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The Great Gatsby


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The Great Gatsby

  1. 1. The Great GatsbyThe Great GatsbyKees IJzerman April 2013
  2. 2. Storyline• Nick Carraway rents a small house in WestEgg, Long Island• Visits cousin Daisy and her husband Tom• Notices they are not happy.• Meets golf player Jordan Baker there.• She informs Nick Tom has a mistress, Myrtle.• Myrtle is married too: George Wilson, ownerof garage in the Valley of Ashes
  3. 3. Storyline• Tom takes Nick to see Myrtle.• Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose.• Partying next door to Nick: huge house.(Jay Gatsby)• Nick gets invited to one of these parties.
  4. 4. Party Time• Click picture
  5. 5. Storyline• Nick is introduced to Gatsby• Gatsby take Nick to see Meyer Wolfsheim(shady character)• Jordan tells Nick part of Gatsby’s history:- poor officer, in love w. Daisy, go to war- Daisy married Tom (=old money)• Gatsby returned from war: new Gatsby(rich, opulent lifestyle)
  6. 6. Storyline• Via Jordan, Gatsby asks Nick to arrange ameeting with Daisy.• They still love one another
  7. 7. Why did you marry him?• Click picture
  8. 8. Storyline• Gatsby & Daisy have an affair• The five of them go into the city; at Wilson’sgarage Tom stops for petrol.• Wilson has found out his wife Myrtle has alover, but doesn’t know who.
  9. 9. You can’t repeat the past• ……of course you can!Gatsby’s great hope.
  10. 10. Storyline• At N.Y. hotel Tom and Gatsby fight over Daisy• Tom accuses Gatsby of being a bootlegger• Daisy breaks down and tells her husbandopenly that she loves Gatsby
  11. 11. You want too much
  12. 12. Storyline• Daisy and Gatsby drive back in G’s yellow car.• The other three later• They see accident: Myrtle has been killed by ayellow car.• Wilson finds out whose car killed his wife• Thinking Gatsby drove, he kills him and the ncommits suicide.• In fact, it was Daisy who drove the car.
  13. 13. Storyline• Nick tries to get Gatsby’s friends to attend thefuneral.• Nick and Jordan break up.• Only Gatsby’s father turns up at the funeral
  14. 14. What does it mean?• Fitzgerald’s take on the ‘roaring twenties”.• Easy money; shallow people.• East Egg vs. West Egg• Gatsby is killed because he loved and wasloyal.
  15. 15. What does it all mean?• The Green Light at Daisy’s Dock: symbol ofGatsby’s dream and the American Dream• The Valley of Ashes: the dirt and rubbish thatis caused by trying to become rich.• ‘Great’ Gatsby: bootlegger, in with criminals,but ‘good guy’• He dies; with him his dream dies: theAmerican Dream?