Editorial leadership 2012 part 1


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Here's part one of the slideshow shown at NSPA's Summer Workshop (Editorial Leadership)

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Editorial leadership 2012 part 1

  1. 1. Judging considerations•  Coverage and content•  Writing and editing•  Photos, art and graphics•  Layout and design•  Leadership•  All information taken with permission from NSPA Guidebook, images from NSPA files.
  2. 2. Coverageand content•  Academic news is given prominent display and adequate coverage.•  School activities are given prominent display and adequate coverage.•  Non-school news, news features, features and sports stories are included and contain a local tie-in, reported early in the story. Blue and Gold, Findlay HS
  3. 3. Coverage andcontent•  The future angle—what is about to happen rather than what has already happened —is taken for some major news and sports stories.•  Minority groups and minority opinions are represented in stories and photos.•  Information graphics contribute facts not found elsewhere or in the same condensed form in an accompanying story. Demon Pitchfork, Duncan HS
  4. 4. Featherduster, Westlake HS
  5. 5. Harbinger, Shawnee Mission East Spartana, Homestead HS
  6. 6. Lion s Tale, Oviedo HS (FL)
  7. 7. Le Journal, Notre Dame de Sion Prep School
  8. 8. Coverage and content•  There are more school- related than non school- related stories in each issue.•  Editorials frequently relate to events or issues covered elsewhere in the publication•  Opinion content is diverse and significant, and coherently adheres to the issue(s) at hand without wandering from the subject. HiLite, Carmel HS
  9. 9. Northern Lights, North Central HS
  10. 10. Coverage and content•  Special reports and in-depth stories are about a significant subject (serious or light). Stories, information graphics, photos, art and graphics contribute to the overall success of the report. Multiple sources are cited. Opposing views are reported if possible and relevant. Headlines are not sensational unless justifiably so.
  11. 11. Westwind, West Henderson HS
  12. 12. CSP Press, Cactus Shadows HS CSP Press, Cactus Shadows HS
  13. 13. The View, Park Hills South HS
  14. 14. Vol. VIII Issue 4 - Prince George High School - 7801 Laurel Spring Rd - Prince George, VA 23875 - 804-733-2720theRoyalNews i ed. trnwor cm Use Them or Friday 1.22.2010 Lose Them: First Amendment Rights p. 16 Class inspires future VHSL play written by Find it only on teachers p. 13 Wesley Bolyard p. 19 trnwired.com Teachers for tomorrow, taught Written by junior Wesley Bolyard, The Prince George Animal Shelter by Lisa Britt, educates students the play focuses on a young is at full capacity. To find out and prepares them to become student who suffers from multiple more about the Prince George future teachers. The basics of personalities. It follows more Animal Shelter on pgs. 6 & 7 go child behavior and how to deal of a tragic story line than that to trnwired.com. To see a full list with children are developed. The of a comedy or romance. VHSL of pets at the shelter, go to www. students will eventually help this year will be hosted at the high petfinder.com and click on Animal teach on the elementary and school, and the players are hoping for Shelters, then find Prince George middle school levels. another win. Animal Shelter. Royal News, Prince George HS
  15. 15. theSurveyor indepthcoverage: standardized testing6 march2009 HenryBiermann + WilliamWitwer The 7 S AT : It is a fact: students in possession of their sanity dislike stan- Assessment Leader, “but when you have a student who takes the CSAP dardized tests. They hate the bubble-in answer sheets, the inane writing test and scores unsatisfactorily, that’s a negative for the school. But when prompts and the oversimplified instructions that seem to be written for you have a student who doesn’t take the CSAPS, its like two points are five-year-olds. The sheer monotony of sitting in a room quietly taking a taken away. The school is scored down more for a student who doesn’t The Surveyor Assessment Test test for hours on end is, frankly, unendurable. This dreadful test tedium take the test than a student who just blows the test off.” has never changed. But what has changed is testing’s giant role in new Another frequent misconception is that CSAPs do not go on student age academia. Thousands of businesses, millions of dollars and a stu- transcripts. This statement is also fictitious, since a couple of years ago. ClaraTroyer dent’s immediate future all hinge on the preeminence of today’s new “CSAP scores do go on