Aldrich Chapter 2


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Aldrich Chapter 2

  1. 1. The Aldrich Family Chapter 2: This Is Home
  2. 2. In the last chapter, Melanie and Phoebe got married. Melanie married her first lover, Talin. Together they had three children named Cooper, Janae, and Gemma. Phoebe married her first and only lover, Holden. They have three children named Lark, Noah, and Leon. Noah and Leon are twins, obviously. In fact, in this picture, is Phoebe’s family. This family takes very nice family photos, don’t they?
  3. 3. The twins woke their parents up with their screaming that night, which is hard to believe with how adorable they acted after their sleepy mother dressed them for the upcoming day. Said sleepy mother then passed back out in her bed, leaving the twins to their own devices.
  4. 4. Lark was up bright and early. Since her parent’s bathroom was the only one with a shower, she got to wake them up.
  5. 5. Immediately after waking up, Phoebe and Holden had to escort the twins from their bedroom, which is where they’d ended up after they got bored with their toys.
  6. 6. Their day went on like normal, except this day the twins were growing up. Noah was up first in his adorable frog hat.
  7. 7. He grew up quite well, I must say. He definitely has his mother’s mouth.
  8. 8. Leon was up next even though he was technically born first.
  9. 9. After a quite makeover, it became apparent…
  10. 10. … that Noah and Leon are total opposites. Although, Noah is only sloppier, nicer, and more outgoing than Leon.
  11. 11. Melanie and Talin decided to autonomously slow dance at Noah and Leon’s birthday party just to make me love them more if that’s even possible.
  12. 12. Holden and Phoebe headed outside for some snowman-making fun.
  13. 13. But apparently Phoebe got frustrated with the snowman building because she proceeded to destroy it. “ Um…sweetie? Are you okay?”
  14. 14. The police then came and arrested Phoebe for destroying the snowman because there’s a law that says, “Thou shalt not destroy snowmen.” Actually, the birthday party was “too loud” for the neighbors. Even though the neighbors are Melanie and Talin and they were AT the party. But that would be kind of cool if she got arrested, huh?
  15. 15. Back at Melanie’s house, Melanie was proving just how great of mother she truly is.
  16. 16. “ Yes! I have an A! I have an A!” Cooper shouted as he got off of the bus. “We get it. You got an A. Back away from the bus so that I can get out of here,” the bus driver remarked.
  17. 17. “ I have no idea why mom is grinning weirdly at you, dad, and I don’t want to know. But I do want to announce that I HAVE AN A!” Cooper crowed.
  18. 18. Of course, it was Janae’s birthday at last. She is, after all, only a little younger than the twins.
  19. 19. Talin helped Janae blow her candles out. She had no idea what was going on, though. She just knew that the cake was pretty.
  20. 20. Janae felt weird as she stood on the floor. She felt like something big was about to happen. Her feet started tingling and then her whole body…
  21. 21. … shot into the air. Janae found herself looking at very large hands. She looked down. Her hair got in her way but she could tell that she wore a very brightly colored and ugly outfit.
  22. 22. A few minutes later, Janae had changed into more suitable clothes and she’d braided her hair, which had magically got longer.
  23. 23. Melanie thanked her twin for coming over. “It’s time to put the kids to bed,” Melanie said. “Yeah. I’d better get home and make sure the little imps are asleep,” Phoebe replied smiling.
  24. 24. Melanie then went upstairs and tucked in Gemma…
  25. 25. … Janae…
  26. 26. … and Cooper. It was safe to say that she was content with life.
  27. 27. The next morning, Melanie woke up bright and early to feed little Gemma. She looked down at the little baby. Gemma’s birthday was approaching quickly. “Oh, you’re all growing up so fast. I bet that Phoebe feels the same way too,” Melanie remarked.
  28. 28. Upstairs, Janae was blowing bubbles in her room when she heard someone come into her bedroom. She put her bubble stuff away and she grabbed her pillow off of her bed.
  29. 29. She hit Cooper right in the jaw as he tried to sneak up on his little sister. He reeled back and then they had an epic pillow fight that ended in a draw.
  30. 30. After lunch, Janae noticed that Cooper seemed excited for something. “You look like you’re about to jump out of your skin. So…is something wrong?” Janae said offhandedly. “Oh. Well, our cousins are coming over to visit,” Cooper replied. “Our cousins? Neat! Are they nice?” Janae asked. “Well…uh…just don’t play chess with Lark and you should get along well with them,” Cooper answered.
  31. 31. Melanie was downstairs doing what she does best: Making music. Through that window, you can see Phoebe’s house.
