The Keeble Legacy: Chapter 66


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The Keeble Legacy: Chapter 66

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Keeble legacy! In the last chapter, the Keebles and the Kellers finally met. Carmen went to college and she was joined by her two best friends, Tracy and Valerie. Ender befriended a girl named Jessica, only to realize that she was Brittany Parker. He quickly left her house but Brittany didn’t suspect anything. The chapter ended with the sad death of Chandler Platz-Keeble. The Kellers were among the witnesses of his death. Unfortunately, Pandora wasn’t there to see her father die due to the fact that she was walking their dog, Harvey. His death had more of an effect on her because of this.
  2. 2. Morgan Keller checked his e-mail again. Joss hadn’t replied back. She was having a birthday party in about a week. Her family always planned things in advance. Morgan was worried that Joss and Megan would stop being friends with him once they were older. It sucked being the youngest.
  3. 3. Megan, Morgan’s older sister, sat on her bed. She was thinking about her upcoming birthday. She wondered how it would feel to be a teenager. She was going to become a teenager before Joss, so she’d be alone for a bit until Joss grew up. Megan had already vowed to Morgan that she and Joss wouldn’t go on any exciting adventures without him.
  4. 4. Megan decided to go outside and hunt for bugs. She always found rather interesting insects. Although, she was constantly bothered by the bees. “Stupid bees,” she grumbled to her jar.
  5. 5. “Ugh. I didn’t catch that darn spider!” Megan cried. Something caught the corner of her eye as she said this.
  6. 6. Megan glanced over at the hill but nothing was on the path. She looked back down at her bug jar. “That’s weird,” she muttered. “I could’ve sworn that I saw something.” ------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 7. Ender was rather shaken up about his grandfather’s death. However, his mind wondered to Brittany and then a little voice in his head interrupted his thoughts by asking, “Does Carmen know?” Instantly, Ender got off of his bed to e-mail his older sister about their grandpa’s demise.
  8. 8. Ender couldn’t sign into his e-mail for some reason, so he checked to see if his older sister was on IM. She was and so he instant messaged her with the news: EnderoftheWorld: Hey, Carmen, grandpa died today. Carmenator: I know. Mom just told me. EnderoftheWorld: Oh. Carmenator: Are you okay?
  9. 9. Before Ender could respond, a pop-up came up telling him that MagicalMe had signed on. It was Brittany.
  10. 10. Ender’s hands froze over the keyboard. Brittany’s memories came rushing back to him. A message from Carmenator popped up repeating her question. Ender snapped back to reality. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he wrote back. Then he quickly signed off before Brittany could instant message him. An idea occurred to him as he was about to shut down his computer. He sighed and tried to sign into his e-mail account again. It worked this time. ------------------------------------------------
  11. 11. “Hmm. Ender e-mailed me. Why is the heading I’m Sorry? What could he—” Brittany muttered to herself. She stopped mid sentence. Then she read the e-mail out loud: “Hey, Jess. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be friends with you anymore. Please, don’t e-mail me back or anything. I don’t want to explain myself.” Brittany stared in horror at his message. “Did he find out?” She asked herself. She sighed and decided to go and study her spell book some more.
  12. 12. “How would he possibly know?” She asked her spell book after awhile. “Well, I should have known that he would do this. Nothing good can ever last.” She smiled to herself and muttered, “Now then. It’s time to take care of some things.”
  13. 13. Brittany glanced over at her latest victim. He seemed shocked to see a teenager wearing such womanly clothes. “Who are you?” He asked. Brittany just stared at him. Maybe if she looked at him long enough, he would burst into flames.
  14. 14. Instead, flies began to swarm around him. They gathered and gathered. Brittany smirked as the man’s eyes widened.
  15. 15. The flies consumed the man. He screamed in pain. Brittany enjoyed that sound. Some day, she would get to hear the Keebles’ screams.
  16. 16. “Yeah, S. I’ve got another one. Send down the beam of light,” the Grim Reaper sighed into his phone. “I didn’t know that Reapers needed those,” Brittany commented. “Shut it, kid. You’re getting on my nerves,” Grimmy responded. “Oh? Am I? I thought that you’d enjoy reaping some more souls,” Brittany remarked. “Not when it wasn’t their time. You keep murdering people. Why? Why all of these random people? Wait. Don’t answer that. I already know the answer. Hey, S, where’s that light? There we go. Yeah. I might come by for dinner. Oh? He’s cooking it? Great,” the Grim Reaper said. Brittany rolled her eyes. She could do his job so much better.