a transcript, so they do follow you,” said Prin- 1. The morning before a standardized test you should eat: booming industry. Tests are supposed to evaluate a person’s intelligence cipal Steve Goldstein. No, your CSAP scores from ninth grade will not and ability. But do standardized tests, that we spend millions to admin- make or break your acceptance into college. “But,” says Goldstein, “it’s ister, really show what you know? A growing new sentiment says “no.” just another indicator.” A. Nothing C. A Powerbar “We had to do the three tests in a row, which was kind of obnoxious. When it comes to the college game, however, standardized tests serve B. Water D. Fruit and Toast We didn’t really feel motivated,” said sophomore Meagan Swisher, one an entirely different purpose. For many universities that receive more of the 1.7 million Colorado students who took the Colorado Student As- than 20,000 applications every year, making comparisons is quite diffi- 2. If you don’t know the answer to a question you should sessment Program (CSAP) exams administered across the Denver area cult. Thus, students take standardized tests so that they can eventually last week. be lined up, side-by-side, with students elsewhere. It is easier to guess on: The CSAP, even though it is seemingly transparent, compare a number than a resume. Test scores act as filters is actually veiled in myth. Many think the test is used in busy admissions offices; if you do not have good A. The SAT C. The CSAP to determine school budgets—better scores, nicer scores, your resume usually will not be considered. B.The ACT D. Both B and C school. However, this is not the case. Even though this seems remarkably unfair, it is “It’s not like we get more money be- simply how the modern academic world is pro- cause we have a good rating,” said gressing. 3. The day before a test you should: Athletic Director Douglas Tucker. "[Testing] is just a part of our reality," said “But if we had a poor rating then counselor Lindsey Vesceri. A. Study all day C. Go to bed early the school district could come in Despite this reality, some national univer- B. Cram all night D. Hang out with friends all day and say ‘You need to do X, Y, and sities are deciding to soldier past the difficulty Z,’ and you have no choice.” of comparing applicants and try to find the real stu- In this sense, the test acts as a check- dent. William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions 4. There is an essay portion on: point for schools as they progress and de- at Harvard University affirmed in an interview with velop, so that the government can track and fix the New York Times the theory that the SAT and A. The SAT C. The CSAP those schools that are struggling. Nonetheless, other standardized admissions tests are “incredibly im- B. The ACT D. Both A and C many critics have proclaimed the ineffectiveness of precise” when it comes to measuring academic ability standardized testing in general, and the CSAPs specif- and how well students will perform in college. ically. The CSAP costs the state approximately $15 “It would be much better for the country,” said 5. You can study for your standardized tests by: million a year to administer, and many argue that Fitzsimmons, "to have students focusing on high money spent on the test could be put to much better school courses that will prepare them well for college A. Signing up for a class C. Reviewing vocab words use. and for the real world, instead of spending enormous B. Buying a study book D. All of the above Most students remain unconvinced that standard- amounts of time trying to game the SAT.” ized tests have any redeeming value. Thus, schools This new approach is making its way from the have begun offering incentives to encourage stu- ground up. High school counselors and admissions 6. How many sections are on the SAT? dents to attend CSAPs, including a grand prize of officers are now emphasizing the strength of student two laptops. Even teachers have incentives in place to encourage them portfolios: collections of a student’s grades, effort, relationships, leader- A. 10 C. 2 to raise test scores. In spring 2008, ProComp, a system that pays accom- ship, achievements, interests and aspirations. Essentially, a human port- B. 11 D. 4 plished teachers for student performance, recorded 200 teachers in folio. grades four through ten that received incentives if their students ex- “I don’t think there is any one test that is going to give you a true in- ceeded expectations on the CSAP. Kids and teachers despise the stan- dication of one student’s potential,” said Goldstein. 