  32. 32. Talin had other things on his mind, though…
  33. 33. Suffice to say, there was a reason why their bedroom was downstairs. You can see Phoebe’s house through the window again.
  34. 34. Shortly after Talin left for work, the aforementioned cousins showed up all in a straight little line. For some odd reason, this picture makes me think of the Beatles.
  35. 35. The moment that the doorbell rang, Cooper grabbed Janae and they raced downstairs to greet their cousins. They gathered in a neat little circle to hang out.
  36. 36. Leon nervously started the conversation. He twiddled his thumbs as he talked and he didn’t make eye contact. “Do…do you…” He started to say.
  37. 37. Noah finished what Leon was trying to say, “Do you believe in ghosts?” All of the kids looked up at him, even Leon. “How did you know I was going to say that?” Leon demanded. “We’re twins. Isn’t it normal for us to know these things?” Noah asked.
  38. 38. “ Well, I think ghosts are real,” Janae said. “Pfft. Ghosts? I’d like you to prove they’re real,” Lark replied. Unfortunately, Janae was unable to prove the existence of ghosts. The conversation dwindled to nothing and then the kids decided it was play time.
  39. 39. It started to get cold outside, so the kids either went inside or changed into their outerwear. Janae made the mistake of changing and playing with Lark. “ Not the face, not the face!” Janae cried as Lark hurdled the football at her.
  40. 40. “ Do you honestly have to throw the ball so hard?” Janae complained, glaring at Lark.
  41. 41. Lark merely shrugged. “You should learn how to avoid getting hit,” she said. “You should learn how to throw nicely!” Janae cried.
  42. 42. “ Well, Noah, it was nice meeting you. Too bad Leon didn’t want to play. Oh. I hear shouting. I think that Lark is being mean to my sister. There might be blood,” Cooper said as he hugged his cousin. “Oh? Like a cat fight?” Noah asked. Cooper gave him a strange look. “You’ve clearly been corrupted by Lark,” he remarked. Then he went outside bellowing, “Hey, you two! Stop the shouting! You might wake up Gemma!”
  43. 43. That night, it was Gemma’s birthday. Talin was still at work and the cousins had all gone home. Lark and Janae had managed to work out their differences and they were good friends before Lark and the twins had to leave.
  44. 44. This is Gemma, obviously. She got more of her father’s looks than she did her mother’s. She’s the only one of Melanie’s kids that inherited her nose. Gemma is a Taurus with 5/9/3/8/3, making her semi-neat, rather outgoing, quite lazy, very playful, and a little mean. She has the most outgoing points of all of the kids this generation. Noah and Janae tie for second.
  45. 45. Finally, after two children, Melanie gets one that says “mommy” as their first word.
  46. 46. Leon and Noah were performing their morning ritual of Cops ‘N Robbers before school.
  47. 47. Lark was playing by herself with a toy that her mother had made while in college. Phoebe had also given some of the toys she’d made to Melanie.
  48. 48. Phoebe, like her twin, was content with life. She had three wonderful kids, a great husband, a good paying job as Captain Hero, and a loving twin sister. Yes, life was good. And it would hopefully remain that way for a long time.
  49. 49. “ Why are you reading?” Janae asked Leon after school. “Because I want to,” Leon grumbled. Janae pulled a disgusted face. “Why do you want to do something like that?” She inquired. “Why don’t you just shut it?” Leon snapped. I never said that Phoebe’s kids were darling, right?
  50. 50. It’s a house! It’s a house! Whose house is it? Phoebe’s! Yes. I remodeled her house too. I figured that since Melanie got hers remodeled that I should do the same for her twin. That and the layout of the other house wasn’t very practical. I like my Sims living in practical homes.
  51. 51. Here’s the first story. I decided not to do an aerial view…for some reason. Oh, well, this works too. There’s a three bathrooms and three bedrooms.
  52. 52. Here’s the second story. At some point, I may have to remodel the house again. Maybe when the next heir moves back.
  53. 53. The next day, Cooper and Janae came over. Cooper hung out with the twins… “ So then I told her to shut it. That’s all that happened,” Leon concluded. “You were still mean to her,” Cooper replied.
  54. 54. Leon shrugged and Noah rolled his eyes. “It’s not nice to tell someone that,” Noah pointed out. “Shut it,” Leon said. “What did I just say?” Noah responded.
  55. 55. Meanwhile, Lark and Janae were bonding together and not telling each other to “shut it.” Before Phoebe or Holden or both could lose their sanity, the cousins went home.
  56. 56. Holden had just finished his late dinner when his head drooped and he face-planted into his salad. Phoebe stared at him sadly. She gently poked him and he sat up, looking confused.
