PresbyterianFoundation Group                  Technology Analysis 2011  Robert Caplin, Keegan Clay, Ryan Hubbell, Sarah Mc...
321                                                                 How can The Presbyterian Foundation                   ...
21                                           Step three: Innovate                                 Vanguard Charitable Foun...
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321                                                      Tips for building a Successful Fundraising Database           1. ...
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321        LinkedIn                                      manager who wants to continue contact       area is the summary b...
321        Twitter                                      and a dedicated resource team                LinkedIn Learning cen...
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Presbyterian Foundation Group


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Recommendation to PFB on how to create a sustainable competitive advantage using information technology

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Presbyterian Foundation Group

  1. 1. PresbyterianFoundation Group Technology Analysis 2011 Robert Caplin, Keegan Clay, Ryan Hubbell, Sarah McElroy, Maddie Philley, Andrea Wood
  2. 2. 321 How can The Presbyterian Foundation 60+ Group create a sustainable competitive advantage using 30-60 10-30 Information Technology? 10-30 This group should be your foundation and There is a large opportunity to establish a Demographic Life are the most tech savvy. These individuals network of planned giving members within the Cycle Needs traditionally tend to not make major donations but church and its networks. enjoy volunteering their time. If these individuals can be reached, PFG will establish a strong next- Step Two: Build a Board of Directors generation of core group of 30-60 year olds who consisting of at least one member Step One: Target Demographics can help contribute financially and serve in various from each of the three target leadership positions in the future. building generations of giving demographics 30-60 This group is PFG’s core group. They consist Before The Presbyterian Foundation Group (PFG) The PFG currently has 19 board of trustee of working professionals and have many skill sets. can use technology to create a sustainable members listed on the website. Most of these These individuals tend to volunteer less but have foundation it first needs to target the population of members are over the age of 60. To have a large networks of professionals. They are able to its prospective users. If targeted correctly, PFG can better understanding of younger donate funds, and are most interested generating build generations of giving. We have broken these demographics we believe it’s in PFG’s best wealth for their retirement. users into three age brackets: 10-30 representing interest to seek out new members aging youth, 30-60 representing the middle aged core 60+ This age group is PFG’s chance to receive between 20-50 to develop a better group, and 60+ representing the elderly major large individual gifts. People in this group need understanding of and a strategy to reach their donor group. more personal attention and relationship building. age demographic. 2
  3. 3. 21 Step three: Innovate Vanguard Charitable Foundation: It is much less expensive to renew a donor than to Donors are becoming more concerned with the find a new one. In the current economy it has destination and effectiveness of their become more difficult to maintain a high volume contributions. PFG must value its donors. Having of donations and investments; however the an informative up-to-date website, is one of the company that innovates in the current first steps. environment, builds on donor information, uses technology, and understands how to properly tie Evaluating Fundraising Software them together will achieve future success. Currently, PFG runs on its own in-house Website fundraising software. The advantages to this system are simple: “Long-term users are familiar PFG’s current website, shown left, needs to be with the system.” We strongly feel that PFG can redesigned. It’s too large for most computer run much more smoothly on an outsourced screens, meaning most people have to use the application service provider (ASP). PFG will, scrollbar to navigate to the bottom of the page. incur initial costs to train employees and switch The page has too much information on the main the data to the new system. There may be initial page. Users become confused when initially pushback from employees. Some comments opening the page. Think, “Less is More” when that may arise could be: developing a page. Having a simple, clean, homepage design has the ability to reach all • Donor base may not be current, have demographics! We’ve listed a few websites below errors, difficult to extract information that have received awards for their designs and • Computer systems may not be able to ease-of-use like the Greater Kansas City support the system; only a few people Community Foundation also shown left. may know how to use it. Susan G. Komen for the Cure: • Current system may not align with other Websites Tricks for Success systems such as accounting, marketing, 1. Make your site Donor Friendly a. Media Friendly Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association: and management. b. Volunteer Friendly 2. Organization’s Purpose These questions can all be answered by having Immediately Apparent The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta: an application service provider. 3. Consistent 4. Include News Section or Blog 3