7. What is the most useful way to prepare for the vocabulary dardized testing because they feel there is nothing in it for them. But This is the emerging paradigm for American schools, a sort of mini section on the tests? now with iPods, laptops and monetary bonuses up for grabs, maybe it is scholastic revolution that is materializing in the new generation. As test worth filling in a few blanks. scores drop, parents, teachers and students are proving that kids are still A. Read the dictionary C. Study Latin roots Even with incentives, many do not see the point of even showing up, smart. The facts are in: test-oriented paradigm seems to be shifting. Our B. Study other languages D. All of the above which is a frustration for administrators. classrooms are no longer breeding grounds for intellectuals, but factories “I don’t want this to sound too negative,” said Tucker, also our Site for test takers. And thats not the right answer. 8. There is a science section on: A. The SAT C. The CSAP The average score B. The ACT D. Both A and C 1.7 Million 38.7 percent on the SAT in 2008 was “I don’t think there is any students took the 2009 of students from GW scored below proficient on 1525 out of 9. The ACT is out of ____ and the SAT is out of ____. A. 32 and 1200 C. 20 and 2600 one test that is going to Colorado Student Assessment Program the 2008 CSAP test 2400. B. 36 and 2400 D. 34 and 2000 give you a true 10. How many times can you take the SAT and the ACT? A. Unlimited C. Three times indication of one B. Twice D. Once student’s potential.” The state spent There were The CSAP costs the state approximately 11. What type of writing utensil should you bring to your test? -Principal Steve Goldstein $7,460,914,380 186 $15 million A. Pen C. Mechanical pencil on public education in B. #2 Pencil D. Brightly colored Sharpie multiple choice questions 2007 on the 2009 CSAP every year Answers: 1. D, 2. D, 3. C, 4. D, 5. D, 6. A, 7. C, 8. D, 9. B,10. A, 11. B to administer These statistics from The National Center for Education Statistics Surveyor, George Washington HS
  16. 16. News News FeatureThe Purple Tide, Chantilly HS Harbinger, Shawnee Mission East
  17. 17. Blue and Gold, Findlay HS Echo, St. Louis Park HS
  18. 18. Features: single stories Harbinger, Shawnee Mission East HS
  19. 19. Epic, Lynbrook HS
  20. 20. TJ Today, Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Tech.
  21. 21. The ReMarker, St. Mark s School of Texas
  22. 22. Details, Whitney HS
  23. 23. FEATUREStruggling to Sleep!"#$%&"()*+%(,%%-($./0$%0(*&$($%-0.1*"./&2%3"(45(6789(:;9<<9=>/"/?0*->5(45(!989;(;@<A@8!B<W hen her first period of the day rolls around, Palo Alto High School junior Juliana Ivey looks like the typicaltired student. She wearily rests her headon her desk and watches the hands onthe clock slowly drag along, waiting forthe sound of salvation that signals the endof the period. However, unlike most Palystudents suffering from self-inflicted sleepdeprivation, Ivey suffers from the real deal:insomnia. Ivey is one of many students who mustface and struggle with the daily battle ofsleep disorders. In a recent survey conductedby Verde, results revealed that 74.7 percent ofthe 379 Paly students polled are unsatisfiedwith the average amount of sleep that theyreceive per night, signaling a serious sleepdeprivation problem at Paly. Ivey has suffered from mild insomniaall of her life, but since entering highschool, her insomnia has become moreserious. Last year, after visiting numerousdoctors, Ivey discovered that she actuallyhas obstructive sleep apnea, a condition inwhich her airway becomes blocked duringthe night and she stops breathing. She alsofound out that this was the cause of herinsomnia. Palo Alto sleep specialist Allison Chanhas many pediatric patients who suffer, asIvey does, from obstructive sleep apnea. “Sleep apnea presents itself verydifferently in children than in adults,” Chansays. “In the pediatric population, usually it’sthe reason for a number of symptoms. Withteens and adults, they usually constantlyfeel tired, and sometimes depressed.” In addition, obstructive sleep apneaprevents Ivey from getting Delta Sleep,the deepest stage of sleep, where real rest is TRYING TO STAY AWAKE A Verde survey found that Paly seniors receive an averagegained. According to Ivey, this causes her to of 6.7 hours per night. Paly juniors receive about 6.8 hours each night. 46 DECEMBER 2009
