CRX 2 Content Application Platform


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Presentation given at the release of CRX 2.1 in May 2010.

Download CRX at:

Day CRX is a native JCR 2.0 content repository with a RESTful web application delivery platform.

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CRX 2 Content Application Platform

  1. 1. CRX 2 - The Content Application Platform Cédric Hüsler, Day Software, May 6th 2010 Version 1.4 -
  2. 2. Managing Structured and Unstructured Content Photo CC by Jez Nicholson
  3. 3. How much? 2TB 5GB 130MB Photo by *spo0ky* -
  4. 4. Example of some CRX customers. HP Dialogue Live
  5. 5. CRX is the most... Open Standards, Interfaces, Source
  6. 6. Open Data Access Add, consume, managed content with this interfaces: • Java Content Repository API - now 2.0 • Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) - new! • WebDAV • Windows Network File Share • RESTful Web API • LDAP and JAAS • Remoting with RMI and new with HTTP • Native interface to e.g. Microsoft SharePoint GUARANTEED SharePoint Webinar: Zero Lock-in
  7. 7. JCR 2.0 API • Backwards compatible with JCR 1.0 • Spec: separate Content Repository model section and removed a lot of the Java Language dependency • A new Abstract Query Model • ACL and Access Control Policies • Support for interaction with Records Management systems • Simplified Versioning Model • Lifecycle status and transitions • Registering new and modify registered Nodetypes • New properties and nodetypes - such as mix:title, mix:created, mix:language, nt:address.. • Create and remove workspaces • Improved graph representation • Journalling Observation with "delta since" support GUARANTEED Rock Solid Learn more about 2.0 on
  8. 8. WebDAV & Network Share Mac Adobe HT TP Linux WebDAV CIFS Repository native Windows CMIS Office HTTP CMIS Clients
  9. 9. Content Integration MS SharePoint EMC Documentum Virtual native OpenText Livelink Your Repository App Repository Connector and more.... CMIS HTTP Any Repository with CMIS API Unified Content Access via JCR 2 Read, write, search, ...
  10. 10. JCR Remoting Your JCR App 2.0 RMI SPI DavEx Repository Your JCR HTTP App 2.0 Network
  11. 11. Open Core Stack • Core Components are Open Source • Top Level Apache Software Foundation Projects • Architecture and feature decisions are made in Public GUARANTEED CRX is the commercial version of Apache Jackrabbit + Apache Sling Participation
  12. 12. Apac Slinghe Web App Framework OSGi Application Runtime Container Content Management 2.0 JCR
  13. 13. Web Framework - Apache Sling OSGi Container - Apache Felix SVNkit Web Application Runtime JCR 2.0 Repository Authentication LDAP, JAAS, ... Java Content Repository - Apache Jackrabbit Search Ext. Spellchecker, Synonyms, ... Search Engine Content Generation Apache Lucene Apache PDFBox Graphic Rendering Day GFX Content Extraction WebDAV, RMI, DavEx Apache PIO & Tika (in Jackrabbit) Desktop Access CIFS & SMB TarPM DataStore Virtual Repository node store immutable binary store Apache Projects
  14. 14. Demo 1: Install and Clustering
  15. 15. Platform Scaling Access Logic Storage A Repository Local TarPM C TCP Load Balancer B FS Shared TarPM Repository + Journal HTTP Master Node Local TarPM D Shared DataStore HTTP Repository Local TarPM A: Load Distribution | B: Write-forward to Master | C: Read-only | D: Write changes
  16. 16. Demo 2: Development Tools
  17. 17. Source Code Management & SVN A Any IDE Any SCM Client Any SCM Git, Perforce, CVS... FileVault B CRXDE Localhost Development Env Server DavEx Built-in SVN lib Your Subversion Server Repository
  18. 18. Demo 3: Package Manager Package Share
  19. 19. Deployment Development Staging / Test Production Package Your Repository Your App Repository Your App Reposito FileVault App RCP Subversion Package Server Your Reposito Build from App SVN Your Reposito App
  20. 20. What next? Install CRX yourself and start develop a Content App today! Download free CRX 2.1 Developer Edition And participate in our 2010 application challenge