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The Keeble Legacy: Chapter 65


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This chapter is full of plot and such.

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The Keeble Legacy: Chapter 65

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Keeble legacy! I know that it’s been quite awhile since the last update, so I’ll go ahead and do a recap of the last chapter. In chapter 64, the Kellers were introduced into the story. Then I told about how the spares from generation 21 had got married and had some kids. Tyler, the oldest, married a girl named Lynn. Together they had three kids named Snow, Holly, and Ruby. Adam, Pandora’s twin, and his wife, Patricia, had five children named Brody, Cassandra, Tanith, Sophia, and Isaac. Of course, Ender had a rather plot-induced dream full of mystery. Also, Joss grew up into a child. On with the story…
  2. 2. Brittany forced a smile at her sunburned self. She was angry about the sunburn and she wished that she could smite the sun but, unfortunately, that was impossible. She sighed and wondered how her day at school would go. If anyone made fun of her, they would get theirs.
  3. 3. Brittany’s day was not disappointing. Her sunburn cleared up halfway through school and she met a handsome young man named Ender Keeble. Of course, she already knew who he was. Ender was the grandson of her greatest enemies. Her enemies didn’t know that she still loathed them, though. Brittany had told everyone that her name was Jessica Sanders. She claimed that her parents died in a horrific accident. Everyone believed her, including Ender.
  4. 4. Brittany found herself enjoying Ender’s company. Even though, she had to learn how to control herself from twitching every time that he called her “Jessica.” Other than that, she liked him. She really liked him. It disgusted her. She should’ve killed him by now.
  5. 5. Ender thought that the look on Jessica’s face was one of sadness instead of frustration. He reached out and hugged her, not realizing that she was wondering why she hadn’t murdered him on the spot yet. Brittany accepted his hug and she found herself smiling. Eventually, Ender had to go home. Brittany felt unhappy as she watched him go.
  6. 6. The next morning, Brittany tried a new look. “Why am I doing this?” She suddenly asked her reflection. “Why am I falling in love again? He’ll probably break my heart just like Chandler did,” she said. But she didn’t change her outfit or hair back.
  7. 7. “ I saw you at school today and I was surprised that you changed. You look amazing, Jess,” Ender commented. He had followed Brittany home again. Brittany managed a smile at his words.
  8. 8. They soon found themselves dancing together to the song on the radio. They both smiled at each other like love struck teenagers, which they actually were.
  9. 9. Eventually, Brittany and Ender got tired of dancing and so they hung out. “So, this is a nice house that you have,” Ender tried starting the conversation. “Yeah. I guess so. What’s your house like?” Brittany responded. Ender shrugged, “It’s big enough for my family.” They fell into silence. Brittany just stared at Ender.
  10. 10. “ He’s so handsome and so sweet. It’s hard to believe that he is Chandler’s grandson. But I can’t let my feelings for him get in my way. I’ve got to kill them all. I’ve got to get them back for what they did to me. They humiliated me. They’re the reason why I’m like this,” Brittany thought to herself. “Oh, but he is quite good looking!”
  11. 11. When Ender left, Brittany whipped out her journal. She wrote down all of her thoughts. She found herself drawing a heart beside Ender’s name. Her doorbell rang. She put her journal away and went to answer the front door. The person that she had been wanting to see for awhile was finally here.
  12. 13. She was now even more powerful than before. ----------------------------------------------------------
  13. 14. “ Where are you taking me, Carmen?” Ender asked for the fifth time. “Ask me one more time and I’ll beat you,” his sister snapped. “Where are we going to?” Ender inquired grinning. Carmen groaned and plugged her ears.
  14. 15. “ Why did you bring me here?” Ender demanded as they sat at a table in a restaurant inside of the mall. Carmen took a drink of her water. “Are we on a date? Because, if we are, that’s kind of creepy. We’re siblings,” Ender remarked. Carmen spewed water all over their table as she tried to stop herself from laughing.