  17. 17. A couple of minutes later and Brittany was an adult with a whole new look. “It’s nice to finally be grown up again. I hated being a teenager. I fell in love too fast,” she told her green reflection.
  18. 18. Brittany received a summoning from the witch who had turned her. Candance mentioned something about chocolate but Brittany didn’t care. She was glad to finally be invited to the Evil Lair. She wondered if it had an official name.
  19. 19. Brittany hopped on her broomstick and took flight.
  20. 20. She arrived at a sinister looking castle. “Well, here I go. I wonder why she wanted me to come,” she muttered.
  21. 21. Brittany walked through the front door. She felt rather apprehensive as she approached the evil witch. Candance didn’t even seem to notice Brittany.
  22. 22. Brittany sat down on the throne. “Oh, hey! Did you want some chocolate? It’s the best kind around!” Candance greeted. Then she cast a spell. A plate of chocolate appeared in front of Brittany, floating in the air. “I am now officially ashamed that this woman is the one who turned me. She’s an airhead,” Brittany thought. “I have a gift for you,” Candance said brightly. Brittany mentally face palmed.
  23. 23. “Here you go!” Candance declared. She presented Brittany with a gift wrapped in black paper. A purple ribbon graced the top of it. Brittany immediately opened up the gift. Inside were 10 of each regiments that she would need for her spell casting. “This makes things easier for you,” Candance beamed. “Thank you,” Brittany muttered. Abruptly, she left the castle.
  24. 24. Candance heard a distinct mew from at her feet and then her ‘other’ commented, “I am glad that she’s left, my lady. But why would you give her those things? She will do great evil. She could very likely become stronger than you are. Do you wish for the future of Lush Canyon to not be enjoyable?”
  25. 25. Candance sighed and looked down at her cat. “I know that she’s evil. I know that she’s powerful. But, as long as I aide her, I don’t have to worry about the future,” Candance responded. “My lady, you are not a selfish witch. I know you are not. You must at least try to put some sort of dent in the girl’s plan. If she succeeds, Ender will never find love. The odds will be against him, at least,” the cat retorted. Candance reached down and scooped up the creature.
  26. 26. “Oh, you’re always so serious, cat. Why can’t you just ignore everything around you for once?” She asked. “This is impossible for me to do, my lady. You do not ignore everything, despite the fact that it seems that way sometimes. Therefore, I cannot ignore what Brittany is planning,” the cat answered. “What do you think I should do?” Candance demanded. “Look inside yourself for the answers, my lady. I am not asking you to do something hard,” the cat replied. Candance sighed again and put the cat down. “Whatever,” she mumbled. ------------------------------------------------
  27. 27. Brittany flew to the Country Mall and went upstairs to the restaurant. There she saw a rather familiar man. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was Tyler Keeble, the oldest son of Kazimiera and Chandler. She walked up to him and introduced herself as Erin Phillips. “It’s great to meet you!” Tyler exclaimed. “The pleasure is all mine,” Brittany responded.
  28. 28. She looked into his eyes. They were green, just like Chandler’s. “So, you’re the son of Chandler Keeble aren’t you?” Brittany asked despite the fact that she already knew the answer. “Yes. I am. Unfortunately, he died recently. My sister, Pandora, was devastated. Everyone is, actually,” Tyler responded.
  29. 29. Brittany hid her excitement as she leaned in closer to Tyler and purred, “Can I make it better?” Tyler covered his mouth as he suppressed his laughter. “You do realize that I’m happily married, right?” He inquired. Brittany couldn’t help but want to smite him. “Oh. Sorry,” she grumbled. Then she turned on her heal and walked away. Tyler stared after her, a strange look on his face. -----------------------------------------
  30. 30. “Why do I always end up in the poison ivy patch whenever I go hiking? ITCHY! ITCHY! GRR!” Pandora complained.
  31. 31. “Pandora! I’ve made hot dogs for us!” Kazimiera called from the backyard. Pandora had often wondered how her mother knew where she was. Then, she became a mother. It was a like sixth sense, this mother sense.
