Abel Chapter 3


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Abel Chapter 3

  1. 1. The Abel OWBC Chapter Three: In Which Oasis Takes Over
  2. 2. So, in the last chapter, generation one all became teenagers. Thus, it was time to vote for the heir or heiress. Guess who won?
  3. 3. Oasis! This is her with a new look because her old one screamed Knowledge Sim instead of Family/Grilled Cheese Sim. That and I recently downloaded that hairstyle and I realized how awesome it looks on Oasis. To be honest, I was quite shocked that Oasis won. At first I was like, she probably won because she’s the prettiest. (Which makes me roll my eyes because her brothers could look a lot worse.) But then I got over that. I mean, I didn’t care who won. Besides, I’m kind of glad she’s the heiress. You’ll find out why soon enough.
  4. 4. If Brick had ended up as heir, he would’ve tried his best to get abducted by aliens. Odd would have married Creepy Candice. See? I was prepared for if any of them were voted to take over.
  5. 5. Oasis: “Wow. The stars are so beautiful. No wonder Brick likes it out here.” Now that I’ve actually started paying a slight bit more attention to Oasis, I’m starting to like her just a little bit more than her brothers. Like this – much more.
  6. 6. New house! It’s still rather tiny but still.
  7. 7. Look! They actually have a dining room table now!
  8. 8. Also, the kids have their own rooms at last. (Tiny rooms but rooms nonetheless.) And the Abels no longer have to play chess outside. Isn’t it grand? They have less than 10,000 Simoleons left now. But that’s okay!
  9. 9. Peter actually got promoted, so they went back up to having more than 10,000 Simoleons. Also, his work outfit is spiffy. I wonder what his new one will look like?
  10. 10. So, if you’re wondering why Oasis is talking to the family friend Phil (aka the Guy That Got Peter His Dream Job), I shall tell you. I have a legacy called the Aldrich legacy (shameless plug). Phil was going to marry someone in that legacy but it didn’t go quite as planned. Phil is so awesome, though, that I can’t resist marrying him in the OWBC. Thus, Oasis is planned to marry him. Also, Phil is so amazing that he has the same name that he had in the Aldrich Legacy.
  11. 11. Oasis: “Bye, Taxi Driver! Byeeee!” Driver: “Yeah. Just get out.” Remember how I said that the Abels weren’t going to college? I changed my mind.
  12. 12. Oasis: “You grew up in a cowboy shirt?” Brick: “At least I didn’t grow up…er…” Oasis: “Yeah. That’s right. I grew up in a fairly decent outfit.” Brick: “Except it really doesn’t go together.” Oasis: “Eh…whatever.”
  13. 13. Odd: “Ha! I’m awesome! I grew up into the best outfit!” Brick: “Oh, shut it.” Oasis: “You have to admit that his outfit is ten times better than yours.” Odd: “More like a thousand times better.” Brick: “You’re both horrible siblings.”
  14. 14. Oasis: “Hiiiii! It’s nice to meet you!” Matchmaker: “Uh huh. Yeah. How much are you paying me to get a free blind date with someone that you probably won’t even like?”
  15. 15. Oasis: “Here’s 56 Simoleons!” Matchmaker: “Wow. How’d I know you were going to be a cheapskate? Eh, here we go. Oh, crystal ball, give this chick what she paid for.”
  16. 16. Oasis: “Well! You seem super duper!” Stephen: Oh dear sanity, please stay with me. “So…where am I?” Oasis: “You’re on a blind date, silly!” Stephen: I know I shouldn’t have gone towards the light. “Right. Blind date. Okay then. I’m sure I can live through that.”
  17. 17. The weirdest thing is that she actually had a bolt for Stephen.
  18. 18. Despite that one bolt, the date still didn’t end too well. In fact, they ran out of time before they could even crush on each other. But Oasis now has a new friend! (And he did live through it, of course.)
  19. 19. Shortly after Oasis called Phil over, the cow mascot and the llama mascot got into a fight in the middle of the living room. The llama got his butt whooped by the cow. She ran away, though, shortly after showing the llama who was boss. Oasis was pretty horrified by the fight due to her overabundance of nice points. Her brothers were outside watching for birds…in the middle of the night.
  20. 20. Oasis: “You’ll never believe how dangerous college can be!” Phil: “Oh, really?” Oasis: “Yes! Those scary cow and llama mascots get into fights in the middle of your living room! It just pains my—ooo…look at the pretty fireflies.” Phil: “Wow…”
  21. 21. Oasis: “Oh, Phil, I want your babies.” Phil: “Teehee—wait, what?” Oasis: “I was just complimenting you on how…er…the moonlight catches your dark blue eyes. Yeah. Your eyes are awesome.” Phil: “Nice save.”
  22. 22. Odd: “Brick and I just want you to know that if you break our little sister’s heart, we’ll rip yours out of your chest and squash it to smithereens.” Phil: “Uh…I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” Brick: “We better not!” Oasis: “Okay. I think it’s time for you two to go inside. Like, now.”
  23. 23. Naturally, Oasis gets her first kiss from Phil. They have two bolts! Yay!
  24. 24. Brick: “Let’s stand right by our little sister and her boyfriend and chat about nothing at all, okay?” Odd: “Alright! Awesome! Oh, look at that, they’re making out. How cute!” Oasis: “Hey, guys, how about you…go away?” Phil: “Nah. It’s fine. I have to go home anyway.” Oasis: “Okay. Bye, Phil!” Brick and Odd: “Yes. Bye, Phil!”
  25. 25. Oasis has discovered the sudden joy of a grilled cheese sandwich.
  26. 26. Dagmar: “Day-am! That is one hot hunk of Sim!” Lindy: “That’s my husband. And yes, he is a hottie.” I have to admit that Peter has grown on me quite a bit.
