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How to Actually Get Noticed on LinkedIn


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Learn how to get noticed on LinkedIn. Whether that's with your future employer or next sales lead. Get in front of the right person at the right time.

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How to Actually Get Noticed on LinkedIn

  1. 1. by Keegan Divant Marketer & Proud Geek How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn
  2. 2. First, let me ask you this… Is this LinkedIn appropriate?
  3. 3. You probably said NO! But...
  4. 4. What if you sell bikinis? Like Candice, Founder of
  5. 5. Different is better than better. -Sally Hogshead Talking about bikini’s on LinkedIn was different for Candice.
  6. 6. Unfortunately, many on LinkedIn will still feel it’s inappropriate. People reached out to Candice on Twitter to complain...
  7. 7. Often, when saying something that grabs attention, you’re also going to attract the haters. So, try to ignore the trolls.
  8. 8. It’s better to be looked over than overlooked. - Mae West
  9. 9. BUT You don’t have to be shocking or trying to push the envelope to gain attention...
  10. 10. Meet Lisa. Her message is that you should have a noble purpose when selling... Pretty tame compared to bikinis...
  11. 11. One of Lisa’s posts received 1.4 Mill views!
  12. 12. Lisa found a couple of ways to be different. First, you should have a noble purpose as to why you’re selling your product. Second, she’s talking about how awesome Millennials are when everyone else is hating on them.
  13. 13. I like to be different by being opinionated in areas where people think they should be uber-professional. It’s worked since I have gotten a few unsolicited invites to job interviews. One of those interviews lead to an accepted offer at a wonderful company.
  14. 14. I don’t have a million view post… yet. But I didn’t have to do anything grandiose to gain meaningful attention.
  15. 15. What’s Your Brand? What’s Your Message? What Makes You Different?
  16. 16. The final piece of the puzzle... USE LINKEDIN! Like, Share, Comment… Post random quotes to your feed… Write posts, or at the very least keep read other’s posts. Create SlideShares (This took less than an hour to make) Just use it.
  17. 17. Make sure to connect with me on LinkedIn!