  32. 32. They sat down at the outdoor table to eat their hotdogs. “So, Pandora, how was the hike?” Kazi asked. “It was fine,” Pandora grumbled. “You got poison ivy again, didn’t you?” Kazi sighed. “Yep,” her daughter answered. They sat in silence for a moment.
  33. 33. “Mom, what was it like when dad died? Who was there?” Pandora questioned suddenly. Kazimiera stared at her daughter. Pandora had already asked these questions at least three times since Chandler had died. Her daughter looked back down at her plate. She began picking apart her hot dog bun. “I just…I wish that I had been there,” she mumbled. “You didn’t have to be there, though. It was inevitable that he would die. Just about everyone dies eventually,” Kazimiera said. “Well, I’ll be there when your time comes, mom,” Pandora vowed.
  34. 34. Joss gracefully stepped off of the school bus. “Booyeah! This week has been awesome!” She crowed joyfully. The bus driver just stared at her for a moment and then she drove off. She was probably thinking, “Did that kid just say ‘booyeah?’ Really?” “Ender! Can you do my homework for me? I’m tired!” Joss shouted as her brother came outside.
  35. 35. Joss had noticed that Ender listened to her whenever she asked him to do something. He would do her homework and her chores. She didn’t find this odd at all, though. She was just a kid. What Ender was going through was something that children wouldn’t comprehend. He had lost his only friend because she turned out to be a psycho killer. After he’d sent that e-mail, he didn’t see her at school anymore. Carmen was in college and Joss was too young. Ender felt totally alone.
  36. 36. Once Ender finished his sister’s homework, he got an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach. He went upstairs and headed straight for…“MOM! Mom? What’s wrong with you?” He cried.
  37. 37. Pandora was sprawled out on the floor of her and Michael’s bedroom. She moved slightly at the sound of Ender’s voice.
  38. 38. She slowly sat up, rubbing the back of her head. “What happened to you?” Ender repeated. “Oh, I don’t know. I must’ve passed out. I’m fine now, though. Just a bump on the head is all,” Pandora answered. She slowly got back to her feet. Ender prepared to catch her.
  39. 39. Pandora stumbled and Ender caught her before she could fall. “Mom? Are you sure that you’re alright?” Her son asked. “Yeah. I just need some more rest. I went on a hike today and got poison ivy. I guess I got something more, though,” Pandora responded. “I love you, mom,” Ender said. “I love you too, Ender,” Pandora replied. She walked over and crawled back into bed. Ender stayed for a moment longer and then he left the room. ----------------------------------------------
  40. 40. Meanwhile, at Academie Le Tour, love was in the air. At least, for most of the college students. Carmen had yet to find a nice young man that she really liked despite the abundance of choices. Her two best friends, however, were having much better luck.
  41. 41. “Hey, Alec! It’s lovely to hear your voice again!” Valerie greeted. Alec Love was Val’s current love interest. He had shown some interest in her, so she was real excited to hear his voice or even to see him. Tracy was still searching for her redheaded true love. She went to Crypt O’ Nightclub because she had heard about a specific red haired guy that lurked there only at night.
  42. 42. Tracy ended up meeting the local good witch instead, though. “Good evening, Tracy. How are you today?” The witch asked.
  43. 43. Tracy smiled politely at the old woman. “Uh…how do you know my name?” She asked. “I know a lot because I’m buddies with the fortune tellers. We old ladies enjoy good gossip. I hear that you’re on a quest to find a vampire, eh?” The good witch responded. “Eheh. Yeah. Um. I’m going to go now,” Tracy muttered.
  44. 44. “But wait! Your one true love is approaching! The fortune teller told me that you would meet him here!” The good witch cried. Tracy looked down at her hands and mumbled, “Yeah. Okay.” Then she sensed someone watching her. She looked over and her jaw dropped.
  45. 45. She ran over and immediately introduced herself to the vampire. “I’m Tracy Trimble! It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she greeted. She extended her hand out to the redheaded vampire. He stared at her hand and didn’t shake it. “My name is Count Alan Kearney. How may I help you, Miss Trimble?” He said. Tracy stared into his red eyes. He looked away from her.