  24. 24. 4 – Friday, Oct. 16, 2009 – North Pointe4 – Friday, March 26, 2010 – North Pointe Senior Leah Dale Rescue (in IN-DEPTH How deep Hindi) “I saw it on a To Write does your ink Love On Her Arms shirt. Right Senior Evan Sunisloe Sometimes I want to drop a tear but no now my sink? emotions from a king tat’s kind of a work in prog- “The quote is from a song and it ress. I’m adding to it; I’m get- reflects the way I was brought up. ting flowers on both sides.” The skyline and old english D repre- sents the city of Detroit which even though I’m not from its my experi- By Kayla Snitgen, ence in the city and what I’ve done Allison Gozdor & there is what makes me the person I Hannah Colborn am today.” Senior Tre Sean Bowden Senior Darcy Goolsby Trust no one but God “My sister, cousin, mom and “It means trust no man but I got Celtic shamrocks on the God because I feel as you can anniversary of our Irish grand- have trust in someone but mother’s death. To me it’s just not the kind of trust God can a way to show that I’m proud give you.” of my heritage.” Sopho- The North Pointe staff more Jazmin did the hard work for Raymond No Regrets you – watching hours (in Latin) of television to find “My tattoo is an origi- this fall’s best shows. nal design and means no regrets.” From sycophantic Senior Tommie Watkins Super Star CEOs in Hank, to ! Cougar Town – 9:30 p.m. “I got this tattoo for football Glee’s conglomera- Wednesday ABC – In ABC’s new se- because that’s how I feel, like a super star.” tion of singing misfits, ries, Cougar Town producers created a plot based on a divorced mother with comedy reigns su- a twist. Courtney Cox plays the main preme in this fall’s TV character, a “hot” mom of a teenage boy. Not only is she divorced but season. she is desperate for love and male attention. Despite the fact that Cox’s character is over the top, she does With mediocre pro- her best to pull out and deliver all gramming in short possible humor making Cougar Town a hilarious, laugh out loud comedy. supply, viewers have ! Hank – 8 Senior Becky Foglesong been left with jam p.m. Wednesday I can’t abide standing outside Junior Denzel Gibson packed DVRs and the ABC – Although the fire “The lyrics are from a Garth No Regrets dilemma of whether it’s no Frasier, fall’s new comedy “I got this tattoo when I was Brooks song that I’ve known since I was little. It means that 17 because that’s the motto I to go out or stay Hank starring IMAGES COURTESY OF CW, ABC AND FOX I can’t live my life without live by.” home and tune in. Kelsey Grammer, is nothing short stereotypes, from a football quarter- back to over achieving know-it-all, taking risks.” of hilarious. As a the show is simply hilarious. recently laid-offUnder-aged and tatted up: Labeled by labels CEO of a sporting goods chain, Hank struggles to readjust to the life of a middle class family man. Although ! Eastwick – 10 p.m. Wednesday ABC – Comparable with Desperate Housewives, the new show Eastwick isRegrets the law tries to keep you from he fails to make a connection with as a detective in New York. Solving packed with drama and anticipation. By Steffi Shenouda “I guess I can understand the in- his sarcastic teenage daughter or his petty cases, Schwartzman hopes to Three women who initially dislike STAFF REPORTER stinct to judge someone, but (doing By North Pointe Staff: Yoda-obsessed son, Hank’s naiveté find his true calling as a detective, each other are brought together by a The artist uses a needle to inject that) based on their cover is wrong Kamille Hamzey, Allison Gozdor, pulls at the audience’s heartstrings, while keeping audiences thoroughly strange magic. The first episode was By Andy Kligensmith & Lucas Funk ish depiction of her nickname “Gabby”. Young inky threads of color several layers and disrespectful,” Raymond said. STAFF REPORTERS circumvented the law in a much easier way, us- beneath your skin, forming intri- Raymond is the proud owner of James Hicks, Andy Klingensmith, transforming this oblivious prig into a tickled with the shows light comedy/ very strong and shows a promising “My tattoos speak without me having to.” ing parental consent. cate patterns and designs. The pain an original new tattoo consisting of Caitlin Siluk, Michelle Ewart, lovable failure. drama style. future for the mystical show. There Junior Chaz Roberts’ words have become the Technically, as long as a parent is there to ap- ranges from a light prick and sting an alternative guitar with the Latin Mike Wynne, Olyvia Brown, Jennifer is quality acting and the setting is a ! FlashForward – 8 p.m. Thursday ! Community – 8 p.m. Thursday typical small town with lots of gossipexcuse for many high school students with, or prove the tattoo, it doesn’t matter if you’re four to a full on searing throb as the in- words “non paenitae” (no regrets) on Cusmano, Amy Witt & Lucas Funk ABC – FlashForward claims not be a NBC – Community is an up and com- that Americans seem to find