  15. 16. They got their food. Ender ordered the chicken dinner and Carmen ordered a foreign sounding dish. They ate in silence until Ender decided to break it.
  16. 17. “ Why are we here?” He demanded. Carmen looked over at him and then she smiled. “I wanted to spend one last night out with my little brother before I head off to college. I know that we’ll see each other again but we won’t be kids anymore. It’s sad. I want to grow up and all but at the same time, I don’t. It’s so complicated,” she explained. Ender stared at her in disbelief. “You’re…going to…college?” He said slowly. Carmen nodded and Ender stopped eating his chicken.
  17. 18. Suddenly, he reached over and stole a bite of food from Carmen’s plate. “Hey!” She cried. Ender ate the bite and then he made a face. “That’s nasty,” he commented. “I think that it’s good,” Carmen replied.
  18. 19. After a moment, Ender made a toast to his older sister and to youthfulness. “Without those two things, life would be unbalanced,” he toasted. “Wow. That was the worst toast that I’ve ever heard,” Carmen declared. She laughed and Ender chugged down his drink.
  19. 20. Carmen and Ender took a picture together in the photo booth before they went home. Ender rather liked it. Carmen thought that they looked goofy, even though that had actually been the point of the picture. ------------------------------------
  20. 21. Joss stared at herself in the mirror. She had changed her look again. She was trying to figure out what to wear for her first day of school, which was in two days. She sighed and decided to go and ask Jenieve, a distant relative, and Tracy, Carmen’s best friend, for advice.
  21. 22. “ So, what do you think?” Joss asked tentatively. “You definitely look different,” Tracy answered. Jenieve was concentrating on not waking the llama. When she succeeded in not waking it, she looked up at Joss. “Wow,” was all that she managed. Still, Joss was unsure. She didn’t quite feel like herself. ------------------------------------------
  22. 23. Carmen won the award for Worst Dressed Young Adult. Her two friends had grown up into nice outfits. However, they still all needed makeovers.
  23. 24. Tracy Trimble waved at the camera. In the middle, Valerie Raymond was flexing her lack of muscles while Carmen gave the thumbs-up. Originally, Val’s name had been Opal Raymond but she changed her first name. “It sounded like an old ladies name,” she declared to Carmen and Tracy.
  24. 25. Tracy pouted at her homework. “I thought that this pain ended after high school,” she complained. “I thought that you enjoyed knowledge,” Valerie commented. “I do! But I hate homework,” Tracy replied. “Well, when we’re done, I challenge you and Carmen to an SSX3 race,” Valerie said. “You’re on!” Carmen said from the table behind them.
  25. 26. Carmen, Tracy, and Valerie all settled into college quite nicely. They drove their fellow dorm mates insane with their constant SSX3 competitions, though. ---------------------------------------------------
  26. 27. Brittany scanned her book for a spell that would kill. She couldn’t find one that she could actually do, though. “Jessica?” Ender’s voice called. Brittany cursed under her breath. He would get to live another day then.
  27. 28. He was getting onto her computer when she teleported herself by magic into her living room. Ender didn’t even notice the flash of light as she appeared. “I’m going to make some salad,” Brittany announced. “Okay,” Ender muttered.
  28. 29. “ For the love of all things magical, please stop swinging on my fridge door!” Brittany cried. But she couldn’t help but laugh as Ender grinned sheepishly at her. He didn’t seem to notice that Brittany was radiating green sparkles.
  29. 30. After they had eaten, Brittany began to flirt with Ender. He seemed very willing to accept her affections. She was inwardly cursing herself.
  30. 31. She reached out and grabbed Ender’s hand. Instantly, an electric shock shot up Ender’s arm. Brittany didn’t notice anything.
  31. 32. Ender saw Brittany’s memories. The ones that she had killed, her bitterness, and the one thing that had ruined her life.
  32. 33. Abruptly, Ender let go of Brittany’s hand. He knew who she was now. He knew that she was the one that the dream had warned him of. He had to get away from her. “I…I should probably head on home now,” he stammered. “Okay. See you later,” Brittany replied happily. “Yeah,” Ender muttered.
