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Caravan Es Company Profile

  1. 1. Company Profile Ver. 120308
  2. 2. ContentsI. Company Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------3  General Information  Company History  Business with the United Nations  Business with CHF International  Business with FIFA  Business with Japan Ministry of DefenseII. Division Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7III. Products Divisions------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 1. International Public-Procurement 2. Prefabricated Building System 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp) 4. Green Technology & Systems 5. Sports & System 6. Housing 7. Emergency & Transitional House 8. Next Generation Military Tent 9. Caravan RS(Radiation Shielding) System 2
  3. 3. Company Introduction General InformationCompany Name Caravan Engineered Structures, Inc. (Caravan ES)Products 1. UN PKO Items (1) Prefabricated Structures (Accommodation, Storage, Workshop and Other Use) (2) Electrical Materials for Field Operation (Cables, Lamps, Distribution Boards and Transformers) (3) Sanitation Fixtures 2. Prefabricated Building System (1) Prefabricated Hardwall & Softwall Buildings (2) Prefabricated Buildings 3. Village Design & Construction (Filed Labor Camp) 4. Green Technology & Greenhouse 5. Sports System 6. Housing 7. Emergency & Transitional Houses 8. Next Generation Military Tent 9. Caravan RS(Radiation Shielding) SystemLocations Office (1) Seoul (HQ): 41st Floor, Trade Tower, World Trade Center, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea. Tel: +82-2-6000-6800, Fax: +82-2-6000-6688 (2) New York: 200 West 70th Street #16M(Manhattan), New York, NY 10023 USA Tel: +1-212-579-5600, Fax: +1-212-579-5602 (3) Tokyo: 5th Floor, Kyobashi Koyo Bld., 1-14-6 Kyobashi, Chuoku, 104- 0031, Tokyo, Japan Tel: +81-3-6228-6988, Fax: +81-3-6228-6980 (4) Sendai: 201, Nippo proceed Tsutsujigaoka, 1-11-10 Miyagino, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, 983-0045 , Japan Tel: +81-22-781-5470 , FAX: +81-22-781-5471 Factory (1) Qingdao (China) : South of the Countryside, Yang Jialin, Beiguan Office, Jiaozhou, Qingdao City, China (2) I-Cheon (Korea) : Pyogyo-lee 21-1,21-2, Majang-myun, Icheon-si, Kyungki-do, Korea 3
  4. 4. Company IntroductionCompany History2002 Company Foundation2004 IFAI (Industrial Fabric Association International, USA) Membership Next World-class Product Award (Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Republic of Korea, No. 2004-350)2005 Korea Venture Business Association Membership (No. 051121031-1-00361) Establishment of New York Branch Awarded for Outstanding Export performance -million USD (Korea International Trade Association)2006 Establishment of Company Annex Research Center Korean INNO-BIZ (Innovation Business) Membership (Small and Medium Business Administration) Certification for ISO 9001:2000 / KS A 9001:20012007 Certification of Appreciation (Maryland, USA) Awarded Commendation (Korea Small Business Association, No 2007-160)2008 Certification for ISO 14001:2004/ KS A 14001:2004 Designated as Prospective Exporter (Small and Medium Business Administration) Awarded Commendation (Small and Medium Business Administration) Awarded Commendation (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) Awarded Commendation (Prime Minister Korea No.148489)2009 Establishment of Qingdao Factory, China (March) Establishment of Tokyo Branch (November) Awarded Commendation (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) Awarded for Outstanding Export performance-10million USD (Korea International Trade Association)2010 Registered as Member of United Nations Global Compact Awarded Commendation (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) Awarded for Outstanding Export performance-20million USD (Korea International Trade Association) Establishment of First Factory in I-Cheon Establishment of Second manufacturing facility in China (Qingdao Factory) Obtained approval for Second Factory in I-Cheon (Moga Industrial Estate)2011 Establishment of Sendai Branch Establishment of Tokyo and Washington,D.C manufacturing Factory (in progress ) Establishment of UAE Branch (in progress ) Awarded Commendation (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) Current World-class Product Award (Minister of Knowledge Economy Republic of Korea, No. 2011-045) 4
  5. 5. Company IntroductionBusiness with the United Nations1. June, 2003 : Contract No. PD/C0012/03 (RFPG-117, Prefabricated Soft-wall Building)2. May, 2007 : Contract No. PD/C0101/07 (RFPG-359, Ablution & Sanitation Fixtures)3. March, 2008 : Contract No. PD/C0018/08 (ITBG-1583, Electrical Materials)4. January, 2009 : Contract No. PD/C0277/08 (RFPG-403, Various Structures for Accommodation, Storage and Workshop)5. July, 2010 : Purchase Order No. 10MIT-200433 (10RFP/MM/10/UNMIT, Aircraft Hangar)6. October, 2011 : Contract No. PD/C0227/11 (2TBG-1989, Ablution & Sanitation Fixtures) Consultant1. Law Firm : Law Firm BUSAN / Law Office of Byung-Wook Jung2. Auditing Firm : Deloitte Anjin LLC3. Labor Corporation : Labor Corporation Sang Saeng4. Tax Accounting Firm : JTT Partners 5
  6. 6. Company Introduction Business with CHF• February, 2011 : Contract No. KATYE-PC-11-02-CES (2-story shelter) New 2-story shelter for family camp and resettlement Business with FIFA• March, 2011 : Contract with Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) Execution of the construction of indoor futsal stadium for the National Football Training Centre in Paju, Korea Business with TV Asahi Create Co., Ltd.• October, 2010 : Contract No. CR-111021 (3-story building) Design and construction of the police station for filming Business with Japan Ministry of Defense• September, 2010 : Japan Ministry of Defense Contract No. 3-22-1001-021A-G-0049 (Battery for Generator)• June, 2010 : Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Contract No. 22-1-2214-1290-4048-00 (Angle attachment) Business with Samsung Engineering• September, 2011 : Samsung Engineering, Contract No. 4500081490-0 (Office & Warehouse, Shaybah NGL Project)• September, 2011 : Samsung Engineering, Contract No. 4500081594-0 (Office & Warehouse, Shaybah NGL Project)• September, 2011 : Samsung Engineering, Contract No. 4500081596-0 (Office & Warehouse, Shaybah NGL Project)• September, 2011 : Samsung Engineering, Contract No. 4500081606-0 (Office & Warehouse, Shaybah NGL Project) 6