so ad-wanting, tattoos. years old, let alone 13. jections dance over your nerve end- the guitar’s neck. She says that while spin-off of Lost but it’s hard not to ing comedy force. Featuring The Soup dicting. At first, they appeared to be frightening and “My mom knew I loved them, so she let me get ings. About an hour later: Congratu- she didn’t meet much adversity from Graphics licensed from notice supernatural flavor, with a 24- host Joel McHale, classic comedytaboo, but now it wouldn’t be surprising to find it,” Young said. “My name is me, people should lations, it’s a brand new tattoo and her peers, she still understands the McClatchy-Tribune ! The Cleveland Show – 8:30 p.m. ish zest. All of humanity (apparently) actor Chevy Chase and others, Com-a nice anchor or tribal inscription on a teacher. know my name.” something you will carry with you reality of the prejudices and profil- Sunday Fox – This spin-off of Family Senior Steve Serrano was 19 when he got his Nevertheless, as the years go on, such a per- for the rest of your life. ing tattoos can bring. blacks out for two minutes and each munity has clever writing and cast- person sees a vision six months into ing. Set in community college, hence Guy had us rolling. There are severalfirst tattoo, which reads “level off”. He was of le- manent decision can leave people disappointed Teens get a heavy dose of ink envy While many would agree there their own future. An ensemble, led by the name, the show chronicles Jeff humorous characters, like a hillbillygal age when he got the tattoo, which is 18, but in the long run. from people they are exposed to ev- are perfectly respectable people who Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) Winger’s (McHale) venture to re-earn who lives across the street who eatshis age doesn’t detract from its strong message. “But I don’t like my name anymore. I’d take eryday: their friend with a cute little have chosen to become inked, in all and two Lost alumni, provides a mul- his law degree and woo his new love the Cleveland’s dog with much enjoy- “(Level off) symbolizes that (the tattoo) back.” butterfly just barely visible above honesty, who is success expected titude of character arcs. Who are the interest, Britta (Gillian Johnson). ment. There is also a bear that has aI’ve been through a lot, like with And Gabby’s experience of their shoulder, the plethora of ce- from: a clean cut conservative, or the villains? Possibly aliens, but perhaps family and acts just like a person. Themy dad dying. But also because regret is half the reason the lebrities sporting images and even same person decked out and coveredI’m bipolar, it basically reminds “But I don’t like my law is in place. Andrew Fabian, role models closer to home like their in ink? No matter how innocent, “Others.” ! Glee – 9 p.m. Wednesday Fox – Glee is about a high school show humor is very similar to Family Guy inme to find a middle ground,” an artist at the tattoo parlor 8 parents, mentors, and teachers, who meaningful, or thoughtful the deci- that random clips that have nothingsaid Serrano. name anymore. Mile Tattoo fully agrees with have made the decision to have a sion was, the bottom line is that not ! Bored to Death – 9:30 p.m. Sun- choir club, created by Spanish teacher to do with anything pop up, but the day HBO – Jason Schwartzman, Zach Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), character’s personalities are different. But, Steve was an adult, over18, therefore he’s legally allowed I’d take (the the Michigan law, which states “an individual shall not tattoo, memory captured forever in the form of a tattoo. While a tattoo may seem only do tattoos tell people who you are; they unfortunately can tell them Galifianakis, and others star in Bored in an attempt to recreate his golden We definitely recommend this show to Death, which is dark comedy gold. years of the group’s former greatness.to stain his body with ink. So, tattoo) back.” brand, or perform body-pierc- like a cool, edgy means of express- things you aren’t. Schwartzman plays a novelist acting Filled with all different high school to anyone who is ready to laugh.how in the world does an under- ing on a minor unless the indi- ing personal style, or remembering Despite the potential conse-classmen get one, unless they Gabrielle Young vidual obtains the prior written something close to the heart, there quences teens continue to put theirhave a parent, they can’t legally. SOPHOMORE informed consent of the minor’s are many things to consider before fears aside and pursue the world of Roberts was 16 when he got parent or legal guardian.” getting inked. tattoos. Why? Because