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Natural science assignment


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Published in: Education
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Natural science assignment

  1. 1. NATURAL SCIENCE ASSIGNMENT TOPIC – SCIENCE CLUB Submitted To SUVERNA REKHA TEACHER Submitted By SHAMNA.S No: 32 Natural Science Submission Date:16-09-2014
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION For supplement the teaching of Science in classroom and to widen the knowledge of his student a good Science teacher can in involved his students in a number of Co-curricular activities such as the Science Club, Scientific hobbies, visiting of place etc. Through there is no limit to each extracurricular activities and teacher is fore to undertake one or more such activities in his School for the benefit of his Students. CONTENTS SCIENCE CLUB To candidate the energies of students and to make proper use of talent of the students science may be organized in the school. Such a club then forms the backbone of the co-curricular activities in the schools. Such clubs, if properly organized, will be of great help to create interest in teaching of science and so now the importance and educational value of such club is duly recognized. Such club provide better chances to acquaint the students with various facts and principles of science. Students can take up any project or a scientific hobby of his choice while participating in a science club activities helps to link his theoretical knowledge to the outside world and he gets more opportunities for self expression and creativity
  3. 3. participation in various activities of science club also helps to develop manual skills of the students and he gets interested in learning of science. The importance of science clubs in schools in worlds of Dr. W.Danis is “If the future belongs to youth and to science, then there is a vastly more important place for science clubs, in the scheme of things” TYPES OF SCIENCE CLUB Proudly speaking science clubs can be classified as 1. The specialized interest science clubs In the category the clubs take up such projects which deals with some specialized subject. Such clubs are radio club, photographic club, Natural study club, Aviation club, astronomical club etc. 2. General science club There clubs take up any type of science activities and such clubs are generally known as chemical society, Zoological society, protany club, physics association etc. Through bath types of clubs have their advantages but experience has shows that specialized clubs are only short lived and so a science teacher should proper general science club. He can undertake some specialized activity as a part of programme of such as general science club for a short duration of time.
  4. 4. AIMS OF SCIENCE CLUB The major aims of science club can be summarized as under.  To make proper use of leisure time  To develop individual and group initiative  To create students interest in his every day experiences and his environment.  To develop scientific attitude among students and to inculcate a training in scientific method and to broaden his scientific outlook.  Provide the students with opportunity to develop his explorative creative, and inventive faculty.  To develop a habit of corporation in the students.  To encourage students participation in teaching-learning process.  To provide encouragement to club members for under taking some difficult, complicated and even risky experiments which are not permitted to be undertaken in regular class.  To allow opportunities to young students to lean practical applications of science.  To identify and nature the world be scientists of the country.  To familiarizes the students with recent advances in science.  To provide students vocational and educational guidance  To exchange information with other science clubs.
  5. 5. ORGANIZATION OF A SCIENCE CLUB A science club, if properly organized will be a great help in enlivening the teaching of science. Such a club should be seen by the students under the guidance and supervision of the teacher. For proper running a club the most importance things is the preparation of a draft constitution of the club. This draft to prepared by the science teacher in consultation with the head of the institution. This draft constitution should provide all important details about the name of the club, aims and objectives of the club, details regarding membership and the etc. to be paid by members, purposes of which the expenditure can be incurred and the person competent to approve such an expenditure. Various offices to members and the produce for filling up such offices. Any other relevant details. For efficient and successful working of science clubs an expert today has suggested the organization as under:  Such a club should have the head of institution as its pattern.  One of the senior science teachers is asked to be the sponsor of the club.  Membership of the club is open to all the science students of the school.  Associate-membership may be allowed to some other students interested in science.
  6. 6.  The club may have an …. Executive committee. The members of executive should the following and should be elected or nominated from amongst the students. a. Chairman b. Secretary c. Asst. secretory d. Treasurer e. One as two class representations from each class. The executive committee may also include a librarian, a store keeper and a publicity officer.  Only a nominal membership fee to charged from the members  The club members be asked to tap offer resources and carry out the club activities in this own locality. ASSIGNMENT OF DUTIES TO OFFICE BEARER OF A SCIENCE CLUB For a cohesive and efficient functioning of a club, there must be a class democration of duties to be assigned to it office beares. Following suggestions have been made in this regard. Patron: He is expected to take a keen interest in all the activities of the club and to extend all the possible facilities to the club.
  7. 7. Sponsor: He is main force to start club and he has to take initiative to start such a club and made it a had of activities. His role should be that of an advises, guide and supervisor and he should again from becoming a dictator. He should always be alert to avoid any mishop. He should keep a skeet water on the activities of the club members. Chairman: He being the elected representative of the student should be asked to provide over all the journal functions organized by the club. Secretory: He is also an elected member and is to look after and maintain a proper record of various activities of the club. He should call a meeting of the executive committee in consultation with the chairman and in accordance with the constitution of the club. Asst. Secretory: His main role is to assist the secretory in performance of his duties. In the absence of secretory he has to carry out all the functions of the secretary. Treasures: He is the person who is responsible for collection of subscription membership fee for the club. He must present his accounts to the executive for audit and security at least once a year. Members of executive committee- is expected to extent this active cooperation and participate activates in formatting of club’s policy and programme.
  8. 8. SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES FOR A SCIENCE CLUB 1. Introducing experiment maybe undertaken in the club to enable students to develop skills and abilities for search work. 2. Club members may be asked to make collections of specimen, pager charts and models etc. 3. Club can arrange excursions to place of scientific interested 4. Science club may be art red to arrange science fairs science exhibition 5. Ender the eyes of the club some quiz contact, paper scaling contrast, essay competition and some such other competitions can be arranged. 6. Science clubs must elaborate science days. On such occasions they should put up tableaux and plays. 7. Some eminent scholars be invited to deliver extension lectures. 8. Science clubs can render school service in health and sanitation. 9. Members of the club can also render community service in realm of public health. 10. It possible a science club should take initiative to organize a comp in which participants to educated to actively participate in national programme of health and family planning. They may be asked to included sound health habits. 11. The club can take up the production of some common things like lint, soap, penal, showing cream,. Boot, polish, nail polish etc.
  9. 9. SCIENCE CLUB AND CLASSROOM TEACHING The activities of science club are a supplement to classroom teaching. Such clubs play an important role in making science education more meaningful and effective. Various charts models improvised apparatus prepared by members of the club can be used as importance teaching aids for teachings of science in the classroom. To make best use of the trips and excursions arranged by the science club, the students to given a questionnaire so that students may be may attentive to provide their answers. Answers given by the students may than be discussed in the classroom and teacher can coordinate all the facts observed by the students in to a compete lesson. Some method can be used to correlate and coordinate various club activities with classroom teaching. The club activities are organized properly they will never interfere with classroom teaching. Various of club activities are expected to develop the skill of the students, his power of reasoning, understanding, his power to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant etc. EVALUATION OF A SCIENCE CLUB To find the extent to which a club has succeded in achieving its stated objectives it is necessary to carry out regular periodical evolution of the activities
  10. 10. of the club. Such an evaluation may be external or internal or it may be a mixture of both. For internal evaluation the wings a patron, sponsor about the activities of the club may be obtained. They should express their veues along with their suggestion for important in the working of the club. For external evaluation the sponse of some other near by science club to asked to write the club activities and express his opinion. He may also be asked to give suggestion for important. REFERENCE  Teaching of science M.S. YADAV Annual Publication Pvt. Ltd New Delhi -110002 (India)  Science Education – Methodology of Teaching and Pedagogic Analysis Dr. K. Sivarajan Fasaludeen