  7. 7. Division Introduction 1. International Public-Procurement DivisionAs a prime contractor of UN Headquarter, we design, manufacture and supply products for UN PKO(Peacekeeping Operation).We have established a supply contract valued 130 million with UN Headquarter in 2011.▪ Prefabricated Structures (PBS) : structural and environmental designed housing, warehouses, hangars, gymnasium etc.▪ Electrical Installation (Electrical materials): Cables, Lamps, Distribution Panels, Light Towers.▪ Outdoor sanitation facilities (Ablutions / Sanitations fixtures): 100% Stainless Steel Water Savings, Dual-flush Toilets, Shower Trays▪ ET House (Emergency & Transitional House): Fabric Shelter, Steel House, 2 story shelter, etc. In addition, we are planning to supply our prefabricated structures, camp equipment and other products in many other procurement markets such as the U.S.Department of Defense(DOD) and U.S. troops in the Pacific Command, U.S. Army, the Japanese Self-Defense etc. 2. Prefabricated Building System With a high strength steel frame, our innovative Prefabricated Building System (PBS) is capable to easily assemble, dis-assemble, and re- install. PBS retains not only an excellent quality selecting reinforced PH-beam (Prefabricated H beam) and Galvalumesteel panels but a high energy-efficiency through Double-wall system. PBS is use for hangars, warehouses, offices, accommodations, shipyards, etc. Features  Delivered as Complete Kit: Ready to assemble on site by installation manual  Welding-Free System: Using bolts and nuts only to assemble by unskilled technician  Fast Installation: 50% shorter work-period comparing others, no heavy equipment needed  High Strength Light Weight Structure: Earthquake-resistant design, Wind load resists up to 240km/h  Custom-made Design on sizes, materials, doors, wind-load, snow load, etc. 7
  8. 8. Division Introduction3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp) DivisionWith our experience and advanced technologies, Caravan ES now provides Field Camps that can be applied to Village Reconstruction,Military Base Camps, and Temporary Construction Facilities.Features - Speedy and easy construction with cost-benefit - Turn Key Service: From camp design to civil works, road paving, power & water supply, etc. - Various facilities: Accommodation, office, canteen, warehouse, gymnasium, mosque, etc.Village ReconstructionWe design and rebuild villages that are under poor conditions and damaged by flood, fire, war, and other unexpected disasters. Ourdesign is based on thorough site survey and careful study on the local features.Military Base CampsCaravan ES Military Base Camps are designed to the UN standards, and have incomparably high strength and durability. We providethe most safe base camps even in difficult conditions and war zones.Temporary Construction FacilitiesLarge-scale construction projects require facilities to serve a host of task-force. To ensure efficient and successful implementation ofthe projects, we provide temporary construction facilities with infrastructure. Since our structures are completely relocatable &reusable, we assure high cost efficiency. 8
  9. 9. Division Introductions4. Green Technology & Greenhouse DivisionOur greenhouse is an innovative product that makes up for the weakness of plastic and glass greenhouse. For cladding, we use thePMMA sheet of which transparency lasts for more than 30 years. We supply and install various sizes of greenhouses from small-sized to more than 10,000 ㎡ of mega-sized ones. All around services from supply and installation of the greenhouse to consulting on growing, production, and marketing of the plants High strength H-Beam and Truss that withstand storms and hurricanes Excellent insulation as well as energy saving effect with super-transparent double wall Versatility, other uses available: Free and easy operation of any type and size of machinery because of NO inner column City Farm: Design & consulting service for plant factory, installation and maintenance of vertical garden and roof-top greenhouses 24m(W) x 51m(L) 80m(W) x 180m(L) 3m(W) x 6m(L)5. Sports & System DivisionCaravan SS(Sports & System) has newly introduced prefabricated ‘Sports Complex’, the most economical and cost-effectivedevelopment for all types of indoor sports. Its patented technology has not only substantially reduced the construction period, butoptimized the use of natural resources while providing adequate functionality and convenience for the users. Double-layered transparency structure: Composition of uniquely designed transparent double-layer that transmits a large amount of natural light to improve visual effect and energy efficiency. Sports facilities & accessories: Functional developments include nationally recognized sports flooring system, sports-oriented indoor lighting system, professional installation of audio system, LED scoreboard, spectator’s seat, and many more. Application of sports: Various models of Sports Complex with flexible sizes and shapes are offered for utilizing each and every sports types, including futsal, basketball, volley ball, horse-riding track, badminton, gateball, and etc. <36(W) x 51(L) x 14(C.H)m>
  10. 10. Division Introductions6. Housing (Permanent House & Prefabricated House)100% prefabricated house using Prefabricated H-Beam(Light-weight prefabricated steel H-Beam). Various size(40㎡~150㎡) and customizeddesign.- Fast and easy : Fast and easy construction without heavy equipment and unskilled worker can assemble with installation manual. Short-term installation (32hours with 6 people), Sanitary, Kitchen equipment and Electrical material- More than 30-year life span: Durable and safe house using Patent Light-weight prefabricated steel H-Beam- Fast supply: Packable in 20’ ISO containers and dry construction method (Available 500 units in one(1) month and 5000units in six(6)months)7. ET-House: Emergency & Transitional HouseEmergency and Transitional House is designed specifically to relief refugees from emergency situations quickly, cost-efficiently andeffectively.- Two(2) separate rooms in one(1) structure with partition- Option: Floor, Hard Wall system, shelves, bed, table and electrical equipment- Cost efficiency, Designed for Transitional Function- Fast supply: Packable in 20’ ISO containers, easy assemble and disassemble, and Fast & mass production and transport for urgent needs (Available 10,000 unit in one(1) month, 60,000 units in six(6) months)- Various products: Tent, Steel House , and 2 story shelter can be supplied by customer’s need- Various uses: Caravan’s emergency and transitional house can be used for accommodation, classroom, church, hall and warehouse. 10
  11. 11. Division Introductions8. Next Generation Military TentCore features of light weight and durability, and its distinct supplements, such as ballistic protection, stealth capability, and radiation shieldingprovide residence convenience, survivability, and rapid response of the soldiers in the combat field. Rapid Set-up: 15 minutes for standard type and even faster installation when in emergency set-up Extreme Weather Resistant: Extra insulation set-up (extendable air layer) and strong wind kit for the most challenging climates Battlefield Solution: ballistic protection (Test standard: MIL-STD-662F), stealth capability with infrared detector cut-off, and radiation shieldingFunctional Materials Double Foldable Frame: High strength lightweight aluminum alloy that is expandable for air insulation and adjustable in angles Advanced Fabric: Features water repellent, flame and mildew resistant, blacked-out, high tearing strength, and excellent thermal performance9. Caravan RS (Radiation Shielding) SystemCaravan RS Pad is an innovated radiation shielding that has been developed to complement the defects of existing radiation protection sheets. Great Flexibility - Highly flexible to be used in any curved surfaces with great miscibility and moldability. Verified Technology - Protection capability calculated based on Standard: NCRP 49 (Conducted by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) Easy Installation – Easily applicable to all Caravan’s structures systems without any special equipment Lighter-weight and easier installation than lead and concrete.. Lower overall cost in respects of material and installation. Outstanding protection capacity - 100 % radiation shielding against α, β rays and 99% shielding capacity against X rays - gamma and neurton rays also effectively shielded. 11