  4. 4. 321 deleting redundant data, and testing data in What can an Application Services Provider any add ons? Will it work with current accounting software? the new system. ASP do for you? 3. What hardware is required? What other 2. Making the Switch What it all comes down to is this, if PFG chooses the right ASP, over time it will reduce your system costs equipment or software such as internet This is the point where you make the switch and help your organization run more smoothly. connection, and landlines, are needed? from the old system to the new. It’s important Consider the amount of money PFG is spending on to schedule a grace period to work out any 4. What is the import capability for the ASP? Sent maintaining and running the current system. bugs. The best time to schedule this change is electronically, manually, picked up? What’s Traditionally speaking maintaining and running an during slow volume periods in the the cost? IT system consists of 60%-80% of the total IT budget. organization. By outsourcing to companies who specialize in 5. How customizable is the system? 3. Implementing the System these systems, over the long run, these costs can 6. Where will the training take place? In-house? be reduced by no less than 20%-40%. That Assign staff persons to be responsible for data Off site? Online? equates to a large amount of savings overtime quality, creating reports, and defining security. and allows PFG to focus on what it does best by 7. What technical support is available? Is there a A manager should be appointed to oversee “acting as a vital part of the Presbyterian Church, charge? the processes, responsibilities and train staff. cultivating, attracting, and managing financial By asking these questions you’ll have a better 4. Training resources of individuals and institutions to serve understanding of the costs associated with the ASP Christ’s mission.” and support services available. Employees need to know how to use your system. Establish online training sessions or Questions to ask an ASP The Costs of Implementing the System conduct them in- house. It is imperative that Our team cannot make the decision of which ASP training is administered on an on-going basis PFG must consider the full cost of implementing this is right for you. We simply are not experts of the to maintain consistency and uniformity within ASP system. One of the main costs that is inner workings of your organization. However we PFG. overlooked is staff time. Your current technical have compiled a list of questions that will make it manager and team will devote long hours working Tips for building your database easier for you to choose an ASP that will work for with the ASP to convert the data properly and your organization. implement the system in the following steps: On the next page list 10 tips for you to help 1. How many employees currently use the build your next successful database 1. Clean the Data management system to establish the tie internal system? When was the last upgrade? between data and technology and make it a Often the most expensive and time-consuming 2. What is the cost of the fundraising software? successful fundraising tool. These steps were process. This involves exporting the data to the Do you pay for different modules? Are there compiled from Donor Strategies, Inc. new software by mapping old fields to new, 4
  5. 5. 321 Tips for building a Successful Fundraising Database 1. Determine what basic information should 2. Limit the number of staff and/or donor or prospect receives. be collected on each donor or prospect. volunteers who enter data to ensure 9. Review your donors patterns of giving for • Name, home address, telephone consistency and accuracy of data developing fundraising strategies and plans number, office address, email address 3. Prepare a database procedures • Single or multiple gifts • Spouse name, other family members’ manual to train staff in proper • Time of year gifts were made names procedures of data entry. This is critical • Types of programs and projects supported • Gift and pledge information (date and for reports, mail merges, labels, and • Fundraising method they respond to (mail, amount of gift or pledge, payment envelops event, online, personal solicitation) schedule. 4. Have one or more mechanisms to 10. Focus on gathering and tracking information • Source of gift (specific mail appeal, capture the basic contact information on major donors and prospects that you plan special event, personal solicitation, you need such as on the reply card to use in developing personalized cultivation online) and/or envelope and required fields for and solicitation strategies • Purpose of gift (unrestricted, grogram making the gift online • Reports of meetings and telephone calls gift, capital campaign gift, scholarship 5. Code reply cards and/or envelopes so • Attendance at events gift) that you can easily track the source of • Board members and senior staff they • Attendance at events the gift. know • Newsletters, invitations, and other 6. Provide opportunities on reply card • Their interests and activities with other organizational communications and online for donors to let you know organizations. received what specific programs and areas that • Board and committee assignments are of greatest interest to them • Board member or volunteer assigned 7. Train staff to carefully review response to donor (major gifts and capital devices campaigns 8. Keep a record of all communications a The Social Network and the PFG survey? Promote PFG’s Facebook presence in the marketing material and website and watch the comments roll in! Do you want to increase Currently the PFG does not utilize social media. We strongly feel that since customer satisfaction and retain donors and investors? Respond directly to the PFG is not in the social networking game already, it better check in their tweets and posts! Do you want to show how PFG beats the soon. Wait much longer and the competition already utilizing the benefits competition? Post a video on YouTube telling a story of how a donation or provided will pass PFG before it can make its first “Tweet.” If PFG has the investment helped the community! Do you want to spread company mindset that Facebook is only good for looking up friends, you’re missing related news to third party sellers and clients or recruit highly qualified, well the boat! So what are the advantages of Social Media? Do you want to connected employees? Create a LinkedIn account and network in a digital tell your customers about a hot fund, or donor opportunity using little way! The possibilities are endless. We will breakdown the networks on the resources to do so? One tweet can reach millions instantly. Do you want to following pages and list how PFG can benefit from each one. amass customer feedback across diverse demographics using a simple 5
