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Flipped learning

  1. Flipping it Right By Chuah Kee Man Centre for Applied Learning & Multimedia
  2. The flipped classroom refers to a model of learning that rearranges how time is spent both in and out of class to shift the ownership of learning from the educators to the students. NMC Horizon Report Higher Education Edition
  3. What should teachers and students do to ensure successful implementation of the “flipped learning” approach? Respond via:
  4. The Flipped Learning approach goes hand-in-hand with blended learning as technology gives more opportunities for off-class learning.
  5. A drastic increase between 2016 to 2018 in Flipped Learning adoption in higher education. (Hwang, Yin & Chu, 2019)
  6. Predominantly in the area of social sciences, which are known to be largely “lecture-based” (Hwang, Yin & Chu, 2019) Based on research papers on Flipped Learning published in SCOPUS
  7. So what is so good about Flipped Learning?
  8. Students undertake online instructional learning at home and come better prepared for lessons with a higher level of understanding and knowledge of concepts and topics. NESTA Flipped Learning Research Report (2015)
  9. …..enable instructors to be more in tune with their students’ learning patterns. NESTA Flipped Learning Research Report (2015)
  10. ..existing research clearly demonstrates that the Flipped Learning model can be one way to create a classroom environment that is learner-centered… A Review of Flipped Learning (Flipped Learning Network)
  11. Trying NOT to Flop when you Flip.
  12. Today’s Flipped Academics see their role as being less about just doing teaching and research and service, and more about how much impact they have on both their students and their community (Bruton, 2018)
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