  12. 12. 1. International Public-Procurement
  13. 13. International Public-Procurement UN PKO Field Camps We provide complete Turnkey Solutions which cover everything from camp design and road construction to procuring water purification systems. With our detailed knowledge and experience in camp operations, we can design, procure, construct, and operate the facilities.Caravan ES Turnkey Solution is based on an eco-friendly concept by utilizing cost-effective and environmentally-sound materials. Details of Our Scope of Work • Designing Camps • Accommodations, warehouses, offices, hospitals, education centers, maintenance facilities, hangars, water-purification devices, etc. • Supporting Infrastructures - Full Range of Electrical Fixtures - International standard cables, distribution boards, generators, transformers, lamps, emergency light towers, etc. - Sanitary Systems : Dual-flush toilet, wall-hung urinals, wash basins, janitor’s rooms, Hot & Cold faucets, shower trays, tissue dispensers, etc. - Food Service Facilities: Kitchenware, Tables and Chairs, utensils, etc. - Security Systems : Centralized security systems, Hesco barrier and barbed wires 18m(W)x42m(L) - Water-Purification Systems - Other Facilities: Communication satellite networks • Fire Fighting Systems • Construction and Building: Road, billeting facilities, etc. • Services: Camp maintenance, catering services, etc. 6.4m(W)x18m(L) x3.54m(H) 13
  14. 14. International Public-Procurement Prefabricated Building SystemPackable Building Systems are the most innovative building systems forfield missions.These systems are designed to maximize the function of transportation, storageand relocation.The buildings have been precisely designed and manufactured for easy handlingand transportation in ISO containers. 1. Packable • Various Structures for Accommodation, Storage and Workshop • Packable, re-locatable and transportable building systems • The fastest construction & demounting time with bolting systems • The size and weight of parts have been precisely designed, which enables easy manual installation 2. High-Strength Structural Steel Frame • Strongest and lightest weight frame systems • Patented technologies based on the latest structural engineering methods and theories (Wind load capacity: up to 240km/h) • Prefabricated Steel H-Beam (PH-Beam) provides manual construction without heavy equipment. • Arch-shaped roof provides better structural strength than Gable-shaped roof. 3. Engineered Composite Plastic (FRP) • FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) H-Beam opened a new era of FRP frame for building structures • FRP H-Beam is developed to the customer’s specifications, including various colors, lighter weight and higher strength. • Light-weight FRP (Specific gravity: 1.8~2.4) is easy to handle but as strong as steel frame. • Rust-free: Ideal for the Marine industry 14
  15. 15. International Public-ProcurementAblution & Sanitation Fixtures• Durable and cost-efficient ablution• Sanitation fixtures for field usage, transportation and storage• Products include dual-flush toilets, wall-hung urinals, wash basins, janitor’s rooms, hot & cold faucets and tissue dispensers as part of our supply scope• Wide range of ablution and sanitation products based on customer requirements Advantages • Made from durable field materials (100% stainless steel) • Water-free urinals available: water efficient • Environment friendly • Installed in the least possible time • Dual-flush toilets, wall-hung urinals, wash basins, janitor’s rooms, hot & cold faucets, shower trays, tissue dispensers, etc. Installation • Fixtures designed to be installed in the least possible time. • Size, volume and weight of each unit is designed such that it is easy to handle, permitting ease of installation without using mechanical handling equipment. Design & Material Specification • All Sanitation Fixtures supplied in compliance with international environmental and water conservation standards. • Water Closets (WC), Shower Tray, Wash Basins, Urinals, Soap Dishes, Shower Curtain Rails, Clothes Hooks Panels and Towel Rails are fabricated of heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel with exposed surfaces polished. 15
  16. 16. International Public-Procurement Electrical Materials• Complete electrical package for base camps and village constructions• International standard cables (with accessories), distribution boards, transformers, lamps, portable light tower, etc.• Prime Contractor to the United Nations (Contract No. PD/C0018/08, Electrical Materials) <Transformer> <Cable> <Flood Light> <Lamps> <Distribution Panel> <Portable Light Tower> Other ProductsWe offer a wide range of products to meet client’s various needs. Products such as water tanks, emergency tents, security itemsand wires are also available for order. <Water Tank> <Observation Tower> <Emergency Tent> <Security Wire> <Generator> 16
  17. 17. 2. Prefabricated Building System
  18. 18. Prefabricated Building SystemPBS (Prefabricated Building Systems)PBS (Prefabricated Building System)• Assembled at site with bolting systems without heavy equipment• Designed to be dismantled, re-located, and re-assembled easily and quickly• Strong, fast, and cost-efficient systems for commercial and military usesFeatures AdvantagesUnique Structural Frame Short, Fast, and Easy• Prefabricated H-Beam(PH Beam) for fast and easy • Bolt and Nut Assembly System (No welding required) assembly with bolts & nuts • Pre-assembled components• Patented technology (Patent no. 10-0972535) on flange Ideal for Rigorous Environments reinforced beams (Compact and Light) • High durability and various loads resistanceDouble Wall System • Earthquake-resistant design available• Natural insulation reduces maintenance cost• Double wall with outer steel sheet and inner PVC fabric Eco-Friendly Suitable for both hot and cold climates • No construction waste when installing and dismantlingArch-Type Roof • Eco-friendly options: solar panels, transparent panels, rain reuse and natural air cooling systems• Available maximum space use• Structurally substantial and durable Easy Maintenance • Simple and compact components minimize maintenance • Repair kit provided for easy mending of components 18
