Aldrich Chapter 1


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Aldrich Chapter 1

  1. 1. Aldrich Legacy Chapter 1: Just Like Me
  2. 2. It was the big day for Holden and Phoebe. They invited Talin Welsh, Tiffany Sampson, and, of course, Melanie.
  3. 3. “ Holden Lam, I will always love and cherish you. Sure, you have your quirks but so do I. Our love is true and I can see that. I hope that we will be together forever,” Phoebe said. “Phoebe Aldrich, I will love you until the end of time. I will love you no matter how quirky you are. Our love will definitely last an eternity,” Holden vowed.
  4. 4. They exchanged wedding rings and Holden Lam quickly became Mr. Aldrich.
  5. 5. “ I love you so much,” Phoebe said once Holden had kissed her. “I love you too,” her husband responded. “Alright! Wedding vows done, let’s get to that alcohol now!” Melanie exclaimed. “There isn’t any,” Phoebe remarked. Melanie looked rather disappointed.
  6. 6. “ Congrats, Phoebe,” Melanie said as she and her twin embraced. “Now it’s your turn,” Phoebe teased. Melanie laughed as she eyeballed a certain wedding guest.
  7. 7. Rather than shoving a handful of cake in Phoebe’s face, Holden chose to nearly shove the fork down her throat. The guests, of course, swarmed around the cake like vultures.
  8. 8. “ Cake in the face might have been a little better,” Phoebe joked. Holden chuckled and said, “Sorry.” The guests ate all of the cake so that there were no leftovers. Once the cake had been consumed, the guests all went home. Some of the cake eaters weren’t wedding guests at all, just random neighbors (like Mr. Tinker.)
  9. 9. Holden and Phoebe took this time alone to celebrate their marriage.
  10. 10. Later on that night, Phoebe jumped up from the couch and ran into the bathroom. “Are you alright?” Holden called as he lingered outside of the door.
  11. 11. His answer was a retching sound and then Phoebe grumbling about how much she hated puking. Then she suddenly perked up as a thought occurred to her. “I might be pregnant!” She announced. Holden couldn’t help but smile. He was going to be a father…maybe.
  12. 12. Melanie’s shack quickly turned into a house when her one true love moved in with her. He had been at Phoebe’s wedding since he was good friends with her and Holden. Now, he had moved in with Melanie.
  13. 13. Talin Welsh proposed to Melanie the night that he moved in. Despite being a romancer in college, Melanie accepted the shiny ring. It was about time that she settled down with one man. Talin had been her first lover. Now, he would be her only lover.
  14. 14. They sealed the engagement with a kiss. The wedding would be the next night.
  15. 15. And that night arrived all too soon. Holden and Phoebe were the only guests. Melanie didn’t want to risk being slapped by any of her old lovers. She had twenty, after all.
  16. 16. “ I may have been the big woman on campus only because I woohooed half of the guys but now I’m going to remain faithful to you. Talin, I am so glad that we met. You are definitely my one true lover,” Melanie said. Talin had already expressed his undying love for Mel. The wedding was definitely different.
  17. 17. The newlyweds stared into each other’s eyes before Talin dipped Melanie down for a kiss.
  18. 18. Holden and Phoebe, who was now officially pregnant, clapped as Talin picked his wife up and carried her into the house.
  19. 19. Holden gave his pregnant wife a backrub before they went inside. “I sense the cake is near,” Phoebe declared. Holden just laughed. “I doubt they’ve even cut it,” he said.
  20. 20. Melanie whipped out a knife from thin air. Talin seemed a little apprehensive. “I’m only going to cut the cake, sweetie,” his wife said. He grinned and replied, “I know. I just don’t like sharp things.”
  21. 21. Melanie shoved the fork down Talin’s throat, just like Holden had done. Phoebe and her husband came inside. Phoebe eyed the cake hungrily.
  22. 22. Melanie laughed at both her twin’s hungry look and Talin’s reaction to having cake force-fed to him.
  23. 23. “ Ah…cake. I have you at last,” Phoebe sighed once the newlyweds had got their pieces. She went over and joined everyone at the dining room table.
  24. 24. Holden chose to eat cookies rather than cake. “Eating for two?” Melanie teased her sister. “Actually, I am,” Phoebe responded tilting her head to one side. Their eyes met across the table. They appeared to silently agree about something before Melanie turned to her husband to talk.
  25. 25. Once the cake had been consumed (mostly by Phoebe and her unborn child), the newlyweds changed into their everyday wear. The men talked about sports while Melanie bonded with her sister. “See? You like babies,” Phoebe remarked. “Not really. But…since we have to…I guess…they aren’t so bad,” Melanie muttered. She made sure that neither Holden or Talin heard her. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine,” Phoebe whispered to her twin.
