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Audience profile


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Audience profile

  1. 1. Gender Female / Male Audience profile Age Aged 15 – 19 Socio-economic group A and B (part-time job) Education School/ university Geo-demographic England, Bedfordshire, mainly Dunstable and Luton Media preferences Uses social networking such as Facebook Twitter ECT YouTube TV Likes/dislikes reading, socialising, TV and follows the latest trends. Psychographic group Like new technology Follows the crowd Ethnic background Any Sexual orientation Straight Product preferences Shops in high street shops Has Smart phone – Blackberry or iPhone. Also has an IPod or tablet.
  2. 2. Audience Profile Are audience profile is 15–19 both male and female because anyone can get bullied regardless of their age or gender. They will be in sixth form, college or Upper school as the advert is aimed at people in upper school and in higher education. The Geodemographic is from the Dunstable and Luton and the surrounding area’s because it is going to be shown in local area’s. Their media preferences are uses social networking sites because most people around the age of 15-19 use social networking sites. They also mainly watch TV and go on YouTube as they enjoy watching shows on both types of media both online and offline. The sexual orientation of the audience can be any as some people get bullied because of who they are. Their likes and dislikes are socialising with friends and keeping up with the latest trends, people do this so that they don’t stand out as some people believe they will get bullied for that. Their social economic group is E or D someone that goes to school full time and may have a part time job for some income. The ethnic background of the person can be any as now they are many people with different backgrounds going to the same school and some people get bullied because of their ethnic background.