  19. 19. Prefabricated Building System3-STEP SOLUTIONSEasy Packing Solution Rapid Building Solution Customized Building Solution• Light weight PH-Beams and compact • Ready to dispatch in shortest period • Size, material, and loads are concerned tocomponents offer easy installation, • Factory-made components reduced suit local conditions and customers’ needs. dismantlement and relocation. the manufacturing time. • Providing various installations include• Packable in ISO standard containers • Bolting systems and light-weight options such as electric fixtures andallowing for shipment of components enable fast manual sanitary wares. the structures to the world-wide installation. • Diverse options providing: bullet proofing, • Providing simple foundation solution and solar systems, etc.COMPARISON WITH OTHERS No. Categories CaravanES Competitors Assembly 1 Unique Bolting System Mainly Welding System Method 2 Frequency in Use Reusable A Single Usage 3 Prefabrication Complete Prefabrication Available On-site Work RequiredOPTIONAL ITEMS▪ Hangar /Cargo door ▪ Bullet-proof wall ▪ Skylight▪ Transparent/translucent wall and roof ▪ Air cooling system ▪ Solar system▪ Earthquake-resistance system ▪ Wind-load design ▪ Snow-load design▪ Temperature control system ▪ Partitions ▪ Various insulation materials 19
  20. 20. Prefabricated Building System MANUAL INSTALLATION PROCESSInstallation Shipping• Easy and Fast Installation using minimum mechanical • Suitable for handling by crane, fork-lift, and truck equipment • Packable and re-locatable buildings by Sea Freight, Air Freight,• Simple foundation solution provided and Rail Freight.• 300sqm structure can be built in one week with six(6) laborers • The size and weight of each component is designed to fit in standard ISO containers.Quality Assurance• Quality Management System fulfils the requirement of ISO9001:2000 standard. 20
  21. 21. Prefabricated Building System Project SummaryA. RFPG-403 (PD/C0277/08) - Prefabricated Structures B. 10MIT-200433 - Aircraft Hangar Model: Type B Model: Caravan HangarVARIOUS APPLICATIONS Prefab-Structure Type: Type: Hangar Size(m): 12(W) x 24(L) x 2.4(W.H), Size(m): 30(W) x 31(L) x 5(W.H), 5.6(C.H) 8.2(C.H) Frame: Steel Frame (zinc coating) Frame: Steel Frame (zinc coating) Cladding: Steel Cladding / PVC Cladding: Steel Frame Roof: Arch Roof: Arch Door: 4.8(w) x 4.8m (h) Door: 3m 3(w) x 5.8m (h) 0.9(w) x 2.1m (h) 0.9(w) x 2.1m (h) Model: Type C Type: Prefab-Structure Size(m): 18(W) x 36(L) x 3.6(W.H), 8.1(C.H) Frame: Steel Frame (zinc coating) Cladding: Steel Cladding / PVC Roof: Arch Door: 4.8(w) x 4.8m (h)/ 12(w) x 16m (h) 0.9(w) x 2.1m (h)Details1. January, 2009: Contract No. PD/C0277/08 (RFPG-403, Various Structures for Accommodation, Storage, and Workshop)2. July, 2010: Purchase Order No.10MIT-200433 (10RFP/MM/10/UNMIT, Supply and Delivery of Frame Supported Membrane Structure (Aircraft Hangar)) 21
  22. 22. Prefabricated Building System PBS Standard Dimension※ Every component is able to customize in response to customer demand.
  23. 23. Prefabricated Building System WAREHOUSEEconomical, Easy, and Fast Caravan Warehouse has been precisely designed for maximum portability and functionality with easy installation and reparation. All of erection is proceed by bolts and nuts without heavy equipment at site. This heavy duty and light-weight Caravan warehouse employs various patents and is offered in various sizes accurately. Since 2003, the structure has been provided to United Nations through long term system contract PD/C0277/08. With full of satisfaction and collaborating faith, we are supplying the goods to all over the UN operation missions in the world. Key Features • UN qualified warehouse • Supplied to all over the world under UN System contract • Manually installable by local labors, without heavy equipment • Minimum maintenance with various anti-corrosion treatment • Reusable and relocatable with minimum cost • Complete bolting system (No welding required) 23
  24. 24. Prefabricated Building System Japan WarehouseVARIOUS APPLICATIONS 24
  25. 25. Prefabricated Building System ACCOMODATIONComfortable, Relocatable, and CustomizableInnovative Accommodation provider, CaravanES, offers the most variety ofaccommodations in different configurations, dimension, materials, and optional items.Basically the structures are distinguished by Commercial and Military use whichmanufacture individually based on customer’s environment and condition. 6 (W) x 6 (L) x 3 (W.H) x 4.7m (C.H)Mostly Caravan Accommodations are specially designed to produce the best structureapplied space efficiency and re-locatable as a form of prefabricated structure. Therefore, itis perfectly suitable to use without any difficulties with meeting international building codestandards for various loads.Key Features • Both standard and customizable designs available 6 (W) x 12 (L) x 3 (W.H) x 4.7m (C.H) • Complement the defects of existing prefab building in respects of insulation, soundproof, waterproof, and material reuse • Rapid and relocatable building solution • Easy maintenance • Efficient space utilization • Long-term warranty 9 (W) x 18 (L) x 3 (W.H) x 5.5m (C.H) • Suitable as accommodation and office for military base camp, temporary works, and public institution Supplement▪ Various doors ▪ Bullet-proof wall ▪ Solar system▪ Furniture ▪ Wind-load design ▪ Snow-load design▪ Temperature control system ▪ Partitions ▪ Various insulation materials 9 (W) x 21 (L) x 3 (W.H) x 5.5m (C.H) 25
  26. 26. Prefabricated Building System HANGAR PBS (Prefabricated Building System) Hangar Light Weight and Large, Clear Span structure that emphasizes low cost in long- term, sustainability in harsh environment, and rapid manufacturing and installation. Maximum Minimum Minimum Factory Processing Site Work Maintenance • Mass production • Manual assembly • Rust-free materials • Computer-controlled • Minimum laborers • Replaceable parts • Quality controlled • Fastest construction • Interchangeable • Standardized parts • Bolt and nut assembly components system • Over 30 years lifetime QUALITY PROVEN ENVIRONMENTAL ATTRIBUTES PERFORMANCE ATTRIBUTES• Wind Load over 240km/hour • Supplied to the UN Field • 95% of Reusable Materials,• Seismic Load of 8.0 Richter Missions in Africa, Middle Multiple Assembly Available East and Haiti • Double-wall System:• Over 50m Span Available per Request (Model No. PBS 1836) Natural Insulation and • Supplied to the UNMIT in Sound Absorption• Rust Free Material East-Timor • Solar-Powered Air Conditioning• Computer Controlled Applicable Manufacturing (Model No. PBS 3230 ) • Free of Hazardous Material, and• Sustainable from Desert to • Various Size and Design Heavy Metal Arctic Customizable per Specific • RoHS Compliant• Ballistic Protection, Radiation Requirements Shielding applicable 26
  27. 27. Prefabricated Building SystemUNMIT Aircraft HangarVARIOUS APPLICATIONS 27
  28. 28. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp)
