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Phone app-Talkn' Eye


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A phone app used to help blind people "see" in their daily lives.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Phone app-Talkn' Eye

  1. 1. Mentor: Lianne du Toit Team # : 47 Field of Interest: Health Team Name: 1. Roy Lee - Malaysia 2. Pau Quijano - Philippines 3. Jazz Tan – Malaysia 4. Veronika Tomova - Macedonia 5. Chandra Rau - Malaysia 6. Jose Ignacio Santiago Galindo - Argentina 7. Keenan – Malaysia 8. Shulhi Sapli - Malaysia TALK’N EYE APP
  2. 2. Discovering Global Problems & Offering Respective Solutions • Angle: Born or caused, completely or partially, 1/3 of the worlds population suffer from blindness or visual impairedness, depriving them from the modern day technology • Solution: Using a Smart-Phone App working in favor of the visually disabled people by picturing the image they can not see but hear.
  3. 3. Video
  4. 4. Every 5 seconds one person in the world goes blind…
  5. 5. App’s Working Model • The Talk’n Eye is mobile app designed to transmit into a sound each photo that the visually impaired person is taking at the moment and needs information of what is in front of himself. • The Talk’n Eye is mobile app enforced by contributors using the same app, for which effort are granted with points. • The Talk’n Eye points are converted in a discount vouchers, lately used in a purchase of different eye appliances from the worldwide eye-wear brands.
  6. 6. Talk’n Eye Business Model