  57. 57. Phoebe helped Holden get to bed. She then went downstairs and made some grilled cheese sandwiches, which she put into the refrigerator for the kids’ lunches tomorrow.
  58. 58. Bright and early in the morning, Lark woke up…or, at least, she appeared to be awake.
  59. 59. Noah and Leon woke up shortly after their older sister. Leon was in a great mood. “Good morning, Noah!” He chirped happily. “Uh…right. Morning,” Noah replied.
  60. 60. Once Lark was dressed and ready for the day, she went downstairs and browsed the fridge. She spotted the sandwiches and decided that that would be the perfect breakfast.
  61. 61. Noah and Leon shortly joined Lark for breakfast. “ So, what was up with that ghost question?” Noah asked. Leon shrugged as he took a bite of his sandwich. In the short time it took for him to get downstairs, Leon’s mood had become sour again. “It was days ago, Noah,” Lark said smacking her lips. “No manners at all,” Leon grumbled as Lark took another chomp at her sandwich. “Wot was ‘hat?” Lark inquired, her mouth full of cheese.
  62. 62. “ Hey, hey, hot stuff,” Holden greeted his wife as she came downstairs. “The kids managed to fend for themselves. They’re growing up so fast,” he added. “Hmm. That’s nice,” Phoebe muttered. “Not awake yet, dear?” Holden asked. “Not really. How many hours of sleep did you get?” She replied. “Five hours. Why?” Holden responded. “Go get some more,” Phoebe ordered. Holden gave her a strange look but he obeyed. He didn’t have work today. In fact, they both didn’t have to work, so he could sleep as long as he wanted to.
  63. 63. Phoebe grabbed herself a sandwich and she sat down with the kids. They were on their second sandwiches, which meant that Phoebe was eating the last one. “These were for your lunch,” Phoebe remarked. “Oh. But, mom, today is macaroni and cheese day,” Noah said. “Yeah. It’s also pizza day,” Lark added. That was a good enough answer for Phoebe.
  64. 64. Once the kids were off at school, Phoebe made a few more meals. She figured that she never knew when something could go wrong. Also, leftovers never went bad.* *I was wish that was true for real life.
  65. 65. Lark managed to get her A+ on her birthday.
  66. 66. “ Smile, everyone. That means you too, Leon. This is Lark’s last picture we’ll have of her before she gets all grown up,” Phoebe said. Leon managed to muster up a half-smile and Phoebe took the picture.
  67. 67. Of course, because this was a special occasion, Phoebe threw Lark a birthday party. Only her Aunt Melanie and a family friend could make it, though.
  68. 68. Lark leaned over, made a wish, and then she blew out her candles.
  69. 69. Lark even grew up into a fairly nice outfit. It was not her style, though. She rolled Knowledge, therefore she is a Knowledge Sim.
  70. 70. Once Lark was wearing something that suit her style a bit more…
  71. 71. … she went on her computer and she got a job in the Dance career. Her lifetime want is to become a world class ballet dancer.
  72. 72. Meanwhile, at Melanie’s house, Cooper was beating his dad at rock, paper, scissors. “ Yes! That’s ten times in a row!” Cooper cheered. “How could I be beaten by a kid?” Talin cried.
  73. 73. “ Yeah? You can DO that? Really? Amazing! I can’t wait until I’m a teenager!” Cooper said. “Oh, no. Lark is corrupting our son,” Talin muttered.
  74. 74. Talin went upstairs and he began teaching Gemma how to walk. He hoped that Gemma would not be corrupted by Lark one day.
  75. 75. Cooper heard something strange outside.
  76. 76. He looked out a window and he saw magical white stuff falling from the sky. He knew that it was snow and snow could mean that school is out. Or, at least, that’s what he was hoping for.
  77. 77. Before heading off to bed, Cooper and Janae gave each other a good night hug. Talin then ushered them upstairs.
  78. 78. After one last round of peek-a-boo, Talin put Gemma to bed also.
  79. 79. The next morning, Gemma woke up the whole house with her screaming. Then she proceeded to act innocent and cute.
  80. 80. Her mother came upstairs and rescued the little girl from her crib. “Hey, little girly girl, today you and Cooper get to grow up,” Melanie cooed.
  81. 81. Much to Cooper’s joy, he and Janae didn’t have school that day.
  82. 82. He and Janae bundled up and they had a snowball fight.
  83. 83. Despite it being his birthday, Cooper let Janae win. Although, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed at losing.
  84. 84. Melanie completed her second lifetime want just as the snow started to melt.
