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Issabella t final

  1. 1. The Native Americans of the West By: Isabella T February-March,2013
  2. 2. Description of RegionThe Native Americans of the west usedtechnology to solve their problems that they had.They used the technology also to help themwhen they we’re farming.Technology is the design and use of tools andmethods to solve problems They went to school, did work and sometimesthe carved totem poles
  3. 3. Tribes• The Mojave• The Chinook• The Paiute• The Tlingit• The Tsimshian
  4. 4. Clothing Mojave- didn’t wear much, men wore loincloths andwomen wore knee-length skirts. Shirts weren’tnecessary. Chinook-men didn’t wear really wear much clothes atall, some men wore breechclouts. Women wore shortskirts made out of cedar bark or grass. The Native Americans of the west wore fur robes andmoccasins in cold weather Paiute- wore appropriate clothing made of leather Tlingit- same as Chinook Tsimshian- bark clothing
  5. 5. ShelterMojave- they lived in earthen homesmade out of the surrounding resourcesChinook-they lived on a reservation insmall little homesPaiute- they lived small, temporary hutsmade of willow poles that are covered withbrush or reeds.Tlingit- they lived cedar plank houseTsimshian- they lived in longhouses
  6. 6. Food Sources Berries, roots and other plants grew plentifullyin wet climate. In forests there were beavers,bears, deer and elk for hunting. They goteverything else they needed from the sea. Theoceans, rivers and streams were teemed withsalmon, herring, halibut and cod. Groups wouldgo canoeing to catch seal, sea lion and whales.From the shore people gathered clams,seaweed and shellfish. However salmonbecame the most important resource for food.
  7. 7. Everyday LifeMojave- used a hunt dry methodChinook- respected their senior eldersPaiute- they gathered food and water todrink and anything else they needed it forTlingit- they hunted for salmonTsimshian- caught fish
  8. 8. Traditions and CeremoniesMojave- they were governed by the chiefwho picked the ceremonyChinook- the potlatch ceremony was usedto redistribute wealthPaiute- had to share clothing andlanguages that were similarTlingit- worshiped their chief and hadpotlatches at dinnersTsimshian- had potlatches
  9. 9. Weapons and ToolsMojave- used bow and arrow, and used nets andwooden fish trap when fishing. In war they firedtheir arrows and fought with clubs and spears.They used leather shields.Chinook- same as MojavePaiute- used bow and arrowsTlingit- used harpoons, bone fishhooks, andwooden fish traps.Tsimshian- same as Tlingit
  10. 10. CraftsMojave- made coiled pottery, bead workand beaded collarsChinook- made bear grass baskets andwood-carving artsPaiute- made basketsTlingit- made baskets, carving arts, totempoles, and Chilkat robesTsimshian- made totem poles
  11. 11. Credits• Websites I Used• Books Our nation Social Studies Textbook