  33. 34. Ender walked out of her house. He couldn’t help but get an odd feeling as he left. It was suddenly very cold outside. ------------------------------------------
  34. 35. Fanny Keller stared down at her little baby boy. He was born by the sea. The witnesses to his birth were his father and older sister. “What should we call him?” Fanny asked her husband. But Megan was the one who answered, “Name him Morgan. It’s a girl’s and a boy’s name.” “Morgan Keller. That’s a good name,” Ricky, the proud father, replied. “Alright. Welcome to the world, Morgan Keller,” Fanny finalized the decision.
  35. 36. A new baby meant a house remodel. They added on a third floor and then decided to just use the third floor as a bedroom for Megan. Morgan got her old room. Megan adored her brand new room.
  36. 37. Megan especially loved the three planters hanging from her ceiling. She named the plants Fred, George, and Ivan. Her favorite hobby, of course, has to do with the outdoors and nature.
  37. 38. Megan also had a computer all to herself. She almost felt spoiled but then she quickly realized that she wasn’t. If she was spoiled, her parents would let her run wild through the neighborhood like she’d been itching to do since they arrived in Country.
  38. 39. Morgan had inherited his mother’s light blue eyes. These eyes of his only saw the ceiling after he was born, though.
  39. 40. “ You know, Morgan, someday you’ll be big like Megan. I just hope that you aren’t as much as a handful as she is. She wears us out. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that,” Ricky said to his infant son. (Random: Ricky is the BEST Sim EVER.)
  40. 41. Fanny danced in front of the stereo to Katy Perry’s “Hot ‘N Cold.” It was her favorite song. Of course, Fanny liked music and dancing in general. Ricky, on the other hand, preferred arts and crafts.
  41. 42. With the help of a cheat called boolprop, Morgan became a toddler. Aw…
  42. 43. Morgan became an adorable child with said cheat. He and Megan both have Ricky’s “eee…hawk nose” but that’s okay. It’s grown on me. Megan and Morgan. Their names rhyme. I just realized this. Also, Morgan is a B-O-Y. Boy. Just to make that clear.
  43. 44. “ Aaahhh!” Megan’s scream torn across Country. Dogs howled, cats meowed, babies started wailing, children had nightmares, and car alarms went off. “Why do the bees always attack me?” She shouted as she tried to bat the pesky bugs away.
  44. 45. Eventually, Megan managed to get away from the evil bees. She and Morgan had a pillow fight in her huge bedroom. Honestly, they were probably plotting to sneak out one night. ---------------------------------------------
  45. 46. Joss grinned at her reflection. She loved this new look. It felt right this time. She decided to parade around the house in it.
  46. 47. Ender stared out into space. He was deep in thought about Brittany or Jessica or whatever her name was. He had seen her memories just by touching her hand. He wondered how that was even possible. Perhaps he had a unique ability that allowed him to do that. He was brought out of his thoughts when a childish voice called, “Ender! I’m coming up! I want you to see my new look! Mom and dad and grandma and grandpa all loved it!”
  47. 48. Joss clambered up the ladder only to be met by a glare from Ender. “What do you want?” He snapped. “I just wanted to show you my new look,” Joss replied. She sounded slightly hurt.
  48. 49. “ Yeah. That’s real nice. Now go away,” Ender grumbled. Joss stared at him in disbelief. “What?” She asked. “Get lost,” Ender said. Then he yelled, “Leave me alone, okay? I don’t give a damn about your new whatever! I just want to be left alone! So, get lost right now!”
  49. 50. Joss started crying. She slid down the pole, tears blurring her vision. Her tears escaped when she reached solid ground. Ender suddenly realized what he’d done to her.
  50. 51. By the time that he stood up, Joss was already running towards the house. “Joss!” He called. She kept running, though.
  51. 52. Ender swore under his breath and chased after her.