  46. 46. “Oh! Do you feel that? It feels like…wonderful,” Tracy suddenly exclaimed. Alan just continued to gaze at her. “It was nice meeting you, Miss Trimble,” he said. Then, he dashed back in the direction that he had come from.
  47. 47. “Clever old lady, aren’t you?” The good witch’s ‘other’ commented. “It was nothing. They were fated to meet eventually,” the witch replied. “I’ll bet,” the cat responded. “Now the only ones that need to be fixed are the other two,” the old witch declared. “How do you suppose that will happen?” The cat inquired. “Hmm. That’s a good question. Perhaps, we’ll just have to wait and see,” the woman remarked. --------------------------------------
  48. 48. The next night, Alan invited Tracy over to his home. “Miss Trimble, I am glad that you were able to come over,” Count Alan greeted. “Whoa. You definitely look different,” Tracy commented. “Do you like what you see?” Alan inquired. “Of course I do,” Tracy answered.
  49. 49. “Oh! You live in a big house! Does anyone else live here?” Tracy exclaimed. “Yes. The other vampires. You cannot meet them quite yet, though. In fact, they do not know that you are here,” Alan responded. “They probably already sensed her presence, though,” he added in his head.
  50. 50. “Why can’t I meet them?” Tracy asked. Alan cringed and muttered, “They would probably harm you. Sunny might not but Julie…no. You must not meet them yet,” he replied.
  51. 51. He noticed that she was staring at him again. “You look quite lovely tonight,” he declared. Tracy found herself blushing. Perhaps the witch and the fortune tellers were correct about Alan being her true love.
  52. 52. “Hey, did you choose to become a vampire?” Tracy blurted. Alan put his hands on his hips. “Why do you ask such random questions?” He demanded. “I…um…I’m sorry. I’m just naturally curious about things,” Tracy said.
  53. 53. Alan relaxed a bit. “It has been a long time since I have been near a flesh-and-blood woman,” he sighed. “Yeah. Hey, can you at least tell me about the other vampires? Like how would you describe them?” Tracy questioned. “Hmm. Well, Sunny is the bubbly, excitable one of the group. Julie is rather like, as you might say, a wet blanket. Ravi is a lothario with a secret passion for cuisine. Was that good enough?” Alan answered. “And what about you?” Tracy asked smiling. “Me? I am hopelessly in love with the most gorgeous dame that I have ever laid eyes upon,” Alan replied.
  54. 54. Tracy beamed at him. Right at that moment, Alan realized that Julie was watching them. “Tracy, you should go now,” he said quietly. “Okay. I’ll see you again, right?” Tracy responded. “Yes. Please, leave now. Quickly,” Alan ordered. Tracy gave him one last grin before she walked around him and left. When Alan looked over at where Julie was, she had already disappeared.
  55. 55. Count Alan Kearney went upstairs to Contessa Julie Tang’s bedroom. She was sitting behind a black curtain in a white chair. “So, you have fallen in love with a mortal. Wonderful,” Julie scoffed. Alan looked down at her.
  56. 56. Julie’s eyes softened and she sighed. “Alan, I don’t want to disappoint you but that girl has been marked for death already,” she declared. Alan’s eyes widened. “No. I will not allow her fate to happen,” he growled. He turned around and left the room.
  57. 57. Julie went after Alan but she was stopped by Count Ravi Pai. “A rose for the lovely mistress,” he said. Julie took the rose. Then, a terrifying look crossed over her face. She threw the rose down and smashed it with the heal of her shoe.
  58. 58. “Ravi! I’ve already told you! We are not getting involved. Ever. No matter how much charm you put on. There’s no way in hell I’m going to fall in love with you. Love always ends in heartbreak,” Julie shouted. “Well, aren’t you Miss Positive tonight?” Ravi replied sarcastically.
  59. 59. Meanwhile, Contessa Sunny Shankel was busy jumping up and down on the couch. “I like not having any cares in the world! Ravi is still trying to pursue the unrelenting Julie into a mostly physical relationship. And Alan has a girlfriend marked for death. We’re such a happy lot,” she crowed. -------------------------------------
  60. 60. Megan and Joss embraced each other in greeting. “Hey, my birthday is in three days. Are you going to come?” Megan asked. “Yeah!” Joss replied grinning.
