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Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics in Practice

Digital marketing strategy begins with understanding the inbound marketing methodology and how to develop a strategy content plan focused on buyer personas and keywords your audience is searching for.

This presentation provides an overview of inbound marketing and content strategy as well as useful links in the Resources section at the end.

What is a good strategy without implementation though? Learn about marketing tactics including content development, social media, email marketing, SEO and SEM in this presentation shared at the Digital Marketing Power Workshop in Columbia, South Carolina on September 27, 2016.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics in Practice

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategy & Tactics in Practice
  2. 2. Table of Contents STRATEGY Inbound Marketing Content Strategy TACTICS Content Development Social Media Email Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. 3. Inbound Marketing STRATEGY
  4. 4. Inbound Marketing ● Consumer driven ● Timely ● Content rich ● Solutions based ● Blogging ● Social media ● SEO ● Permission based email ● Marketer driven ● Disruptive ● Hard sell ● Product based ● Broadcast/print advertising ● Cold calling ● Telemarketing ● Email to purchased lists Outbound Marketing
  5. 5. Inbound Marketing Methodology Attract Convert Close Delight Blog Website Pages SEO Social Publishing Landing Pages Forms Calls-to-Action Contacts Lead Nurturing Email Workflows CRM Software Engagement Surveys Smart Content Social Monitoring Strangers Visitors Leads Customers Promoters
  6. 6. Inbound Marketing Funnel
  7. 7. Attracting Visitors Blog Website Pages SEO Social Publishing Top of the funnel Consumer driven content Google indexed pages Links for social media Bottom of the funnel Static pages Product/service offerings Case studies Testimonials Demos Contact us Competitor research Keywords On-page SEO Off-page SEO Blog articles Landing pages Website pages Microblogging Online influencers
  8. 8. Converting Visitors to Leads Landing Pages Forms Calls-to-Action Contacts Middle of the funnel Compelling content offers Conversion opportunities On all landing pages Download content offer Collect contact info Promote landing pages Placement on blogs Placement on homepage Placement on web pages Placement on emails Collect opt-in contacts Develop lead lists Segmentation
  9. 9. Closing Leads into Sales Lead Nurturing Email Workflows CRM Software Middle to bottom of funnel Nurture existing contacts Useful content Lead follow up Personalization Share useful content No hard sell Automated lead nurturing Pre-written emails Predetermined schedule Customer Relationship Management Software Email software Contact segmentation Automation Lead scoring
  10. 10. Delighting Customers Engagement Surveys Smart Content Social Monitoring Stay in touch Don’t over communicate Relevant/useful content Customer satisfaction Net promoter score Areas for improvement Content personalization Engage with customers Respond to feedback
  11. 11. Content Strategy
  12. 12. Priority Initiative Success Factors Perceived Barriers Decision Criteria Buyer’s Journey Buyer Personas
  13. 13. Buyer Personas What business conditions trigger this buyer’s decision to look for our product or service? Priority Initiative Success Factors Perceived Barriers Decision Criteria Buyer’s Journey What results or outcomes does this persona expect from our product or service? What attitudes or concerns prevent this buyer from purchasing our product or service? What features of our product or service does this persona evaluate when comparing alternatives? What steps does this persona go through to make a decision and is anyone else involved?
  14. 14. Buyer Personas ● Insights give you confidence. ● Where to prioritize marketing investments. ● When sales people and campaigns can engage qualified buyers. ● How to focus creative and marketing efforts to impact buyers’ choices. ● Why the recommended strategy has the highest potential to achieve goals. ● What to include in messaging strategy and marketing content. ● Who sales people and lead generation campaigns should target.
  15. 15. Buyer Personas ● Focus only on characteristics that tell you how to persuade the buyer ● Consider demographics during the final stage of persona development ● Build an additional persona only when the differences impact the buyer’s decisions