  52. 53. Joss was a fast runner, though. She was already through the house and out the front door by the time that Ender got inside. -------------------------------------------
  53. 54. The Forest. Joss had heard stories about this place. She had heard that those who enter the forest never come back out. Maybe that would make Ender happier. If she never came back home…
  54. 55. She ran through the forest. She was guided by an unseen force to one spot.
  55. 56. “ I don’t understand why he had to be so mean. I just wanted to show him…I just…” Joss broke down crying. But she cried silently and alone. She felt utterly alone.
  56. 57. Ender burst through the trees. He had seen Joss enter the forest but he hadn’t seen which way she’d gone. He called her name but he didn’t get a response.
  57. 58. He wandered around the forest. He stepped on dead leaves and limbs as he walked. He didn’t want to end up falling into a hole or something by moving too fast. He peered passed a tree and saw…
  58. 59. “ Joss!” He shouted. She didn’t move. She just sat underneath a rather creepy looking tree.
  59. 60. Ender ran towards her. He burst through the trees. Joss looked over her shoulder and she saw him racing over to her. She stood up and seriously considered running the other direction.
  60. 61. But she changed her mind when Ender embraced her. “I’m so sorry, Joss. I’m so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have been so horrible towards you. I just have a lot on my mind right now. You really do look nice, though. You really do,” he apologized. Joss sniffled and said, “I forgive you.” “Let’s go home, sis,” Ender prompted. Joss nodded.
  61. 62. They tramped through the forest. Ender looked up at the treetops. Joss lagged behind.
  62. 63. As Joss exited the forest, she spotted a little green girl watching her. Joss heard the girl think, “Thank goodness. He found her. I hate being a Guardian. Stupid great grandmother.” Joss stared at the girl in shock. “Mind reader, are we? Well, that’s nice. I’m Luna Rivers, daughter of Kurama, granddaughter of Venus, great granddaughter of Susia. Susia would be the oldest living inhabitant of Lush Canyon. You’re Joss, I know. Now, stop reading my mind and follow your brother,” Joss heard the girl’s thoughts again. Joss blinked and then she kept on walking. ---------------------------------------------------
  63. 64. Joss looked up at her father as they danced together. She couldn’t hear what he was thinking. Then again, he may not have been thinking. She heard mom say sometimes that Michael was like a little kid with no cares in the world. Although, Joss couldn’t hear anyone’s thoughts now. She found this very odd. Why had she heard Luna’s thoughts? She found herself asking this question more and more as the night wore on.
  64. 65. The next morning, Joss played with their dog, Harvey. He had been in the family for awhile now. He was taken on daily walks, his food bowl was refilled, and he even had his own bed. He was a fun dog and he was one of their income sources.
  65. 66. Even after all of this time, Kazi and Chandler were still madly in love with each other. Kazimiera gazed into Chandler’s green eyes. He looked into her grey eyes. They couldn’t help but smile at each other. Their kids were all married, they had beautiful grandkids, and they had lived a happy life. The mishap in college involving Brittany felt like ages ago. They figured that she was living an equally as happy life.
  66. 67. Kazimiera didn’t have a problem with swinging Joss around in the front yard even though she had on heals.
  67. 68. Joss’s first day at school had been uneventful. Kids seemed to avoid her like she carried a disease. She decided to go online and see if any kids her age were on there. Maybe she’d figure out why everyone had avoided her.
  68. 69. Unfortunately for Michael, he had come down with a terrible case of the flu because of work. He was the Law now. Note: Ricky has the lifetime want to become the Law just like Michael wanted to do. Obviously, Michael has already completed that lifetime want.
  69. 70. Harvey stared down the stranger that had just walked into his family’s home. “Oh. They have a dog. I had a dog back in Sedona. His name was Leroy Jethro Gibbs,” the stranger declared.
