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creative brief
keely galgano

The women’s activewear market is valued at close to $15 billion and is growing at ...
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Title Nine: Creative Brief


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Title Nine: Creative Brief

  1. 1. creative brief keely galgano situation The women’s activewear market is valued at close to $15 billion and is growing at twice the rate of the apparel industry overall1. But it’s saturated with standbys like Nike and Under Armour, high-end specialty stores like Lulu Lemon, and a host of up-and-comers. Title Nine may have been around first, but it’s not doing much to differentiate its brand from the competitors in a positive way. objective To increase Title Nine’s market share by building awareness of the community that T9 fosters. 
 It’s not about buying one pair of running shorts, it’s about buying into a lifestyle. target audience The women of Generation X — between the ages of 34 and 48, both moms and not. They are middle to upper middle class, with a household income over $50,000 annually. For them, 40 is a celebration2: a way to proclaim they’re healthy and vibrant and successful, empowered women. Their moms were inspired by the feminist movement3 and set the bar high for their daughters. 
 Under the pressure of such a high bar, these women have been one of the driving forces behind the work/life balance movement in the US and are active in encouraging community amongst likeminded women. brand purpose Title Nine has many strengths; fashion isn’t one of them and it doesn’t need to be. Their heritageheavy brand name, community involvement through Starting Block initiatives, and successful genderexclusive race series: Title 9K all serve the higher purpose of being a community for active moms and pushing the healthy and balanced lifestyle message. ! Title Nine is the activewear that doesn’t need you to wear makeup to the gym — because, hey, it’s the gym. It’s your time — and you’ve got more important things on your plate. the challenge Be the balanced woman’s brand for running, not running errands. 1 Selena Rezvani, Women’s Roadmap for Huffington Post Sharon Jayson, USA Today
 3 Lauren Leader-Chivee, Center for Work-Life Policy 2