  29. 29. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp) Caravan ES Village & Field CampsAs a prime contractor to the UN, Caravan Engineered Structures Inc. supplies prefabricated structures, soft-wall tents, electricalfixtures, and sanitary wares to all of the UN Missions worldwide. With many years of experience and development, Caravan ES nowprovides Field Camps that can be applied to Military Base, Temporary Construction Camp and Village Design & Construction. Weoffer complete Turnkey Solutions from camp design to civil works, road paving, water-purification systems, catering service, etc.As a world leader in the industry, we are confident that our camp solutions will satisfy clients with their time and cost efficiency,flexibility, durability and excellent customer service.Temporary Construction CampMega projects like petrochemical, refinery, plant construction require facilities to service a large number of project task-force. Toensure project success and to allow fast implementation of projects, we provide camp accommodations, utilities & infrastructure,and temporary construction facilities i.e. offices, accommodations, warehouses, canteens, recreation halls, gymnasium, maintenanceshop, public shower room, mosque, etc. Relocatable & Reusable - Completely relocatable from one site to another - Easy to pack & transport with 20’ ISO containers - More than 95% of building materials can be reusable Competitive Price & High Quality <Temporary Site Facilities> - Cost and time saving from manual installation without heavy equipment - ISO 9001:2000/ISO 14001:2004 - Designed to the United Nations standards * PMMA: Polymethyl methacrylate Eco-friendly Design - Complete demobilization & reinstatement without environmental damage - Energy saving with solar panels - Natural lighting with transparent (PMMA) panels <Temporary Camp Facilities> 29
  30. 30. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp)AccommodationContractor / VIP Guest Unshared House 7 (W) x 15(L) x 2.4(WH) m x3.3(CH)m < Interior View > < Exterior View >Labor 4-men Room, Shared Toilet/Shower 10(W) x 78(L) x 5.1(WH) x 5.5(CH)m < Interior View > < Exterior View > 30
  31. 31. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp)Office 14 (W) x 60 (L) x 6.4 (WH) x 7.2 (CH)m < Interior View > < Exterior View > 23 (W) x 53 (L) x 3 (WH) x 4.3 (CH)m < Interior View > < Exterior View > 31
  32. 32. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp)Support Facilities <Recreation Center> <Staff Canteen> <Laundry> 24 (W) x 33 (L) x 3.3 (WH) x 6 (CH)m 22 (W) x 33 (L) x 3.3 (WH ), 3 (CH)m 24 (W) x 33 (L) x3.3 (WH) x5.7 (CH)m <Hospital> <Labor Canteen> <Warehouse> 25 (W) x 51 (L) x 3.2 (WH) x 4.5 (CH)m 45 (W) x 108 (L) x 3 (WH) x 6 (CH)m 6 (W) x 18 (L) x 3 (WH) x 4.3 (CH)m <Maintenance Shop> <Car Shelter> <Rest Shed> 10 (W) x 30 (L) x 4 (WH), 5.9 (CH)m 5.5 (W) x 54 (L) x 2.5 (WH), 2.8 (CH)m 5.5 (W) x 2 (L) x 2.5 (WH), 3.1 (CH)m 32
  33. 33. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp)InsulationMulti-layers Insulation for extreme climate:- Outer cladding + PE foam + Glasswool insulator + Air barrier sheet + EPS panel with Air curtainsAdditional Insulation:- PE waterproof cloth between inner & outer materials- Fillers applied to every joint parts for excellent airtightness.Insulation for Foundation Available:- Insulators could be applied to foundation and slab to maximize insulation performance by client’s choice. 33
  34. 34. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp)Ballistic ProtectionPrefabricated walls and roofs with ballistic design are by using engineered structural framework. Over 500mm space in the doublewall system and the space is filled in with an ideal amount of various composite components resulting in bullet and explosion proof.The roof is specially designed with top and inner ballistic protection as a double protected structure. Engineered Composited Material Top ballistic protection Ballistic stuffing Material Engineered Composited Material Inner ballistic protection Steel PlateWindows are protected by hard steel cover which is installed outside wall. It could be opened for ventilation. < Front view > < Window with steel cover > 34
  35. 35. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp) Military Base CampsOur prefabricated structures are designed to UN standards, and have incomparably high strength and durability. Even in mostdifficult conditions and war zones, we deliver the most safe and complete base camps for all missions. Easy & Fast to Install - Capable of building field camps quickly and safely in emergencies - 150-man camp can be built in only 1-2 months - All buildings can be manually installed without heavy equipment and skilled labor Safety & Security - Bullet-proof system (patented) to in all buildings - Installation of gates, fences, HESCO, CCTV, observation tower, guard hut, etc. - Double wall systems feature high strength and durability Suitable for Difficult Site - Easy installation on uneven or slopping sites - Suitable for sites with extreme weather conditions - Wind load: up to 240km/h 35
  37. 37. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp)Military Base Camps <Troop’s Accommodation> <Office> 9 (W) x 18 (L) 6 (W) x 18 (L) < Level 1. Hospital > < Hangar > < Gymnasium > < Exterior of Facilities > 9 (W) x 21 (L) 18 (W) x 36 (L) 24 (W) x 48 (L) 37
  38. 38. 3. Village Design & Construction (Field Labor Camp) Village Design and ConstructionIn disaster when people are in desperate need for housing, health care, and water treatment, Caravan ES provides them comforthome fast and safe. With our experience and advanced technology, we design, and rebuild villages that are under poor conditions anddamaged by flood, fire, war, and other unfortunate incidents. Based on site survey and careful studies of local culture, inhabitants,and customs, we design a village that is consistent with the region. With safe water supply and waste disposal system, the village willturn out to be clean and safe home, preventing the locals from fatal infections. Local Village Design - Upon customer’s request, various facilities like hospital, school, water supply & sewer system, recreation center, gymnasium, and community hall provided - From village design to civil works, building structures, road paving, and water supply, turnkey base service provided - Designed to fit in surrounding environment, local culture, weather and religion Fast & Safe Reconstruction - Using welding-free prefabricated house, village can be built quickly and safely in emergencies - 150 man village can be built approximately 1~2 months - High standards of sanitation in structures are applied to prevent and minimize outbreaks of disease and infection P-House (Prefabricated House) - High-strength PH-Beam and rigid floor system - Extremely easy and fast to build - Equipped with kitchen, bathroom, ventilation, electrical fixtures, heating system, AC, and furniture - Designed to be consistent with local housing interiors 38
  39. 39. 4. Green Technology & Greenhouse Division