  26. 26. Much like her twin, Melanie had morning sickness. Although, it didn’t actually just happen in the morning.
  27. 27. The day after the wedding, Melanie invited her twin over while Talin was at work. “Is it normal to puke so much?” She greeted. “Uh…yes,” Phoebe replied. “I don’t want to do this three times then,” Melanie sighed. “Too bad. Unless you have twins this time. Or, even better, triplets,” Phoebe responded. “Please, don’t curse me,” Melanie groaned.
  28. 28. Over a salad lunch, Melanie asked, “Do you think that mom and dad would be proud?” Phoebe glanced over at her twin. “Of course they’d be proud. If they were here…but they’re not. It’s too bad. We never actually knew them. I mean, since they left us at that orphanage, only to show up right before we were headed to college. But what they said worries me. Could be because I’m afraid of our children's’ futures,” Phoebe answered. Melanie quirked a small smile at her twin. “You always were the worrywart,” she said. “Yeah. But remember that we have to wait before we break the news to everyone,” Phoebe replied. “Right,” Melanie mumbled.
  29. 29. In an attempt to cheer up her pregnant twin, Melanie gave Phoebe a nice little gift. “Sell it for some money. You and Holden need money more than we do,” Melanie said. “Oh! You really didn’t have to do this,” Phoebe replied. Melanie merely shrugged.
  30. 30. That night, Melanie got dressed in her very short nightgown. But then she got the sudden urge to bathe.
  31. 31. “ Oh, will you look at that? I’m finally showing,” Melanie remarked as the bath water drained. “I wonder what Talin will say,” she muttered.
  32. 32. When Melanie told her husband that she was pregnant, he jokingly asked, “Is it mine?” “Yes, it’s yours. I’ve put my wanton ways behind me,” Melanie answered.
  33. 33. Despite the fact that they were both Romance Sims, they were excited to be parents soon. Neither one of them rolled up the fear of having a baby.
  34. 34. Meanwhile, Phoebe was enjoying her pregnancy by painting Holden’s portrait.
  35. 35. But, later that night, she went into labor. A random friend and Holden watched, completely useless.
  36. 36. A baby girl with brown hair and dark blue eyes was born.
  37. 37. “ Daddy and I agreed to name you Lark. What do you think of that name, sweetie?” Phoebe cooed to the baby. Lark gurgled back at her mother.
  38. 38. Phoebe and Holden immediately started on the next baby, although they would have been content with just Lark. But Phoebe told her husband that she wanted three children. He didn’t bother questioning her.
  39. 39. Back at Melanie’s house, things were going well. Talin was usually found tub-pirating.
  40. 40. Sometimes he would join Melanie for a game of chess. “I heard that this is supposed to make our baby smarter,” Melanie remarked. “Eh…where did you hear that?” Talin asked. “Phoebe told me,” Melanie responded. “I think that Phoebe may have lied,” Talin said. “Hmm. Let’s just focus on the game. Or is that your strategy? Distract the pregnant woman?” Melanie replied. Talin just laughed.
  41. 41. Truth be told, Talin and Melanie were extremely excited for the birth of their new child. They had decided that if it was a boy, they would name him Cooper. If it was a girl, her name would be Janae.
  42. 42. Later that night, Phoebe and Holden came by to visit. “Who’s watching Lark?” Melanie inquired. “The nanny. We really wanted to see the birth of your first child. Right, Holden?” Phoebe answered. Holden just grunted. He was using the computer.
  43. 43. They didn’t have to wait long for the birth of Melanie and Talin’s first child. Although, Talin didn’t seem to notice his wife screaming…yet.
  44. 44. When she bombarded him with curses, though, he noticed and began panicking. No, actually, he panicked after he realized where the baby was coming from. “Your plumbob? How is that possible?” He cried. In the “I’m a-giving birth” cut scene, the baby does in fact poof out of the plumbob. The “I’m a-giving birth to an alien” cut scene is a lot funnier, though.
  45. 45. “ Come on, Mel. It’s not so bad,” Phoebe encouraged. “NONE OF YOU ARE HELPING!” Melanie screamed.
  46. 46. Thus, a child was born. A baby boy to be exact. He had his dad’s black hair and brown eyes. In fact, he looked more like Talin than he did Melanie.
  47. 47. “ Night, night, Cooper,” Melanie said smiling down at the little baby. He reached out for her and she gently took his little hand. “Being a parent is rather nice,” Melanie thought.
  48. 48. “ Oh! I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to this,” Phoebe declared. She was finally showing in her second pregnancy. This one was going a lot smoother than her first one.
  49. 49. Speaking of her oldest child, it was Lark’s birthday today. “You’re growing up too fast,” Phoebe told her daughter.
  50. 50. They had a massive birthday party for little Lark. She blew out her candles and…
  51. 51. … and became an adorable toddler. She looks more like her father but she definitely has her mother’s nose. She’s a Scorpio with 7/3/9/4/3, making her neat, shy, active, serious, and slightly mean.
  52. 52. But Lark definitely doesn’t act shy. The first thing that she did, once her mother put her down of course, was she asked her Aunt Melanie to cuddle her. Melanie gladly did so. Soon, Cooper would be a toddler too.
  53. 53. “ Well, you’re definitely a cute little niece, Lark. But I have to go home now,” Melanie said. Lark just smiled up at her.
  54. 54. Holden immediately began teaching Lark the skills that she would need later in life. He was slightly dismayed that her first word wasn’t “Daddy” or “Mommy” but he knew that he had two other future children to teach.
  55. 55. “ Good night, pumpkin. Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” Holden said. He gently kissed her forehead. “Bed bugs?” Lark repeated. “It’s just a saying,” Holden assured her. That was reason enough for her.
  56. 56. Melanie soon found out that she was also pregnant again. It was also Cooper’s birthday that same day.
  57. 57. No one really seemed all that excited about Cooper’s birthday. Either that or whatever was happening to the left was far more interesting than cake. Jacket Guy is one of Melanie’s old lovers. Shortly after this picture was taken, he freaked out on Melanie because she *gasp* kissed her husband! The horror!
  58. 58. Cooper Aldrich was definitely a nice blend of his parents’ genetics. He’s a Taurus with 5/5/3/8/4, making him kind of neat, kind of outgoing, lazy, playful, and slightly mean.
  59. 59. Melanie couldn’t help but dote on her sister’s pregnancy. They were both excited about the potential babies. They also noticed that they had on the same maternity clothes.
  60. 60. Oddly enough, Cooper’s first word was the same as Lark’s.
  61. 61. Of course, Cooper was also just as adorable as his cousin.
  62. 62. Very soon, Melanie would be having her second child.
  63. 63. Lark learned how to walk from Holden. She took her first steps fairly quickly.
  64. 64. Of course, Lark also learned the joys of dancing. It was one of the few times that I’ve seen a toddler dance in front of the stereo.
  65. 65. As it is with legacies, here’s another adorable picture of Lark being, well, adorable. Yep. That is definitely her mother’s nose.
  66. 66. However, while little Lark was being cute, her mother decided that it would be a perfect moment to give birth.
  67. 67. She had a baby boy with her eyes and hair color, a clone of his sister so far.
  68. 68. But Phoebe was not done having babies. She had twins. Yet another boy with Phoebe’s hair and eye color was born. Apparently, dark blue eyes dominate light blue eyes.
  69. 69. They named the twin boys Leon and Noah. However, it was nearly impossible to tell them apart just by glancing at them lying in their cribs. It was hoped that they wouldn’t be total clones of each other or Lark.
  70. 70. At Melanie’s house, Cooper was learning how to walk from Talin. Usually, it is assumed that Romance Sims make horrible parents. Well, Talin and Melanie have certainly proved that wrong.
  71. 71. Naturally, peace and quiet could not last much longer. Melanie decided to give birth right after Phoebe dropped by. Talin appeared to have gotten over the shock of where babies came from.
  72. 72. It was then that a baby girl was born in Duo Borough. She has her mother’s brown hair and her daddy’s brown eyes. We have variety!
  73. 73. Melanie and Talin named their baby girl Janae. Now, they just had to have one more child. Not that they were complaining since they had plenty of money and such.
  74. 74. Phoebe, being a Family Sim, decided to feed little Janae a bottle.
  75. 75. “ Ninety-nine blue bottles on the wall, ninety-nine blue bottles. Take one down, pass it around, ninety-eight blue bottles on the wall,” Melanie sang. “Inety-ine boo bottles on da wall, inety-ine boo bottles. Twake one down, pass it awound, inety-eight boo bottles on da wall,” Cooper sang back. “Eh, close enough. I’ll teach you the even better version when you’re older,” Melanie said grinning. Then she continued the song.
  76. 76. “ Too many ‘blue bottles,’ dear?” Talin asked jokingly. Melanie shook her head. Cooper had been singing that song all day. “I’m probably pregnant again,” she answered. “Oh? You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Why—” Talin began. “I’m going to go puke now. Ask me later…much later,” Melanie interrupted. Then she raced into the bathroom.
  77. 77. Cooper ended up making Talin totally forget the question he’d had for Melanie for they played peek-a-boo for a long time.
  78. 78. But as he fed Janae, he suddenly remembered. “I think that mommy isn’t telling me something,” Talin told the baby. She tried to grab the bottle and then she glanced up at him. “Perhaps she already knows what I want to ask,” Talin sighed.
  79. 79. “ Roooaaaches! Why? Why roaches? Fricking disgruntled ex-boyfriend!” Melanie moaned outside. I came thisclose to just offing said disgruntled ex. He couldn’t get over the fact that Melanie was now married with two children.
  80. 80. Holden finally completed his lifetime want to become the City Planner. I never did mention his stats, did I? Well, he’s a Knowledge/Family Sim that enjoys tinkering and who majored in mathematics in college. He’s a Pisces with 5/3/7/3/7, making him semi-neat, shy, active, serious, and nice. Talin is a Romance/Fortune Sim who enjoys games. He’s a Taurus with 5/5/3/8/4, making him semi-neat, semi-outgoing, lazy, playful, and kind of mean.
  81. 81. Phoebe taught her daughter a very different song than Melanie taught Cooper, “Mary had a little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb, little lamb. And everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went. Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.” “Mary ‘ad a wittle wam, wittle wam. Mary ‘ad a wittle wam, wittle wam. An’ everywhere tha’ Mary went, Mary went, Mary went. Everywhere tha’ Mary went, the wam was sure to go,” Lark sang back. They continued on with the song.
  82. 82. It was a good day for Phoebe, of course. She finally became Captain Hero.
  83. 83. Phoebe got changed and played peek-a-boo with Lark. Today was Lark, Leon, and Noah’s birthdays.
  84. 84. The twins went first. I still have no idea which one is which.
  85. 85. However, now I’ll be able to tell the difference. This is Leon. He looks a lot like Lark. But he does have a slightly different personality. He’s also a Scorpio like she is but his personality is 10/3/9/3/1, making him a neat freak, shy, incredibly active, serious, and quite mean.
  86. 86. This is Noah. He definitely got more of his mother’s facial features than his twin and Lark did. He’s an Aries with 5/8/7/3/7, making him semi-neat, very outgoing, very active, serious, and possibly the nicest Sim this generation.
  87. 87. Of course, Lark was growing up too. With the help of her mother, she blew out the candles on her cake.
  88. 88. Lark instantly became overjoyed at the thought of growing up.
  89. 89. She grew up into a rather ugly colored dress but she was still cute and apparently amazed at the size of her hands.
  90. 90. She quickly changed both her clothes and her hairstyle. She definitely got most of her father’s looks. I think that she has her mother’s eyebrow shape, though. But Phoebe and Holden have similar eyebrow shapes…that sounds a little odd that I would even know that.
  91. 91. Melanie appeared to be shocked that she was having yet another baby. But this would be her last one…hopefully it would only be one.
  92. 92. At long last, it was time for Cooper and Janae to grow up. Everyone was excited for the birthdays…
  93. 93. Holden and Phoebe even brought Lark to the party. She was excited that her cousin was going to be the same age as her. She’d have someone to hang out with then.
  94. 94. “ Pregnant again, I see,” Phoebe remarked. “Last time,” Melanie said. “Well, let’s see the damage then,” Phoebe joked. Melanie rolled her eyes.
  95. 95. Everyone cheered as the sparkles simultaneously engulfed the two small children.
  96. 96. “ Finally! I can’t wait to make friends and be incredibly nice to everyone!” Cooper cheered. He clapped his hands together in his excitement. Cooper is quite nice despite the fact that he only has four nice points.
  97. 97. Cooper quickly learned not to play chess with Lark. But they still got along anyway.
  98. 98. Janae has her father’s nose, as far as I can tell. She’s an Aries with 7/8/5/3/2, making her neat, outgoing, semi-lazy, serious, and mean. She’s also adorable.
  99. 99. “ We can play again tomorrow, right?” Lark asked. “Yeah. We can be the bestest of friends,” Cooper answered. “You’re a cool cousin,” Lark declared.
  100. 100. Leon and Noah began learning how to talk. Of course, neither one of them felt the need to make their first word “mommy” or “daddy.” But they did enjoy saying their first word at the same time.
  101. 101. One might say that Lark was lonely, being the oldest and all. But she wasn’t. She was quite content with playing by herself. She could always invite Cooper over anyway.
  102. 102. Leon and Noah always had each other. They got along quite well but they didn’t really know what the word “mean” meant.