  61. 61. “So, what’s your party going to be like, Megan?” Joss inquired. “It’ll be boring. She’s gonna be an old lady,” Morgan said. Megan playfully smacked him. “Nuh uh. It will be the best party ever,” she declared. “I don’t know. My party might top yours. Most of my family will be at mine,” Joss replied.
  62. 62. The three kids all stood up. Megan immediately began blowing bubbles. “You guys should totally join me,” she said. “No thanks, sis,” Morgan replied. “Anyway, as I was saying, my mom is preggo yet again,” he continued to Joss. “Really? That’s fantabulous!” Joss cried.
  63. 63. “Aren’t you the youngest of three?” Morgan asked. Joss nodded as Megan sniffed the bubble solution. “I wonder what this tastes like,” she muttered.
  64. 64. “Bottoms up,” Megan said. Morgan pointed at her. “Should you really drink that?” He remarked. “Do you know if she’s having a boy or a girl?” Joss asked enthusiastically.
  65. 65. “I don’t know what she’s having. They think that it’s a girl. I hope that it’s a boy,” Morgan responded. Megan coughed from behind Joss. “Ugh. Bubbles suck,” she complained.
  66. 66. The kids went inside and, right as Megan was picking up a book, Fanny went into labor. “If this is what having kids is like then there’s no way you’re getting any grandkids out of me, mom,” Megan commented.
  67. 67. Leila Rivers gasped as Fanny screamed in pain. “Whoa! Is that where babies really come from?” Morgan shouted. “I…I think that I may be scarred for life now,” Leila stammered.
  68. 68. Joss came rushing downstairs. “What’s going—sweet merciful chocolate! What’s wrong with her?” She cried. “Just breathe, Fanny, just breathe,” Ricky consoled. “NONE OF YOU ARE HELPING!” Fanny yelled.
  69. 69. Despite the worrying and shouting, Marianne Keller made into the world safe and sound. She has Fanny’s coloring, Ricky’s green eyes, and black hair. Shortly after Marianne was born, Fanny rolled up the want to have 10 kids. Uh… that’s never going to happen.
  70. 70. With the magic of boolprop, Marianne became a child. She’ll be known as Mari from now on. Anyway, she has her dad’s nose, which is apparently quite dominant since all of the kids have the eee…hawk nose. Also like her siblings, she’s utterly adorable.
  71. 71. Mari sat on her bed, looking around her rather empty room. Her room and Megan’s room were separated by the bathroom. However, Megan seemed to have no boundaries because later on that night…
  72. 72. “Megan, do you have no sense of personal space?” Mari cried as her older sister jumped on her bed. “Personal space? What is this personal space that you speak of? Where may I find it?” Megan retorted. “Mom! Megan is jumping on my bed!” Mari shouted. “Aw…you’re no fun,” Megan grumbled. -----------------------------------
  73. 73. Carmen and Tracy were having their usual morning pillow fight when Carmen suddenly remembered something. “Hey, my parents and little brother are swinging by today. I want them to meet this guy that I know,” Carmen told her best friend. “Ooh, do you have a boyfriend now?” Tracy asked. “Well, um, I hope that one day he and I will end up together. He’s got a nice personality and he’s hot,” Carmen answered.
  74. 74. “Don’t you guys feel old visiting your daughter while she’s in college? Just think, I’ll be in college soon too. Then Joss will be a teenager. Wow. You guys are ancient,” Ender commented to his parents as they walked up the stairs to the Casteroff dorms. “Thanks for reminding us, son,” Pandora replied. “I hope that your kids are just like you,” Michael added. “Don’t you want six little darlings?” Pandora asked. “Yep. But I’m not having kids yet, mom,” Ender responded. “I’d hope not,” Michael remarked.
  75. 75. Carmen hugged her little brother when he walked through the door. “It’s so good to see that you’re doing alright,” she muttered. Then she whispered, “After your last e-mail, I was worried.” “Let’s not talk about it, okay?” Ender whispered back.
  76. 76. Blake Grady approached the Casteroff dorms right at the same time that Carmen was hugging Ender. “She said that her family was visiting today. I hope that she doesn’t call me Blakeins* in front of them,” he mumbled to himself. Pronounced: Blake-kins
  77. 77. Unfortunately, Carmen had to leave the second that Blake got there.