  40. 40. Green Technology & GreenhouseOur super–transparent greenhouses are the most innovative systems incomparable with any other greenhouse in the agricultural andhorticultural industries. Our greenhouses have been developed to make up for the weakness of glass and plastic greenhouses. Withhigh strength H-beam and Truss, our products have outstanding features such as high durability, heavy wind load resistance. Wesupply and install various sizes of greenhouses from small-sized to more than 10,000 ㎡ of mega-sized ones. We also provide all theservices for greenhouse operations from its designing to consulting service on cultivation methods as a turnkey project. FEATURES Turnkey Solutions The services we offer are as follows:  Design  Manufacturing  Supply/Transportation  Construction  Technical Supervision  Consultation on Cultivation Methods  Maintenance and Repair Fast & Easy Installation • Fast construction with bolting system • Size and weight of the parts have been precisely designed, which enables easy manual installation High-Strength Steel Frame: Prefabricated Steel H-Beam and Truss • Rigid, but light • Various patented technologies based on the latest structural engineering • Heavy equipment or welding are not necessary for manual construction • Arch-shaped roof provides great structural strength and effective air ventilation • Corrosion resistant in extreme weather conditions 40
  41. 41. Green Technology & Greenhouse Double Cladding (Thickness: 8mm) • Outer: TP Panel (Super-transparent Plastic Sheet)Material Remarks  Extreme durability  More than 90% excellent light Glass 20 Single sheet  Energy-saving transmission rate  Break-resistant PVC 11.2 - • Inner: PE Film (Vinyl), Excellent Thermal InsulationTP Panel 1.5 double-sheet *Other claddings (e.g. Glass, PC, F-clean, PO, PE) also available based on customer specifications Easy Division • Supports cultivation of a variety of crops in one greenhouse • Better utilization of the space (e.g. Office, storage, laboratory, seedling room, germination room, additional facilities for processing crops) Fully Automated High-Tech Climate Control • Enables customers to control their environment with touch of finger Total Surface: 1,210 sqm 24m(W) x 50.4m (L) x 8m(CH) • Maintains uniform temperature in extreme cold or dry hot climates • Make higher profits through yielding high quality products <Easy Division> Versatile Structure • Other uses available with our structures e.g. botanical gardens, livestock shelters, storage for heavy equipment Eco-friendly, Energy Efficient Design • Solar panels available • Patented temperature-controlled double-wall system • Perfect insulation with Sheath heating systems • 100% reusable, re-locatable, packable structures • Rainwater drainage systems for irrigation and sprinklers <Botanical Garden> 41
  42. 42. Green Technology & GreenhouseVarious SizesWe offer various sizes according to customers’ needs. Facilities for Seedling, Breeding, Roof and side wall ventilation Working unit, Boiler and Potting benches (Optional) Irrigation tank, Packing, etc. Total Surface: 18sqm Total Surface: 14,400sqm Size: 3m(W) x 6m(L) x 1.8m(WH) x 3m(CH) Size: 80m(W) x 180m(L) x 5m(WH) x 17m(CH) - Frame: Aluminum, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) - Frame: Prefabricated H-beam, Truss - Cladding: TP Panel, F-clean, Vinyl - Cladding: : TP Panel, F-clean, Vinyl - Use for backyard and patios - Complete dome design to withstand storms and hurricanes - Ready to assemble - Spatial advantage of dome structure - Structure expandable after installation - Optimum for botanical garden 42
  43. 43. Green Technology & GreenhouseWide Span, Giant Greenhouse (Double-wall) Specifications Prefabricated H-beam SD Greenhouse  General Specifications − C.H: below 10m − Frame: Galvanized PH-beam, Square steel pipe − Cladding: TP Panel, Glass, F-clean − Ventilation type: push & pull, rack & pinion − Wind load: 40m/sec − Snow load: 40cm  Roof Type and Size a. Gable-shape Total Surface: 1,224sqm (W: 18, 24, 32m x H: 4, 4.5m ) 24m (W) x 51m (L) x 3m (W.H) x 10m (C.H) b. Arch-shape (W: 12, 16, 18m x H: 4, 4.5m )Wide Span, Giant Greenhouses (Double wall) are designed for free and easyoperation of any type and size of machinery, and for maximum flexibility of use,which makes them ideal for both soil and soil-free cultivation. Since there is no inner Prefabricated Truss SD Greenhousecolumn, customers can expect to grow more of an assortment of crops in the greateropen space.  General SpecificationsThe center height of our Greenhouse is quite high (±10m), so it is optimal for growing − C.H: more than 10mtall fruits and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, etc. − Frame: Galvanized prefabricated Truss, Galvanized PH-beam , Square steel pipe Also, there is much less risk of damage − Cladding: TP Panel, Glass, F-clean from pests because there is no hiding place − Ventilation type: push & pull, rack & pinion for rodents. Abundant interior sunlight and − Wind load: 40m/sec excellent ventilation make the plants higher − Snow load: 40cm quality and reduce the cost of heating.  Roof Type and Size − Arch and gable shape *Customized according to customers’ needs (W: 24, 32m x H: 4, 4.5m ) 43
  44. 44. Green Technology & Greenhouse Indoor Vertical GardenWe have developed and provided Vertical Garden and Vertical Gardenbox® . Our eco-friendly Vertical Garden provides many benefitssuch as the air-purification, lower energy consumption by mounting planters on the wall. The dead spaces are changed into beautifulgreen interior spaces, and it provides the refreshed air from plants. The artificial lighting system provides the optimal quantity of light togrow the plants well. Also, our professional designers will meet our customers’ need by creating various and detailed colorfulpatterns with the plants optimal for the environment to be installed. Features Easy Installation • Patent pending unit panel • Easy to replace plant species • Easy for vertical as well as horizontal expansion Hydroponic System • Nutrient solution using hydro balls and charcoals without soil • Helps to maintain the moisture • Protects plants from other infections such as bacteria • Provision of fertilizer optimal for plants growth Air purification • Enhances air quality from the leaves and roots of the plants • Controls indoor humidity Other Benefits • Improved aesthetic appearance • Improve heat insulation • Reduce airborne pollutants • Improved sound insulation • Space saving After 44
  45. 45. Green Technology & Greenhouse Vertical Garden Design and Consulting ServiceWe have professional plant designers, horticultural experts and nursery managers. Our staff members provide the optimal services oncustomers’ needs. Especially, our professional designers create various and detailed colorful patterns with the plants optimal for theenvironment to be installed. Our Consulting service includes: • Design consulting for v Indoor Vertical Garden v Outdoor Vertical Gardenbox® v Commercial advertising • Installation consulting v Provision of blue prints Shop drawings • Nursery management • Maintenance and Repair Process of Consulting Service 1. Consultation on plant designs by grade and suggestion on various design patterns and species of the plants suitable for the spaces to be installed 2. Provision of blue prints and shop drawings for installation of Vertical Garden and Vertical Gardenbox® 3. Consulting on post- installation service (maintenance and repair) 45
