Assignment 9.1


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A keynote about the Cold War

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  • Assignment 9.1

    1. 1. The Cold War By Keenan Reardon 1945–1991
    2. 2. Yalta and PotsdamThe Yalta conference was the firsttime Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchillmet at present day Iran on 1943. Theymet again in Potsdam on 1945, theydivided Germany into four differentsections, USSR, USA, France, andUnited Kingdom.It was a agreement made in 1945They planned the occupation ofGermany. Under the agreements, theSoviet Union also agreed to declarewar on Japan.
    3. 3. The Truman DoctrineIt offered support to all countries that was against communism.TheTruman Doctrine also consisted of Marshall Aid, which was moneythat was offered to all European countries for rebuilding.Marshal Plan- A program of financial aid sponsored by the US,designed to boost the economies of western European countries afterWorld War II. It was originally advocated by Secretary of State George C.Marshall and passed by Congress in 1948.Containment- The action or policy of preventing the expansion of ahostile country or influence
    4. 4. The Berlin Wall The Berlin Wall was a wall to keep the people under the USSR government out of western Germany. It was built on 1961. It was the plan to bring supplies to east berlin to help the people under USSR rule. The "Iron Curtain" is a boundary which divided Europe into two separate zones, it was made at the end of World War II and continued until the Cold War
    5. 5. Mao ZedongMao Zedong was a Chinese Marxisttheorist, soldier, and statesman wholed Chinas communist revolutionfollowing decades of civil war. Heruled China from 1949 to 1976.It was Mao Zedong’s push toindustrialize China.That was when Mao decided to stampout any and all Chinese culture andhistory that was not strictly inadherence to the Communist "Value"systems he wanted to have in place.
    6. 6. Soviet Map
    7. 7. Space Race/Arms RaceThe Space and Arms racebetween Soviet Union andUSA was quite a heatedbattle between the twocountries. Every countryhad to be better in everysingle category as possible.From getting to the moonto having the best hockeyteam.
    8. 8. Korean WarBecause South Korea help the Soviet Unioninvade North Korea. It was the North Koreanswith China fought South Korea withUSA,Australia, and UKThe border between North and South Korea.Nothing really came from the war, both hadabout the same amount of land.
    9. 9. Union, and North Korea against SouthVietnam, U.S., South Korea, Australia, VietnamPhilippines, New Zealand, Thailand, KhmerRepublic, Kingdom of Laos, and the Republic ofChinaKeeping Communist North Vietnam fromconquering South VietnamNorth communist Vietnamese supporters of thecommunist Front in South Vietnam during theVietnam WarWe had lost the most amount of soldiers onenemy land.1975, 58,000 Americans died.