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Keegan duffy maple grove mn creative entrepreneur


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Keegan Duffy brought his academic knowledge, management skills and qualities as a boss to Duffy Contracting Company, but what it really took cannot be learned. Keegan Duffy of Maple Grove, MN knew what he was made of and what he could do. This kind of clarity and self-confidence allowed Duffy to hustle for the success of his independent contracting firm without fear of the risk he took, and allowed him to succeed.

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Keegan duffy maple grove mn creative entrepreneur

  1. 1. Keegan Duffy Maple Grove MN Creative Entrepreneur Keegan Duffy of Maple Grove, MN has filled his life’s journey so far with a wealth of information and knowledge, running the range from construction engineering to independent entrepreneurship to information technology, with stops in project management in retail venues. His life is also punctuated with a plethora of interests, from golf to snowboarding to gadgets, gaming, chess and music.
  2. 2. Keegan Duffy Maple Grove MN Faces a Tough Economy Keegan Duffy Maple Grove MN found himself in a tight spot after his graduation from North Dakota State University College of Engineering with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management in 2008. The economy had tanked in the United States, and finding a job with a firm meant he had to find a firm which was hiring, not cutting back. The Duffy Contracting Company might have failed, had a less determined and resourceful young man been at the helm.
  3. 3. Keegan Duffy Maple Grove MN Hustles as an Independent Contractor It is a testament to the pioneering, never-say-die spirit of Keegan Duffy of Maple Grove, MN that the Duffy Contracting Company was born. Moving from Fargo, North Dakota to Minneapolis, MN, Duffy contrived to create a career as a project manager in the manufacturing industry as an independent contractor, and found himself through strength of character, hard work and perseverance.
  4. 4. Keegan Duffy Maple Grove MN Redesigns His Future In the case of Keegan Duffy of Maple Grove, MN, an inborn need to succeed led him first to North Dakota State University to study in the College of Engineering, where he focused on Construction Management and Business Administration. Finding stumbling blocks in the economy to the traditional graduate search for a position with an established firm after graduation, Duffy used his engineer’s turn of mind to re- design his future.
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