  46. 46. Green Technology & Greenhouse Examples of Vertical Garden Plants Design <Inside Café>It is possible to create living art by utilizing this diversity and incorporating hundreds of plants <Smoking Area>By installation of the vertical garden in the smoking areas, it provides aesthetic visual effect as well as air-purification from plants. 46
  47. 47. Green Technology & GreenhouseExamples of Vertical Garden Plants Design Plants selections are site-specific and determined by light availability, location, size, color, texture, and growth habit. By utilizing this diversity and incorporating hundreds of plants it is possible to create living art. Our vertical gardens are appreciated by anyone who stops and takes a moment to be captivated by beauty and diversity. We grow plants with nutrient solution instead of soil. We have developed this system with hydro- balls, charcoals, and other ingredients. The advantage of this method is to help maintain the moisture and protect plants from other infections. Also, because we do not use soil; this method prevents to get the worms. 47
  48. 48. Green Technology & Greenhouse Outdoor Vertical Gardenbox® Problems with Traditional Outdoor Vertical Gardens Geological and Seasonal Problem • Green vegetation is sensitive in climate change. For this reason, in desert or extremely cold areas, it is hard to grow various species. Direct Exposure by External Environment • Plants grown vertically are exposed to more sun and wind, so They can dry out quickly. They may need more frequent watering and fertilizing. Spatial Problem • Even though exterior vertical gardens can utilize the dead spaces, it is hard to maintain and replace in multi-story buildings; therefore, it costs a lot to maintain.Vertical Garden Transparent Greenhouse Outdoor Vertical Gardenbox®• Mounts a variety of plants on the wall of the • Excellent light transmission with super- : Our Vertical Gardenbox® is a vertical greenhouse. By covering the building transparent cladding existing vertical garden with our transparent cladding, all plants grow• Radically enhances urban residential and • Excellent ventilation for air-circulation well regardless of the surrounding environment - and are managed by commercial structures • Plants are protected from extreme weather• Aesthetic visual design utilizing dead space • Fully-automated climate control system automatic climate control system.• Significantly improves the quality of the air 48
  49. 49. Green Technology & Greenhouse Outdoor Vertical Gardenbox®Caravan Vertical Gardenbox® improves the strength of existing Vertical Garden that mounts plants on the outer walls of the building,and makes up for the weakness of it. Whereas the Vertical Garden is directly affected by the climatic seasonality and surroundingenvironment, the Vertical Gardenbox® , a vertical greenhouse covered with the transparent cladding, prevents the plants from the extremeweather, and enables plants to be grown well all year round through the natural light. Features Air-Circulation System • By installing the air fans between the Vertical Gardenbox® and the inside of the building, it lets out the purified air by the leaves and roots of the plants indoors. • Forced circulation with air fans when necessary • Controls indoor temperature through air circulation Ventilation System • Fully automated ventilation system for plants • Controls indoor humidity • Controls inner temperature <Air-circulation> Irrigation and Fertilizer system • Fully automated dosing system • Labor saving: Easy to handle and maintain Double Cladding • Energy-saving (Heat insulation) • Excellent sound insulation through double cladding and plants • Prevents the plants from the extreme weather and external environment Fogging and Screening System • Controls inner temperature and humidity • Excellent shade through the mist and screens <Proposal Image of Vertical Gardenbox® > 49
  50. 50. Green Technology & Greenhouse Kitchen-FarmBy hanging Kitchen Farm on the wall, not in the garden and patio, you can easily grow an assortment of organic vegetables as well asfruits on your own. Also, Kitchen Farm can be used as an educational purpose for children. Features Easy Assembly • 600(W) x 600(L) • DIY kit (Easy for anyone to assemble) • Expansion available on customers needs Eco-friendly and High Strength Frame • Materials: Aluminum • Erosion resistant • Harmless materials • High strength light weight frame • 100% Reusable and recycled materials Ease of cultivation • Provides optimal manuals for growing • Provides fertilizers for growth promotion • Lighting system for provides the optimal quantity of light Optimal Interior Design • Aesthetic appearance • Greening wall with vegetables and fruits • Designed for customers to grow and harvest easily 50
  51. 51. 5. Sports & System
  52. 52. Sports & SystemCaravan SS (Sports & Systems) has adopted the advantageous characteristics of Prefabricated Building System and innovated the mosteconomical and cost-effective ‘Sports Complex’. It has been designed to optimize the use of natural resources while providingadequate functionality and convenience for the users. Technology Efficiency Environmental• Dry method of construction • Optimize the use of natural resources • Removable and reusable structure• Easy & fast installation and assembly through double-layered transparent wall • Lifespan : Over 30-years - Natural lighting and insulation• Suitable for any type of soil and site - Cutting energy consumption more • Double-layered transparent structure• High Strength Prefabricated Steel Frame than 50% - 0~100% transmission rates - Easily expandable modular structure - Natural lighting and insulation • Flexible designs and various options to - Wind load capacity: up to 240km/h - UV protection (optional) meet essential criteria only within budget - Solar Panel (optional) 52
  53. 53. Sports & SystemDouble-layered transparent structure• Composition of uniquely designed transparent double-layer that transmits a large amount of natural light to improve visual effect and energy efficiency.• 0~100% transmitting rate with combination of various finishing materials for claddings.- Options including PMMA, PC, steel, and many more are offered upon customer’s request.- UV protection, smoked finish, color variations are also offered as optional Custom Design and Size Variations • Offering selection of structure designs that are adequate for different sports types • Customizing in structure size, layout, and materials to reflect the client’s demand and budget • Adding annex buildings/partitions for the use of locker room, office, media room, storage, bathroom/shower, and many more. 53
  54. 54. Sports & SystemInstallation Example Application Badminton (20x54x11x16m) Futsal (36x51x4.8x14m) Horse-riding (25x60x6x8.5m) Gymnasium (24x30x6.3x3.8m) Horse-riding (21x42x3.6x9.2m) Badminton (20x54x8x13m) 54