  16. 16. Buyer Personas 1. Focus on the Five Rings of Insight 2. Locate and recruit buyers to interview 3. Conduct revealing buyer interviews 4. Create personas from interview findings 5. Leverage buyer personas for marketing and sales enablement
  17. 17. Keyword Research Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  18. 18. Keyword Research Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  19. 19. Content Plan Persona Name Awareness They have realized and expressed symptoms of a problem or opportunity. Consideration They have clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity. Decision They have defined their solution strategy or approach. Problem or opportunity this persona needs help with. Top of the Funnel Blog content ideas Middle of the Funnel Compelling Content Ideas Conversion Opportunities Landing Pages Bottom of the Funnel Conversion Opportunities PERSONA LIFECYCLE STAGE
  20. 20. Content Plan Charles Awareness They have realized and expressed symptoms of a problem or opportunity. Consideration They have clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity. Decision They have defined their solution strategy or approach. Charles is looking to improve his advertising and lead generation efforts. Traditional advertising is expensive and continues to be less and less effective. He’s looking for a better solution to drive website traffic and convert leads on his website. Blog Content Ideas: Pay Per Click Advertising for Beginners Why Facebook Ads Don’t Suck: How to Make Them Work for You 5 Vital Social Media Rules Small Businesses Should Follow 8 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Facebook - and Getting Real Results Conversion Ideas: TIPSHEET: 10 Ways Social Media Positively Affects Small Business Performance WHITEPAPER: 8 Steps a Small Business Can Take to Counter Social Media Risks GUIDE: Understanding the Many Acronyms of Online Advertising and Internet Marketing Conversion Ideas: CASE STUDIES TESTIMONIALS DEMOS PERSONA LIFECYCLE STAGE
  21. 21. Tactics
  22. 22. Content Development TACTICS
  23. 23. Content Development Tactics Long Form Content Landing Pages Calls-to-Action (CTAs) Blogging Images Video
  24. 24. Social Media TACTICS
  25. 25. Social Media Tactics ● Implement content strategy in social. ● Follow and engage industry online influencers. ● Monitor and respond in timely manner. ● Share other people’s content. ● Post original blogs linking to your website. ● Post links to your landing pages. ● Launch social media ads to promote blogs and landing pages.
  26. 26. Social Media Ads ● Retargeting ○ Website visitors ○ Email addresses ○ Phone numbers ● Interests ● Behaviors ● Followers of online influencers
  27. 27. Email Marketing TACTICS
  28. 28. Email Marketing ● Forget the newsletter ● Adopt the newsbrief ● Publish newsletter content on blog ● Summarize and link blogs in monthly newsbrief ● Use CTAs for current conversion campaigns/events ● Offer frequency options in subscription offer
  29. 29. Search Engine Optimization TACTICS
  30. 30. Search Engine Optimization On-Page SEO ● Keywords ● Metadata ● Google indexed pages ● Anchor text Off Page SEO ● Directories ● Inbound links ● Site traffic
  31. 31. Search Engine Optimization
  32. 32. Search Engine Marketing TACTICS
  33. 33. SEM is complicated. Outsource it.
  34. 34. Resources
  35. 35. Inbound Marketing ● Hubspot Marketing Blog ● Hubspot Academy Online Certifications ● How to Create a Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Plan ● Ultimate Library of Inbound Marketing Templates ● Template: Inbound Marketing Traffic and Leads Calculator ● 8 Marketing Budget Templates
  36. 36. Content Strategy ● Content Planning Template ● Buyer Persona Institute ● Google Adwords Keyword Planner ● Ultimate Content Mapping Kit
  37. 37. Content Development DIY Tools ● Blog Topic Generator ● Canva (design) ● Animoto (video) ● 29 Free Online Design Tools ● Wufoo (online forms) ● Cognito Forms (HQ in Columbia) ● How to Create Infographics in PPT ● 50 Customizable CTA Templates Outsourcing Recommendations ● Constant Content ● Fiverr ● Upwork ● Visually ● The Draw Shop
  38. 38. Social Media ● Social Media Strategy Kit ● Facebook Blueprint: Training Modules ● Facebook Custom Audiences ● Twitter Tailored Audiences ● Buffer ● Hootsuite
  39. 39. Email Marketing ● How to Create Email Newsletters That Don’t Suck ● Mailchimp ● Constant Contact
  40. 40. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ● On Page SEO Guide ● Guide: Introduction to SEO ● Ebook: Learning SEO from the Experts ● Search Engine Optimization Kit
  41. 41. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Outsourcing Recommendations: ● Contact Lauren Libet at State Media