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Simulator Description

  2. 2. 3D/4D INTERACTIVE ATTRACTION GENERAL CONCEPT Today everyone knows about 3D and 4D motion theatres and attractions. But is this a real • Capability to show 3D motion-based ridefilms from other producers! virtual reality experience? The answer is definitely not! One of the main features of virtual • Surround sound reality, the interactivity, is always missing. Breakthrough technology of Trans-Force is • Safety system a fusion of modern 3D/4D experience and complete interactivity with the virtual world! Delight, agitation, excitement – these are only few of thrilling emotions that one can feel STEREO PROJECTION SYSTEM in new Trans-Force Shuttle. Full interactivity for all players, real-time graphic advantages, motion system, high quality surround-sound make it the ultimate sensory experience. Trans-Force attraction uses the latest stereo technology – Infitec™ based on completely new Latest 3D/4D technologies combined with the real-time graphics provide unique and technique of Wavelength Multiplexing. It delivers superior stereo separation without ghosting, potentially highly profitable prospects not only for big theme parks but also for all family very homogeneous and serene images (like in high quality mono projection) with full freedom entertainment centers, museums, zoos, aquariums, science centers, cinemas, restaurants, of motion, independent of head tilt. Infitec™ stereo display technology makes it possible for corporate venues and other leisure facilities. the user to produce large-sized pictures on every white projection surface without using special projection screens (silver screens). The interactive five-seat indoor full-motion and multi-role Trans-Force Shuttle is for sure Like no other visual medium, stereo display techniques are able to blur the boundaries between a new word in the world of simulation technology! illusion and reality so that the observer dives into the picture. BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY INFITEC™ 3D GLASSES • Real-time graphics • Complete interactivity system of all players 1800 panoramic screen • • 3D high resolution projection system • 3D glasses • 4D sensory effects • Unique dynamic 6DOF electric motion platform • Interactive game library – more than 15 titles 2
  3. 3. SPECIFICATION 3D/4D INTERACTIVE ATTRACTION 2 3 5 1 6 3 PROJECTION SYSTEM 2 PANORAMIC SCREEN - stereoscopic projection system 180°, size 4.7 x 2 m - 4 projectors with built-in Infitec filters 4 TRANSPARENT PLASTIC 5 ELECTRIC VAULT 7 PROTECTION FENCE 4 with built-in payment terminal with magnetic latch doors 6 CUSTOMIZED DESIGN OVERALL DIMENSIONS circle with a 4,4 m diameter 1 FIVE-SEAT SIMULATOR CAPSULE max height 3,5 m 7 6 DOF MOTION PLATFORM - individual vandal-proof joysticks - dash panel - wind simulation system - accident-free plastic windscreen - emergency stop button Heave Roll Pitch Yaw Surge/sway 400 mm ±12° ±13° ±12° 600 mm 3
  4. 4. LIBRARY EXCURSIONS 360 millions years ago. Ancient supercontinent BACK TO THE PAST 1 GAME A discovery trip to the carboniferous period. It is at this time that the contours of Pangaea, the The first amphibias greatest supercontinent in the history of Earth, first appeared. Throughout the entire program, travellers are shown around by the virtual guide, Forcey robot, who introduces them to the representatives of this period’s flora and fauna. Tour participants are in for a meeting with huge dragonflies, trilobites, medusas, ichthyostega (giant frogs), and also for a lot of dangers and adventures. Giant dragonflies Star shower 4
  5. 5. BACK TO THE PAST 2 LIBRARY EXCURSIONS (COMING SOON) After reigning on the Earth for 160 million years, the dinosaurs disappeared from the planet about 65 million years ago. And what do we know about these enormous creatures today? The discovery tour participants, led by Forcey robot, a virtual guide, will travel to the time when the giant reptiles dominated the shore, water and air. The travellers will meet the most characteristic representatives of the epoch of dinosaurs: Pterodactyls, Plesiosaurs, Tyrannosaurus and other reptiles. Dimetrodon Pterodactyl GAME Diplodocus Plesiosaurus Tyrannosaur Liopleurodon 5
  6. 6. LIBRARY EXCURSIONS Arthur Chilingarov Arctic expedition Underwater fauna of Arctic Submarine GAME UNDERWATER WORLD The program describes the underwater flora and fauna of the Arctic and Antarctic touching upon Arthur Chilingarov’s latest expedition including the deep sea diving on the North Pole. The second part of the program is devoted to the underwater life in the oceans and tropical seas. Cowfish Penguins 6
  7. 7. LIBRARY KIDS RIDES Badland mission Big Bang HAPPYLAND GAME This ride consists of several separate locations: Summer Happyland, Badland and Winter Happyland. Conditions existing on Badland must be attacked and destroyed so that Happyland’s conditions are improved. The team’s mission is to visit Badland, defeat the evil forces that have stolen all the hap- piness from Happyland and reinstate happiness. The aim of the game is to hit all the targets and to collect as many picking items as possible. Rides sup- port interactive ship control function. Each player receives the personal score by the end of the game. Evil shooting Winter Happyland. Evil is still here 7
  8. 8. Battle missions are the interactive arcade games. The aim of the game is to hit all the targets (robots, cyborgs, mechanisms, etc.). Rides support interactive ship LIBRARY BATTLE MISSIONS control function. Each player receives the personal score by the end of the game. Cold planet OPEN SPACE 1 & 2 Open space Futuristic interplanetary space with ran- domly arranged objects such as asteroids, heavy vehicles, platforms. Gravity is almost at zero. Special features include stardust, GAME nebulae and streams of asteroids. The main visualization colors are black and grey. COLD PLANET 1 & 2 The scene is 95 per cent covered with water. The atmosphere is formed by the mysterious blue ocean on this strange planet. Rocks of different heights rise from the water. They are steep-sided and smooth. Occasionally shoals with light sand and stones can be seen beneath the water. Giant crystals are arranged in the scene. The prevailing colors Cold planet Open space are green, light and dark blue. There are normal gravitation conditions. 8
  9. 9. LIBRARY BATTLE MISSIONS Lost coast Volcano planet LOST COAST 1 & 2 An ordinary terrestrial landscape: hilly ground, green vegetation on the slopes, GAME there are some rivers. The prevailing colors are green and blue. Grass and some trees (conifers and broad-leaved trees) grow on the surface, stones can be seen under the water. The sky is overcast. The main combat elements are cyborgs, platforms and heavily mechanized objects. There are normal gravitational conditions. VOLCANO PLANET 1 & 2 Mountainous surface, the ground scorched by the sun, rivers. On the surface there is burnt grass and some deformed palm trees. The prevailing colors are: orange and greyish-blue. Some of the mountains are active volcanoes erupting periodically. There are normal gravitation conditions. The main combat elements Lost coast are cyborgs, platforms and heavy mechanized objects. 9
  10. 10. LIBRARY BATTLE MISSIONS Ocean planet Планета вулканов Ocean planet GAME OCEAN PLANET The planet is 95 per cent is covered by turbid ocean and 5 per cent by coral islands. The prevailing colors are a dirty blue and green. The planet is characterized by thick fog, cloudy sky and continuous driving rain. Extensive, delicate and vulnerable coral beds grow on the surface. All areas of the planet resemble a war-zone and are scattered with broken mechanisms, damaged machinery, corroded metal constructions. The main combat elements are cyborgs, platforms and heavy mechanical objects. TANK SIMULATOR Military, search-and-rescue missions. Realistic physics of tank movement Tank simulator and interaction with the surrounding world. Realistic ballistics, unlimited ammunition. 10