  55. 55. Sports & System NFC FUTSAL COURT IN PAJU, KOREA• Contract with Federation International de Football Association(FIFA) on 21st March, 2011. < Exterior View > < Nighttime View> < Interior View> 55
  56. 56. Sports & SystemSFS - SPORTS FLOORING SYSTEMS (INDOOR) The most advanced/functional ‘Sports Flooring System’ that maximizes exercise performance while assuring the safety of end-users. 250(W) x 250(L) x 13(T)mm Economical & Reliable - Module Type: Economical, partially repairable (easy maintenance) - Fast and easy installation by hands, - Standard Color: Green, orange, yellow (and various color options) - Reliable Quality: Surpassed EN 14904 Test Safety - Less Joint Strain: Minimizes the impact applied to the players - Reduce Injury: Non-slippery surface that provides extra cushioning support Performance - Non-Slippery: Provides sufficient friction required for the game play - Exclusively developed rubber underlayment provides noise reduction and extra cushioning Rubber underlayment 1,200(W) x 1.5~15(T)mm
  57. 57. Sports & SystemSFS - SPORTS FLOORING SYSTEMS (OUTDOOR) Roll-Sheet (Spreadable Elastic Material) • Performance - Upper rubber sheet with embossing effect - Lower rubber sheet with honeycombed structure - Outstanding friction force and elasticity (shock absorption) • Various Designs - Computerized embroidery and logos can be permanently embedded • Easy Care, Low Maintenance - Simple partial repair without showing any defects - Eco-friendly materials, and 100% recyclable without any waste material Synthetic Turf • Performance of Natural Turf Grass - Synthetic turf that is the most similar to the natural grass ever developed • Combustion and Weather Resistance - Non-flammable and durable under all climates (weather resisting treatment applied) • Anti-Static Technology - Reduces static build up on the surface that causes electrical shock • Color Preserving - No change of color through solution dyed chip - over 10 years • Relieve Eye-Strain - Diffused reflection through special sections of turf that reduces eye-strain
  58. 58. Sports & SystemINDOOR SPORTS LIGHTINGCaravan SS has developed new generation of lighting system exclusively designed for sports games,Indoor Sports Lighting. It is highly efficient yet offers outstanding performance and extensivefeatures, providing the best visual experience for both players and spectators.• High quality lamps with anti-dazzling, control of light intensity, and light absorption• Long-life, virtually indestructible lamps that resists intense ball impacts Frame Steel Size 1530 x 236 x 70 Ballast DALI Qti 2*80/220-240V OSRAM Lamp FQ 80W/865 Constant OSRAM Weight 5.4 kg Consumption 160W
  59. 59. Sports & SystemACCESSORIES & FACILITIES Sound System • The most appropriate architectural acoustic design provided by professional • Various audio equipment from diffusion brands to top-class quality Grandstand • Different types of grandstand available • Options of mobile and fixed grandstand • Customized design upon customer’s request • Welding-free grandstand available LED Scoreboard • Regular scoreboard, 3-color multi scoreboard, and full-color multi scoreboard • Various composition of picture, and program operations • All the components in the scoreboard has surpassed official standard and requirements Sound System – Tower Speaker
  60. 60. 6. Housing
  61. 61. Permanent HouseOverall for Residential Apartment 61
  62. 62. Permanent House1. 100 sqm(A-1407) ApartmentNo. Category Details < 3D view> 1 House plan 100sqm 2 Size 14m(W) x 7m(L) Number of units 3 8 houses/ 1 floor on 1 floor Detailed 3 bedrooms with 4 house plan kitchen & dining area < Inner View > 62
  63. 63. Permanent House2. 120 sqm(A-1508) ApartmentNo. Category Details < 3D view> 1 House plan 120sqm 2 Size 15m(W) x 8m(L) Number of units 3 8 houses/ 1 floor on 1 floor Detailed 3 bedrooms with 4 house plan kitchen & dining area < Inner View > 63
  64. 64. Permanent House3. 140 sqm(A-1410) ApartmentNo. Category Details < 3D view> 1 House plan 140sqm 2 Size 14m(W) x 10m(L) Number of units 3 8 houses/ 1 floor on 1 floor Detailed 3 bedrooms with 4 house plan kitchen & dining area < Inner View > Kitchen Bedroom 1 & Dining Bedroom 2 Bath room 2 Bathroom 1 Bedroom 3 Living room Bed room 4 64
  65. 65. Permanent House Construction Order Step 1: H-Beam Structure Step 2: 100% Concrete Structure Step 3: Completed House• Structurally strong with precise design • Concrete will be casted with SCM • The subsidiary works (flooring, to accommodate any circumstance technology, which will mold and dry finishing, window, bathroom works)• H-beams sustain the weight of the in exceptionally short period of time. are proceed in regular sequence. building • This method has the advantages • The house is fully equipped with• Not required any additional supporting of maintaining proper humidity level, customizable components, including materials. sound absorption and fire protection UBR, electrical fixtures, sanitation• Reduce construction period fixtures, flooring system, windows, and doors.
  66. 66. Permanent House Wall Material Steel-Concrete Monolithic (SCM) Technology Outstanding Features • Specially good at protection of fire • Fastest Constructing Method • Easy to build using H-beam and Concrete only • Strong Structure • Control humidity to protect dew condensation, • Economical Price and keep strength and comfort ability • Mass production in a short time Electrical Materials Unit Bathroom System Control box-Open Control box-Closed Switch Outlet Lamps Fluorescent Light• Supply international standard electrical materials• Completed electrical package• Supply to the United Nations (Contract No. PD/C0018/08, Electrical Materials) 66
  67. 67. Prefabricated House PH-0710Product Specifications• Frame: Prefabricated H-Beam (PH-Beam) - Light-weight prefabricated steel H-Beam• Size: 10.2m (W) x 7.2m (L) x 2.7m (Wall Height) , 4.5m (Center Height), - Extendable based on the customer requirements• Three(3) bedrooms, one(1) bathroom, one (1) kitchen• Sheeting & Finishing materials: ① Floor tiles for Bathroom ② Steel sandwich panel + Stone chip coated steel roof tile for Roof ③ Gypsum boards for Inner wall ④ Corrugated steel sandwich panels for Outer wall ⑤ Ceramic tiles for Floor (Bedrooms, Living room, Kitchen) < Exterior View > ⑥ Decoration tiles for Bathroom walls * Customer can choose the materialsFeatures• Eco-friendly structure - Relocatable - Reusable - Double (Inner-Outer) wall systems save energy• Using dry construction method, numerous houses can be built instantly• Prefabricated H-Beam (Light-weight prefabricated steel H-Beam) - High durability - Welding-free structure: Assembly with Bolt and Nut• Competitive price• Fast and easy construction without heavy equipment - Dry construction method - Short-term installation (4 days with 6 people based on 8 working hour/day)• Excellent Ventilation System• One(1) house fits into two(2) ISO 20’ containers• Available Radiation Shielding Systems < Floor Plan > 67
  68. 68. Prefabricated HouseInner View No Image No Image ④ ① ② Entrance Kitchen ② ⑤ ⑥ ③ ①  ③ ④  Room Sink < Floor Plan > ⑤ ⑥ Door Door  ⑧ Bath Window room < Internal Layout> 68