NetworkProcess Excellence Network is a free to join online community, providingcritical knowledge on the development of Process Excellence includingBusiness Process Management (BPM), Lean, Change Management,Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Risk Management, Customer Experienceand more. We provide the forum where key industry experts andorganizations share their experience, knowledge and tools, and yourpractitioner peers connect with one another all over the world, both face-to-face and online. Membership is free, the content is priceless.Join the Process Excellence Network Linked In Group today! LinkedInProcess Excellence Network (PEXN)