it offers them ! NCIS: Los Angeles – 9 p.m. Tuesday CBS – If NCIS: Los ! Mercy – 8 p.m. Wednesday NBC – Mercy followshis first tattoo. Obviously, that’s “The law is in place for a To the age-old question: “What a way to showcase something im- Angeles was supposed to be anything like the original Nurse Veronica Callahan (Taylor Schilling) through hertwo full years under the legal limit, so why is it relatively good reason. A lot of younger kids get are you going to think of this when portant and gives them something NCIS, we never would have guessed. NCIS: LA resembled medical cases and personal life. The show is nothingthat when you look at his arms, you don’t just dumb [stuff] that they’re definitely going to re- you’re 80-years-old and it doesn’t no one else can ever have, and also the show Pysch more than anything else and lacked the special to tell your friends about. It features a slew ofsee the skin he was given at birth? Why do you gret later on,” Fabian, who got his first tattoo at look the same,” sophomore Jazmin provides a means of expressing their larger team of NCIS and the main character Gibbs. We over-dramatic dialogue, dry humor and un-realisitic ac-instead see the markings of a tattoo veteran? 18, said. “The 18-year-old mindset needs to be Raymond was cool, calm, and col- individuality through something would recommend turning on your television an hour tions by doctors. Mercy would be a good medical drama “Well, I met a guy who knew a guy at a tattoo in a mature place. They’re going to decide to re- lected, saying, “It won’t matter be- permanent and important, and that, early and watching NCIS at eight instead of NCIS: LA at if it wasn’t a copycat performance based off of otherplace. You know, I was underage then, but when ceive something that’s going to be with them for cause it will always be special and they say, is worth the risk. nine. great medical dramas like House and Grey’s Anatomy.I went into the parlor, I told the guy so-and-so the rest of their lives.” beautiful to me, and besides, hon- “My tattoo was something I putsent me,” Roberts said. “He had to call the guy And that’s what young adults across America estly, when I’m 80 I won’t be going years of thought into,” Raymond ! The Vampire Diaries – 8 p.m. Thursday CW – Vam- ! Three Rivers – 9 p.m. Sunday CBS – Set in the worldto approve that I was cool.” must realize, that a tattoo will be with you for- around in a bikini or something, so it said. “No one can ever take that away pire fans, we hate to burst your bubble, but the CW’s of transplant surgery among organ donors, recipients But then, things get fishy. Roberts was under- ever. That it symbolizes you. What you are, what won’t really matter anyway.” from me.” new show The Vampire Diaries is one show you can skip and surgeons, Three Rivers revolves around the traumasage at the time, 16, so what does the guy do? The you stand for and what you believe in. Though now more socially ac- Senior Leah Dale agreed, “My tat- this fall. From cheesy acting to a story plot involving going on at a Pittsburgh hospital. It includes all of thelaw says you should send the child home, but Robert’s right arm tattoo reads: “Loved by cepted, tattoos were once seen as a too has a lot of personal meaning over dramatic diary writing, any die-hard Twilight or True stereotypical characters, including an attractive maleChaz’s story is a different one. few, feared by many, respected by all.” sign of pure rebellion and the subject for me, not just something I thought Blood fans would be disappointed. Sorry vampire lovers, lead (Alex O’Loughlin), witty female (Katherine Moen- “I mean, what’s the problem. I want a tattoo, “This is a reminder that symbolizes what of many ugly stereotypes and much looked cool, so I’ll never regret get- but we guess you have to hold out until Nov. 20 when nig) and nervous assistant. All of the above seem to beyou want my money. We’re both satisfied. So he I demand. I demand respect! I’d never take it controversy. While everyone’s told to ting it.” New Moon comes out to get your fang fix. trying too hard with their cheesy dialogue and unorigi-did the tattoo.” away,” Roberts said. not to judge a book by its cover, it’s no She has the word “rescue” in- nal jokes. But then there’s sophomore Gabrielle Young, And when you walk into the parlor ready to secret that many people still find tat- scribed in Hindi on her back, a bea-who got her first tattoo when she was at the ripe get your first dab of ink, remember Roberts’ toos somewhat disconcerting. con that will never fade away.age of 13. Her first tattoo was on her arm, a styl- words. You can’t take a tattoo away.