  85. 85. For Cooper and Gemma’s birthdays, their parents threw them a huge party. Well, actually, Lark, Phoebe, and Holden were the only other guests. But it was still a nice party.
  86. 86. With everyone cheering them on, Cooper and Gemma grew up.
  87. 87. Cooper, as expected, rolled Family for his aspiration. He wants to become a captain hero like his aunt.
  88. 88. Gemma, obviously the youngest of this generation, turned out quite well. Gemma becomes a rather pretty teenager too. Who says that Sims like Talin can’t make cute kids?
  89. 89. Cooper took his little sister outside and he showed her how much fun snow really is. Luckily, he didn’t let go of her or else she would have flown throw the living room window.
  90. 90. And here’s a family picture that I totally didn’t even plan out. They just all happened to be at the right place at the right time.
  91. 91. Leon and Noah continue to have their morning ritual playing every morning, even if Lark is still asleep.
  92. 92. Now that Lark was a full-fledged teenager, she could actually make herself food rather than eat cold grilled cheese sandwiches. She was also making some money at her job to help out with the family. That and she felt the need to learn more about dancing so that, later in life, she could reach her lifetime want fairly quickly.
  93. 93. Although, Lark wasn’t quite as advanced as her mother at cooking. I wish I could do that with pancakes. Mine usually end up slightly crunchy.
  94. 94. As Phoebe ate her delicious pancakes, she thought about who she should make her heir. She would definitely ask Holden and Melanie for their opinions. But she did already have an idea of who it should be. She also had to think about how she was going to tell the kids about…well…that could wait. Leon and Noah were still too young to quite understand everything.
  95. 95. Obviously, Holden and Phoebe were still quite close. They took every chance, such as their days off from work, to spend time together. Of course, Holden also took every chance he could get to sleep more ever since he fell asleep in his food. He’d smelled ranch dressing for weeks after that incident.
  96. 96. “ Bye, guys. I’m off to work,” Lark called on her way out the door. “Oh! That gives us another hour of alone time until the twins get home,” Phoebe said to her husband. “Sweet!” Holden replied. “I really didn’t need to hear that,” Lark muttered.
  97. 97. “ Bye, mister bus driver! Byyyeee!” Gemma called as she got off of the bus. “Yeah, yeah, kid. Please, get off the bus now,” the driver grumbled.
  98. 98. Right as Gemma got off of the bus, it began to snow. She also realized that she’d got off on the wrong stop. Luckily, she got off at Phoebe’s house or else she would be lost.
  99. 99. But Gemma wasn’t the shy type, so she stuck around and hung out with her cousins until she had to go home.
  100. 100. Leon then went outside and he built an evil snowman (complete with horns, pitchfork, flaming hat, and sinister look) to show off his one nice point. It’s better than an evil clown painting, right?
  101. 101. That night, at about one in the morning, Lark further proved what a horrible influence she was after she convinced Cooper to sneak out with her.
  102. 102. “ This was not a good idea,” Cooper realized, a little too late. Luckily, he knew his mom’s work wouldn’t notice the missing limo.
  103. 103. “ Gun it, Coop,” Lark encouraged her cousin once she was safely inside of the limo.
  104. 104. Lark was very lucky that she and Cooper weren’t caught and arrested. She was also lucky that no one was awake when she got home.
  105. 105. They definitely know how to give me a nice family picture, huh?
  106. 106. “ Okay. I’m off to work, Lark. Watch your brothers for me, okay? Try not to burn anything or do something that would get you into trouble,” Phoebe said on her way out. Lark grinned at her mother. “Why, whatever makes you think that we’ll do something wrong?” She asked innocently. Phoebe rolled her eyes.
  107. 107. Meanwhile… “ It’s official, Gemma. We’re going to die today,” Janae said. Gemma stared at her. “Why?” She asked nervously. “Cooper is driving us to school,” Janae answered.
  108. 108. “ Ha, ha. Very funny, Janae. You can still get on the bus, you know,” Cooper remarked. “Nope. Bus driver saw you unlock the truck. He’s probably closed the doors. I think I hear the bus’s tires squealing as he peels away,” Janae responded. Right after she said that, the bus zoomed by. Cooper sighed.
  109. 109. Janae, of course, got an A+ that day. Who could possibly deny her, though?
  110. 110. Cooper continued to be a wonderful influence on his sisters as he helped Gemma with her homework.
  111. 111. And that’s the end of this chapter! I hope that you enjoyed it! Also, for those of you wondering the reason behind the “thou shalt have three children” rule, you will find that out in the next chapter. That I can guarantee considering the fact that I’ve already started writing chapter three. I hope to see you next time!