  78. 78. Although, he did have an interesting conversation with Carmen’s father. “So, if you marry my daughter you’d better make her happy. I don’t want to have to get the shotgun,” Michael concluded after giving Blake the usual father speech. “Um…your daughter and I aren’t even dating,” Blake finally said. “Oh. Well, you’re not dating yet. But I have confidence that you will be. So, remember, make her unhappy and you’ll regret it,” Michael retorted. If Carmen had been there to hear this lovely discourse, she probably would have murdered her father.
  79. 79. Later on that night, after Michael scared off Blake, Tracy got her first kiss from Alan.
  80. 80. She then leapt into his arms and cried, “Oh, Alan, that was wonderful! I never imagined my first kiss being so…so…perfect!” “I never thought that I would ever meet such a lovely young woman as yourself. You make me feel as though I am alive again,” Alan replied.
  81. 81. Finally, Carmen, Tracy, and Val all managed to get halfway through their Freshman years. Geeze. College is going to seem like an eternity. -----------------------------------
  82. 82. Michael and Pandora threw themselves a huge birthday party. After all, they were getting old and wrinkly soon.
  83. 83. In attendance were Pandora’s two brothers, her uncles, her mother, her children, Tracy, Valerie, Fanny, and Adam’s wife, Patricia.
  84. 84. The only who didn’t watch them age was Maxwell, one of Kazi’s brothers. He apparently wanted to just stay in the pool. It was tempting to take away that ladder.
  85. 85. Pandora and Michael had nothing to wish for. They already had everything that they’d ever wanted. Their children were healthy and seemingly happy. They had lived successful lives. Although, Pandora’s lifetime want still needed to be fulfilled.
  86. 86. Michael grew up looking like a handsome headmaster and Pandora just grew up looking…well…she was wearing a swimsuit top and grandma pants. Michael definitely got the better end of the clothing choice.
  87. 87. They quickly changed out of their embarrassing clothes and then they proceeded to celebrate getting old by making out in front of Ender.
  88. 88. “Thanks for sucking each other’s faces off while I was calling the taxi to take me away from here,” Ender said as his parents waved good-bye. “You’re very welcome, Ender,” Michael replied. “We could’ve always been woohooing in the background. Or we could be saying good-bye to you in our underwear,” Pandora remarked.
  89. 89. “Bye, Ender! Don’t be a stranger!” Kazi declared as Ender started to head for the taxi outside. “Bye bye, Ender. I hope that you’ll be at my birthday party,” Joss chimed in. “I wouldn’t miss that for the world, squirt,” Ender responded grinning.
  90. 90. This is Ender as a young adult. I’ll do everyone’s stats on my LJ later. In fact, I want to do a behind-the-scenes kind of thing for this chapter. … Don’t you just want to stare at him forever? Or is that just me? -------------------------------------------
  91. 91. “So, Megan, your birthday is tomorrow,” Morgan pointed out for the sixth time that day. Megan sighed and looked over at Mari. “Let’s just ignore him,” Megan said.
  92. 92. Mari looked down and nervously played with her hands. “We really shouldn’t do that. We really shouldn’t,” she muttered. “Eh, I’m used to it,” Morgan announced. Mari looked up. On her face was a look of sadness mixed with fear. Suddenly, Morgan got up and smacked her with her pillow.
  93. 93. Pretty soon, Mari forgot what she was worrying about. She and her brother were having an all-out pillow brawl in Megan’s bedroom. “You’d better not get feathers everywhere or else!” Megan warned. “See? Doesn’t she sound like an old maid?” Morgan crowed. Megan suddenly got off of her computer. She and Mari pegged Morgan with pillows until he went downstairs into his own bedroom for refuge.
  94. 94. “I think that the kids are fighting,” Ricky said looking over at the house. “They’ll be fine,” Fanny muttered. She was gazing up at the stars. “We should check up on them, though,” Ricky replied. Fanny was silent this time. “Are you ignoring me now?” Ricky demanded. “Hmm? What’s that? We should check on the munchkins? Alright,” Fanny responded.
  95. 95. “No! Don’t do that! You’ll be taking my knight!” Mari shouted while she and Morgan played chess. The night before had ended with all of the kids being sent to bed early after they cleaned up the feathers in Megan’s room. “Fine, I won’t do that, Miss Whiney Pants,” Morgan grumbled.
