Serrver Imaging Six Sigma Case Study


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Serrver Imaging Six Sigma Case Study

  1. 1. Image Update GEAE AccountProject Leader: Brian Boyce Jr. Master Black Belt: Steven Bonacorsi Customer Engineer/ Certified GreenbeltStart Date: April 30, 2002
  2. 2. Six Sigma in Action Image UpdatesCustomer Profile – 18,000-Seat Aircraft Engine Manufacturing and Service CompanyBusiness Problem & Impact Process Capability – Before (0 Sigma)All PC Equipment issued to GEAE end-users is preloadedby GE ITS with a standard image. These images areupdated & maintained by GEAE. All released images mustbe replicated to the GE ITS servers so they can be loadedon end-user equipment. The current process could take aslong as one week with extensive administration involvement.Measure & AnalyzeData Collection: The time it took to transfer an image wasmeasured at 34.78 Hours. The existing process sigma was 0.Root Causes: No notification by GEAE Image Group and no Pr o c e s s Ca p a b ility A n a ly s is f o r Cy c le Timeclear process documentation were identified as the main root Process Capability – After (Over 6 Sigma)causes. P roc es s D at a U SLImprove & Control US L T arget 17. 0000 * W itRobocopy program implemented and scheduledean run daily M to LS L 0. 3888 * O vewith automatic e-mail notification. Team set up to ple N S am receive e- 40 S t D ev (W it hin) 0. 000000mail notification and will be alerted if update didS tnot voccur. D ev (O erall) 0. 147566Cycletime Improved to 0.39 Hours! P ot ent ial (W it hin) C apabilit yResults/Benefits Cp CP U 7. 47E + 16 *Eliminated administration cost due to process automation. CP L * C pk 7. 47E + 16All equipment now issued to end users with current images. 0.0.30 0.1040 0.1550 0.2055 05 45 0.35 0. 0. 25 C pm * O v erall C apabilit y O bs erv ed P erf orm anc e E x p. "W it hin" P erf orm anc e E x p. "O v erall" P erf orm an A Total Savings of US $11K Annually! Pp PPU PPL 37. 52 * * P P M < LS L P P M > US L P P M T ot al * 0. 00 0. 00 P P M < LS L P P M > US L P P M T ot al 0. 00 0. 00 * P P M < LS L P P M > US L P P M T ot al