  70. 71. Pandora walked into the living room to see who was invading their home. She came across a woman. “Hey, there. I’m Fanny Keller, your neighborhood home invader,” the woman greeted. “Really? I’m the other local home invader, Pandora Keeble,” the other woman responded. “Well, we have quite a bit in common then,” Fanny said grinning. Immediately, the two women began talking. They spoke about their family and then Pandora invited the Kellers over for dinner the next night. Fanny heartily accepted and then she went on her way.
  71. 72. The next day started off with a rough start. Apparently, Megan Keller wasn’t the only one with bee problems. “Argh! Get these things away from mmeee!” Kazi yelled.
  72. 73. “ Hey! Mom isn’t crazy after all! They DO have a dog!” Megan cried when she spotted Harvey. You can only imagine that Harvey was thinking, “Ugh. More home invaders.”
  73. 74. “ Are you sure that she’s not insane?” Ricky joked. “I am not! If anyone in this family is insane, Megan takes the cake! Morgan is almost as bad,” Fanny said. “Hey!” Morgan cried.
  74. 75. Unfortunately, the Kellers weren’t the only ones coming to visit that day. The Grim Reaper came for Chandler. Bree’s chorus began singing: “ He was a man And she was a woman And they fell in love despite the consequences. He’s leaving today, though. Joining Bree’s Choir today Ohh, Grimmy is taking him away now, taking him away…”
  75. 76. Chandler Platz-Keeble. You were a fun Sim to play. You spiced up the genetics a bit more. You left behind your wife, Kazimiera; your three children, Tyler, Adam, and Pandora; your eleven grandchildren, Carmen, Ender, Joss, Holly, Snow, Ruby, Brody, Cassandra, Tanith, Sophia, and Isaac. You only knew three of them, though, which is unfortunate. I didn’t expect you to die so soon. At least you lived a full life even though you broke Brittany’s heart.
  76. 77. “ This was not how I pictured my day ending,” Megan remarked to her brother as they left the Keebles’ home. “That chorus was pretty cool,” Morgan said. “Yeah. But it was depressing,” Megan sighed. “Yeah. But it was neat,” Morgan argued. Megan shook her head.
  77. 78. Needless to say, the family was devastated. Kazimiera would cry for hours after her husband died. Joss couldn’t stop crying either. Ender seemed rather horrified about his grandfather’s death. Michael couldn’t help but cry too. But Pandora…
  78. 79. She felt worse about her father’s passing than anyone. She had been walking the dog when it happened. She sensed that something was wrong when she got home. Then she realized it. Her father was dead. He wasn’t coming back either.
  79. 80. She headed straight for the crypt. She mourned her father’s death. It didn’t help that he was giving her a big cheesy smile in his portrait. She would never get to see that smile again.
  80. 81. Pandora just stayed in the crypt and cried her eyes out.
  81. 82. When she came back inside, Michael immediately walked over to her. He brushed a tear off of her cheek. “He’s in a better place now, sweetie,” Michael whispered. “I…I know that. But…but I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there when he died,” Pandora stuttered.
  82. 83. Michael gave his wife a big hug. “We’ll get through this,” he muttered. “I promise,” he added. Pandora managed to give him a small smile.
  83. 84. Even though Megan and Morgan had left, Fanny and Ricky stayed behind. Fanny gave her condolences to Pandora and Michael. Ricky was distracting the other family members with a story about Morgan’s birth. But they both knew that they couldn’t really take the pain away. It’s hard to lose someone, whether it’s a family member or a pet. ------------------------------------------
  84. 85. That’s the end of the chapter. I know, I know. I’m ending on a rather sad note but it seems like a good place to stop. Maybe the next chapter will be more lighthearted. Also, I just realized that Father’s Day is coming up. And Pandora’s father died. Nice… Honestly, I can’t think of any questions for you to think about while waiting for the next chapter. Maybe you can wonder about Megan, Morgan, and Joss. Maybe you want to know about Carmen’s college life so far. Maybe you’re curious about Ender and Brittany. Okay. I can think of questions. I’m just too lazy to put them in question form.