  96. 96. “What?!? You little sneak! You just took MY knight!” Morgan cried. “I’m sorry. I can put it back if you want,” Mari quickly apologized. “Nah. I snoozed and lost. I just won’t fall for it again,” Morgan replied.
  97. 97. “High five, Meg! It’s your birthday! That’s some serious booyeah business!” Joss crowed as she greeted her best friend. “Cheers! I’ll be a teenager!” Megan agreed.
  98. 98. Megan dragged her siblings away from their intense chess game. “Joss, this is my little sister, Marianne. She prefers to go by Mari,” Megan introduced, “and you already know my doofus brother, Morgan.” Mari stared at her older sister and then she glanced at Joss. “It’s nice to meet cha, Mari,” Joss said. “Y…yeah. You too,” Mari stammered. “Do excuse the wee one. She gets shy sometimes. I have no idea why, though,” Megan sighed. “That’s probably because you’re going to be a house invader like mom one day, Meg. Then someone will leave a genie—” Morgan started saying. “Lunch is ready!” Fanny called from inside of the house.
  99. 99. Right after lunch, Mari set up a lemonade stand. “Don’t you have to have a food handler’s permit or something?” Morgan asked. “A what?” Mari said as she stirred her lemonade. “Never mind,” Morgan muttered.
  100. 100. “Oi, Meg! I was the first in line! You cut me!” Morgan yelled about two minutes later. “It’s my birthday, though, not yours,” Megan retorted.
  101. 101. “I’m going to give you just a little more than I did Megan since she—” Mari began to say once their oldest sister got her lemonade. She’d managed to wheedle a free cup out of Mari. “No,” Morgan interrupted. “W…what?” Mari stuttered. “No. I don’t want any now if you’re going to pity me like this,” Morgan growled. He stalked off towards the beach leaving Mari looking very saddened.
  102. 102. Morgan watched the waves as he began to contemplate how different his sisters were. Megan was constantly doing something to irritate him. Marianne was always being just…way too nice. It was odd. Every time Megan did something mean, Marianne always tried to make things right. It was like she knew something that Morgan didn’t. Suddenly, he heard Megan calling, “Come on, Morgan! I ain’t getting any younger!”
  103. 103. Fanny looked like she was on the verge of tears as Megan waited patiently for the guests to gather around her.
  104. 104. Then, all at once, everyone began to make some noise.
  105. 105. There weren’t nearly as many guests at Megan’s party as there had been at Michael and Pandora’s, though. In fact, Megan didn’t even know Ruby Keeble. Joss had actually invited her cousin. I didn’t even know that Joss knew Ruby.
  106. 106. “Let’s see. What should I wish for? Oh! I know!” Megan muttered to herself.
  107. 107. In a rain of sparkles that was interrupted by a cut scene because a certain someone (me) forgot to turn the event camera off, Megan became a pretty teen. She grew up into a nice outfit but it didn’t quite fit her.
  108. 108. Megan was definitely going to be batting away the boys at school the next day. She was quite beautiful despite what some say about Ricky Cormier’s genetics.
  109. 109. That night, after all of the guests were gone, everyone in the house was fast asleep. The next day would bring new and exciting things. Megan was going to be in a different school. Marianne was going to begin her first day of school. But Mari was also going to have something else on her mind.
  110. 110. She was dreaming that a statue was speaking to her. It said, “Do you know of purity and of cruelty? Have you seen the shadows of the night? Have you heard the fortunes and misfortunes told? Hear my words laced with all and heed my warning.”
  111. 111. Mari listened intently as the statue continued, “Nine I do name. Eight I do tame. One has the heart of gold. Two is the future. Three will be the shadow’s bride. Four is the one to save a life by losing their own. Five will break under pressure. Six will be the center of trouble. Seven will piece everything back together. Eight will fall in love when it is almost too late. Nine has been chosen to help end it all. All are bound by breakable Fates. Heed my warning: Do not discuss this with anyone except for the one that you can truly trust. But who can you trust?”
  112. 112. The dream ended and Mari sat up in bed. She threw back her covers and rubbed her eyes. She ran over to her desk and quickly wrote down what the statue had said. Then she hid the paper underneath her mattress. “Who can I trust?” She muttered as she crawled back into bed. ------------------------------------------
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