  6. 6. 321 Tips for Successful Facebook Page 1. Create a Facebook page for your business 2. Promote your page 3. Don’t make it static 4. Measure your pages success 5. Keep putting in the effort Facebook to reach the target market. Visit number of fans, comments, and likes. for more These things mean more people are Facebook has over 500 million active information. It’s a simple concept viewing your page. The next cool feature users, half of which log on daily for an advertising creates more interest and in is that page administrators can view the average session time of 55 minutes. That’s Facebook’s case more friends/fans pages insights or statistics pertaining to 1/12 of the entire human population! If the number of monthly users as well as targeted correctly we’ll show you how The third step is probably the most other useful info. (Click see all in the this technology can be used as a important. Don’t make your page static. Insights box on the left side of the official competitive advantage. What we mean by this is that you need to page) give users a reason to keep coming back. The first step for PFG is to create a Simple updates such as a quick news REMEMBER! Facebook can be an Facebook page. It looks like either PFB or announcement of what’s going on in the inexpensive but powerful way to reach someone else has already created a organization, encouraging feedback, your audience but it isn’t magic. You page or several. To ensure that it’s your letting users take polls, and scheduling have to put in the effort and keep it organization adding the info steps must and promoting special events are all going. be taken to set up a page. During this set ways to keep members coming back. up phase, use the company logo, add contacts and edit basic information. The The last step is measuring your success. next step is promoting your page. Use the This can be as simple as reviewing the Facebook advertising page to create ads 6
  7. 7. 321 LinkedIn manager who wants to continue contact area is the summary because that is with the client. Sales managers have said where you can tell prospective clients or LinkedIn is a business-to-business their clients were more responsive via employers what you can do for them. networking and sales tool. Profiles should LinkedIn than they were over voicemail or Think of the summary section as your be set up for both the company and email. Studies have shown that once space to pitch your strong selling points to individual employees. Managers, people make a connection with visitors. executives, and board members should someone, both parties place a higher be saying positive things about the PFG, Company - Company name, mission, value on communication. because interested parties will be most website. Link with Twitter and blog to likely to click on their page to find more Create an individual and company update real time messages to users. The information. Currently when entering the profile. product and services tab show what you Presbyterian Foundation into LinkedIn only can offer. The careers tab lets you post Choose between basic (free) business Doug McArther and Mark Klemm are on job offerings (24.95per month) Business plus (49.95 per the list as leaders of the organization. We month) or Pro (499.95 per month) It’s Be cautious of who you connect with. If were not able to find a company page recommended to start with basic and you don’t know your new contact and for the PFG. build up from there. they don’t appear to be interested the So how can LinkedIn help you? Research business ask them why they want to be Individual – Adding a photo makes it shows the number one benefit of a LinkedIn with you. more personable. The most important LinkedIn account is for an account 7
  8. 8. 321 Twitter and a dedicated resource team LinkedIn Learning center committed to updating Facebook via live best guide for Twitter is a key resource in reaching Twitter “Tweets,” posting valuable learning LinkedIn basic, site features and younger tech-savvy donors. Members information on the site, and keeping the users guides. sign up to follow a company or individual content clean and transparent. Don’t to receive updates. The key advantage Lewis Howes Expert over post and don’t trust marketing of Twitter is that it serves as an all- on using LinkedIn to help your business. blitzes. Instead establish yourself as an encompassing informational outsource. expert first and act as a resource and John Jantsch small Members post updates called “Tweets” you’ll pick up more customers along the business marketing expert who addresses that instantly send information to way. Finally, Update, Update, Update. A both traditional and web marketing subscribers. Imagine the consistency of static site is not going to continue to techniques. PFG’s message! One tweet distributes all generate interest. To help you learn more information! That’s “Tsweet!” about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Key’s for Social Media Success resources we’ve listed a few helpful sites below for additional information: PFG needs to be ahead of the game. One way to do this is by creating a strong All Facebook go social media presence. That said, there to website for keep up on Facebook must be buy in from Senior Management developments good and bad 8
  9. 9. 4 Conclusion ; PFG is at a turning point. It can continue to do what it’s doing today or choose to innovate and become a leader within the Presbyterian community and other Foundations. We hope our guide to finding the right ASP and integration with Social Media strategies is helpful and benefits the PFG foundation for years to come. We enjoyed working on this project and thank you very much for taking the time to listen. If you have any additional questions regarding our handout and presentation feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Robert Caplin: Keegan Clay: Ryan Hubbell: Sarah McElroy: Maddie Philey: ITEC: Daniels College of Business Final Project 3/8/2011 Andrea Wood: