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Legal Marketers Association Presentation


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Content Marketing in Practice: Strategy and Tactics for the Legal Industry

Published in: Marketing
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Legal Marketers Association Presentation

  1. 1. Content Marketing in Practice Strategy & Tactics for the Legal Industry
  2. 2. Table of Contents STRATEGY ● Inbound Marketing ● Buyer Personas ● Competitor Analysis ● Keyword Research ● Content Strategy TACTICS ● Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ● Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ● Email Marketing ● Social Media Marketing ● Key Performance Indicators
  3. 3. Strategy
  4. 4. Inbound Marketing STRATEGY
  6. 6. Key Takeaways ● 3 out of 4 marketers prioritize an inbound approach to marketing. ● Both inbound and outbound marketers rank paid advertising as the #1 most overrated marketing tactic. ● Proven marketing ROI unlocks budget. But you have to be tracking it with closed-loop marketing ● Leading marketers recognize that inbound is a long game. Both past success and past failure with inbound correlates with an inbound marketing budget increase. ● Inbound is the preferred marketing strategy regardless of company type. B2B, B2C, nonprofit -- everyone’s implementing inbound tactics. ● Inbound campaigns achieve higher ROI than outbound. This holds true across different company sizes and budgets. ● Establishing a Marketing-Sales service level agreement (SLA) leads to higher ROI. The presence of an SLA also correlates with budget and staff increases.
  7. 7. Buyer Personas STRATEGY
  9. 9. 5 Rings of Buying Insights What business conditions trigger this buyer’s decision to look for our product or service? Priority Initiative Success Factors Perceived Barriers Decision Criteria Buyer’s Journey What results or outcomes does this persona expect from our product or service? What attitudes or concerns prevent this buyer from purchasing our product or service? What features of our product or service does this persona evaluate when comparing alternatives? What steps does this persona go through to make a decision and is anyone else involved?
  10. 10. Insights Give You Confidence ● Where to prioritize marketing investments ● When sales people and campaigns can engage qualified buyers ● How to focus creative and marketing efforts to impact buyers’ choices ● Why the recommended strategy has the highest potential to achieve goals ● What to include in messaging strategy and marketing content ● Who sales people and lead generation campaigns should target
  11. 11. Three Rules for Buyer Personas ● Focus only on characteristics that tell you how to persuade the buyer ● Consider demographics during the final stage of persona development ● Build an additional persona only when the differences impact the buyer’s decisions
  12. 12. The Process 1. Focus on the Five Rings of Insight 2. Locate and recruit buyers to interview 3. Conduct revealing buyer interviews 4. Create personas from interview findings 5. Leverage buyer personas for marketing and sales enablement
  13. 13. Competitor Analysis STRATEGY
  14. 14. Company Marketing Grade Traffic Rank Indexed Pages Linking Domains mozRank Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Klout Score Outbrain 85 84 2,750 3,534 6.4 89,181 15,732 63 Relevance 85 138,038 2,350 983 6.2 993 16,806 55 Contently 80 24,742 99,100 3,468 5.7 45,297 59,694 68 Brand Networks 79 293,860 6,010 162 5.6 31,772 2,195 49 Taboola 74 188 4,100 1,347 6.3 11,284 5,730 51 Triplelift 72 93,617 420 553 6.1 414 1,392 n/a OneSpot 72 635,294 705 316 5.3 287 2,798 n/a Sharethrough 70 48,680 87 825 6 3,714 5,595 n/a Distroscale 67 519,968 40 20 4.3 40 98 n/a Disqus 60 621 10,100,000 111,545 8.1 134,682 16,031 61 Zemanta 54 83,783 115 21,162 7 2,805 7,737 48 Nativo 44 120,971 n/a 127 5.7 126 597 n/a Click here to start a free Hubspot trial to receive a complete Competitor Analysis
  15. 15. Keyword Research STRATEGY
  16. 16. Content Strategy STRATEGY
  17. 17. PERSONA LIFECYCLE STAGE Charles The Client AWARENESS Have realized and expressed symptoms of a problem or opportunity. CONSIDERATION Have clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity. DECISION Have defined their solution strategy or approach. Problem or opportunity the above persona needs help with: Charles is looking to improve his advertising and lead generation efforts. Traditional advertising is expensive and continues to be less and less effective. He’s looking for a better solution to drive website traffic and convert leads on his website. Content Ideas: Pay Per Click Advertising for Beginners Why Facebook Ads Don’t Suck: How to Make Them Work for You 5 Vital Social Media Rules Small Businesses Should Follow 8 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Facebook - and Getting Real Results Content Ideas: TIPSHEETS: 10 Ways Social Media Positively Affects Small Business Performance 8 Steps a Small Business Can Take to Counter Social Media Risks GUIDES: Understanding the Many Acronyms of Online Advertising and Internet Marketing Content Ideas: CASE STUDIES TESTIMONIALS BOFU OFFER: Get Started Build a Customized Targeting Set That Matches Your Audience Persona
  18. 18. Tactics
  19. 19. Search Engine Optimization TACTICS
  20. 20. Search Engine Marketing TACTICS
  21. 21. Lauren Libet Recommended Outsourcing Resources
  22. 22. Email Marketing TACTICS
  23. 23. Social Media Marketing TACTICS
  24. 24. Social Media Advertising Custom & Tailored Audience Targeting Make your content magically appear in the newsfeeds of people in your contact database as well as those who have recently visited your website. ● Facebook Custom Audiences ● Twitter Tailored Audiences
  25. 25. Key Performance Indicators TACTICS
  26. 26. Key Performance Indicators Free KPI Tracking Spreadsheet Set goals for your team and measure success. Use Excel to track company goals and progress. Hold your departments accountable.