  25. 25. The Chronicle, William Mason HS
  26. 26. Tonitrus, Rocklin HS
  27. 27. Stampede, Burgess HS
  28. 28. Sports
  29. 29. Sports The Viking, Palo Alto HS
  30. 30. Special reports: multiple stories, related material Spark, Lakota East HS
  31. 31. 20 Wednesday, December 17, 2008 sports The Connection 8 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT VARSITY SOCCER 1STOPthe girls varsity soccer team graduating eight seniors, there With LOSS weren’t enough girls to fill out a varsity and a junior varsity team, forcing the cancellation of the junior varsity team altogether. 2DIVERSITYto Korea to Afghanistan, the boys varsity soccer team From Brazil represents 10 different countries from around the world. Both on the varsity team, senior brothers Aziz and Mahdi Ait Ouslimane moved to Texas from France two years ago. 3RIGHTS OFupheld by returning players of the girls varsity team, in- A tradition PASSAGE coming members experience a kind of “initiation”, which consists of exciting scavenger hunts and other various forms of team bonding. 4YOUconsequence of making fun of coach Jessie McCartney’s ‘rap- As a JUST GOT PUNK’D ping’ skills, junior Diana Rivera found herself tied up in her own hoodie. 5CONSEQUENCES schoollast year,up and down thesoccer class had One time as a punishment to do sprints in their clothes the entire boys of coach Patrick deLeon’s room. stairs outside 6TRIPLE TROUBLE and Allyson Hill can add varsity soccer Seniors Melissa Maldonado to their list of teams they’ve played for which includes varsity vol- leyball and basketball. Sophomore Riley Patterson also made her way from the volleyball court to the soccer field when she made the varsity soccer team as well. 7PET NAMESvarsity head coach Jessie McCartney ironically shares While girls her name with a pop star, senior Kevin Vences has coincidentally earned the nickname “Lil’ Mama.” RUN DOWN Junior 8In order toFASHIONISTAS guards in place, the girls varsity team Alexis Frueh and senior Kevin Vences SOCCER are both on varsity keep their shin soccer teams this uses electrical tape as a make-shift way of holding them in place. year. The first home The team also uses various colors of pre-wrap as headbands to wear game for the girls is during practice. Jan. 6 and the varsity boys will be Jan. 20. –compiled by shannon dolanphoto by manuel martinez BOYS VARSITY SOCCER GIRLS VARSITY SOCCERBACK Head coach: John Mark Edwards the district and Head coach: Jessie McCartney year’s team for the rest Last year: The team ended the area champion- Last year: The team ended the season 9-8-3 of my coaching career season 16-4-1 overall, with first place ship. The players overall, placing third in district and making and I look forward to in district and advancing to the third worked hard and playoffs, but falling in the first round in a watching them continueon the round of playoffs. Who’s gone: Stephen Toth, Raul stayed focused.” This year’s shootout with Lake Travis. Who’s gone: Jessi Muraoka, Andrea Gregg, to grow as a team and as individuals under theFIELD Reyna, Oscar Iruegas and Erick Del expectations: Sara Millington, Monaya Zreik and Parysa expert guidance of coach Cid. The team expects Oskouipour. McCartney.” Who’s returning: Seniors Marco to meet the chal- Who’s returning: Junior Alexis Frueh, soph- This year’s expecta- Alcocer, Tuan Nguyen, David Payne, lenges of District 25-5A soccer and omores Carla Alcocer and Kristin Caldwell. tions: With a new coach and a new district, Kevin Vences and juniors Servando qualify for the playoffs by finishing in Thoughts on last year: “Last year was a the team hopes to finish in the top four to Borja and Bryan Gavarrete. the top four. very successful year,” former head coach qualify for playoffs. Varsity teams Thoughts on last year: “Last year we had an excellent season,” assis- First home game: Jan. 20 against Killeen, 7:30 p.m. John Mark Edwards said. “I was very pleased at the way our team worked together and First home game: Jan. 6 against Temple, 7:30 p.m.prep for season tant coach Patrick deLeon said. “We found great success in winning both District opener: Jan. 28 against Austin High, 7:45 p.m. never gave up. I will remember the hard work and dedication of the girls from last District opener: Jan. 27 against Austin High, 7:45 p.m.
  32. 32. Information graphics: contents
  33. 33. Editorials, reviews,opinion columns