  103. 103. Phoebe was usually home. She used her vacation time so that Leon and Noah wouldn’t be alone with a nanny. Although, there wasn’t very much wrong with nannies, it just seemed like a better choice to stay at home. Besides, this time off didn’t affect her job at all. That is to say, she wouldn’t be fired for taking a few days off.
  104. 104. Winter came on rather quickly. Lark took some time to make a snow angel before the bus arrived to take her off to school.
  105. 105. She was only slightly nervous about her first day at school. She had no idea what lay ahead of her. But it did comfort her to know that Cooper would also be there. That way, she had someone to talk to if everyone else ignored her.
  106. 106. Leon and Noah always stayed close together, even when one was sleeping and the other was not. Phoebe had found this rather cute. She hoped it lasted.
  107. 107. They may have enjoyed being around each other but they definitely had varying interests. Noah preferred playing with the blocks while Leon would rather scribble all over a piece of paper.
  108. 108. They wore Phoebe out, though. They noticed that she appeared to be distressed in her sleep. She was probably having a nightmare. But they didn’t think that, of course. They just knew that something was wrong.
  109. 109. But Phoebe was having a slight nightmare. About a place far away…so far away. A place that she had once called home before…Phoebe sat up on the couch. She realized that the twins were staring at her. “I’m fine,” she assured them.
  110. 110. Janae’s first word was different from her cousins’ and her brother’s first words. This is why she’s awesome.
  111. 111. Then, magically, their one-story, three-bedroom home became a two-story, four-bedroom home!
  112. 112. Talin and Melanie’s bedroom is downstairs. They have a huge kitchen, a nice living room, and, later on, there will be a downstairs bathroom. (I forgot to retake this picture.)
  113. 113. The second story is where the children reside. Janae and Cooper’s bedrooms are side-by-side. The new baby’s bedroom is the pink one…
  114. 114. Cooper’s first day of school had finally arrived. Technically, it was the same day as Lark’s. But it just happened to be snowing again right as he stepped on the bus. In the ten seconds it would’ve taken the bus to get from the house next door (Phoebe’s house) and to Melanie’s house, it began snowing again.
  115. 115. Despite being pregnant, Melanie still managed to teach Janae the wonders of walking. Janae caught on rather quickly, which is why she’s still awesome. As I write this, actually, she’s a teenager.
  116. 116. “ I can’t believe it! I didn’t have ANY classes with Lark!” Cooper cried the moment that he stepped off of the bus. The bus driver tried not to scream. He’d had to hear all about the fact that Cooper and Lark didn’t have classes together all the way to their houses.
  117. 117. Aw…it’s a family picture! I totally didn’t even set this up either! Just ignore the red head behind the plant…
  118. 118. “ My spidey senses are tinkling. I think that baby is going to arrive tonight,” Melanie predicted.
  119. 119. Cooper Aldrich: Family Sim in training. He did this on his own. Aww…
  120. 120. Cooper Aldrich: Future Family Sim. Seriously, this boy does NOT act like he only has four nice points.
  121. 121. He even builds nice snowmen! But more important things are happening inside…
  122. 122. Melanie was having her last child. Of course, she kept her cursing to a bare minimum.
  123. 123. “ A baby? Is that how tiny I was, mommy, when I was born?” Cooper asked. “Yes, sweetie,” Melanie answered. “Wow!” He cried.
  124. 124. “ Well, we were right in painting your room pink, huh? Welcome to the world, Gemma Aldrich,” Melanie said as she put the baby girl into her crib.
  125. 125. “ I sense that I just missed something important,” Talin remarked as soon as he got out of the truck.
  126. 126. You might notice that I seem to play Melanie’s house more. Er…yeah…her family is slightly more interesting to me. You might also notice that this chapter was more “I’m watching them…muhaHAHA…” and such. However, there is a plot that involves the reason why Melanie and Phoebe had to have three children each. There probably won’t be a recap at the beginning of every chapter until probably chapter…um…three. It really just depends. However, I do hope that you enjoyed reading this chapter. Anyway, I would like to note that I had other plans for Melanie. You see, I was going to make her have three kids with three different men, one of whom was Talin. She was going to remain single forevermore. But then I noticed something. No matter who she was dating, she always rolled up the want to call Talin or to kiss Talin. She kept rolling up Talin-related wants even when she hadn’t seen him in awhile. I’d already moved him into a nice house and such, but I hadn’t cheated at his home at all. He also rolled up wants for Melanie. In fact, he wanted to get engaged to her even though he’s a Romance Sim too. (He’s Romance/Fortune, as we know.) So, I figured, “Well, they must really want to be together.” So, I scrapped my original plans for her and I let them get married. I’m definitely glad that I did this. Also, for future reference, Talin is two days older than Melanie.