  27. 27. He nearly killed my liking of him, though, by arguing with Brick. Because you don’t mess with my Bad Apple that made it through his childhood with no problems AND grew up platinum. (I later learned that he also nearly maxed out two skill points. Go Brick!)
  28. 28. We interrupt the college experience to bring you… … an elder birthday! Lindy is finally getting old and wrinkly. Her family and the random walk-by look thrilled, don’t they?
  29. 29. Lindy: “I wish for…er…a new house?”
  30. 30. Lindy: “This getting old stuff is a lot harder and more painful than I imagined.” Brick: “Suck it up, mom! You had to get old one day!” Odd: “I agree with him!” Lindy: “That might be why your sister is heiress.”
  31. 31. Lindy: “So, I conclude my speech with—where did everyone go? Oh. They’re off dancing in the living room. That figures.”
  32. 32. Lindy’s nose appears to have…elongated in her old age. That’s interesting. Then again, I think I gave her the Ben Long nose.
  33. 33. Lindy had a roof-raiser of a birthday party. Her wish may come true…
  34. 34. Yeaaah…I got kind of sick of college real fast. I blame the fact that I may or may not have some form of ADD. But that’s beside the point. I just noticed that Brick just traded his cowboy shirt for a green lifejacket and bracelets.
  35. 35. Odd grew up into a purple cowboy shirt and tan pants. That’s not too bad but…it definitely doesn’t fit Odd.
  36. 36. Oasis invited Phil over just to propose to him and send him home. I’m going to just pretend that they graduated, okay?
  37. 37. Yay! Oasis wins for best outfit this time! This is why I didn’t do the University bonus.
  38. 38. Oasis went right home and changed clothes. She also took her hair out of that braid. Wow! Even though he wasn’t a natural red head, I’m glad that I married Peter in.
  39. 39. Right as Lindy and Peter left for work, Oasis invited Phil over and he moved in.
  40. 40. Phil: “Finally! I’m out of that hideous yellow jacket!” Oasis: “Finally! I’m going to get married!” You might notice that the wall behind them is totally bare.
  41. 41. This is because the house got remodeled! They ran out of money to paint the inside but at least the outside looks nice.
  42. 42. Squishy: “Unhand me, you fiend that used to live here! Unhand me NOW!” Brick: “Did this thing just talk? Eh, whatever.” Squishy: “Nooo…not the inventory!”
  43. 43. Wow. The only ones who actually watch the wedding are the bride’s parents and one family friend. There were at least two other family friends and then the bride’s older brothers. But where were they? Probably raiding the fridge.
  44. 44. Phil Jitmakusol becomes Phil Abel! I just realized that his name now kind of rhymes.
  45. 45. You may have noticed that in the first wedding picture it was snowing. Well, oddly enough, it snowed for one Sim minute and then stopped.
  46. 46. Between the two of them, they have 17 neat points and six playful points. That would mean no cake shoving. Ever. Unless one of their kids magically gets 1 neat point and 10 playful points. (It has happened before in my game.)
  47. 47. If you pay real close attention, you’ll see the other two wedding guests in the background.
  48. 48. It looks like Peter and Brick are saying, “We really didn’t need to know that, Phil.” Whereas Oasis is like, “And theeen?” And Odd doesn’t care.
  49. 49. Oasis: “So this is what morning sickness is like!”
  50. 50. Oasis: “Oh! My pajamas magically changed completely! I must be pregnant!”
  51. 51. And randomly I decide to show the layout of the house. The only downstairs bedroom is where the current heir/ess will sleep since pregnant Sims don’t like stairs. Then we have the dining room, the too-much-mismatched-green kitchen, a huge living room, and a bathroom.
  52. 52. Upstairs, we have oddly shaped bedrooms (one of which is where Lindy and Peter sleep) and a bathroom big enough to be another bedroom. You’ll also note that there are now 18 flamingoes in Squishy’s army.
  53. 53. Phil: “We’re having a baby!” Oasis: “Yep.” Phil: “What are we going to name the baby?” Oasis: “Whatever random name comes to me after I give birth.” Phil: “Awesome!”
  54. 54. So, I bought them a Robot Making Station. I want a servo and Oasis is going to make one because her lifetime want is not career orientated, thus she doesn’t need a job.
  55. 55. Oasis: “Ooh…what’s this? I’m going to rub and then wander off to pee.”
  56. 56. Genie: “Wasn’t a pregnant lady just standing here?” Peter: “I’m her father.” Genie: “Okay then. What do you want to wish for?” Peter: “A kitten!” Genie: “…no. Be serious.” Peter: “I am serious!” (The Genie gave him money instead because there’s no way they’re getting a pet.)
  57. 57. Oasis: “Oh! I hope that the baby doesn’t try to burst from my stomach!” Lindy (in the background): “Babies don’t do that, dear!”
  58. 58. Doesn’t Peter looked thrilled to get to grow up? He’s actually three or four days younger than Lindy.
  59. 59. Peter made a silent wish that his grandchildren would be healthy and happy.
  60. 60. Then, right in front of his family and friends, Peter became an elder.
  61. 61. Peter: “So, what do you think? Am I still a hottie?” Lindy: “Of course you are! What about me?” Peter: “You’ll always be beautiful, sweetie.”
  62. 62. Phil: “So, we really aren’t going to think of any baby names?” Oasis: “Whatever names come to me will probably be ones you’ll approve of. Besides, that makes one less thing for us to worry about.” On another note, their kitchen really does have a lot of…green in it. I may have gone a little overboard.
  63. 63. Oasis: “So, I’m supposed to have this kid today.” Phil: “Dang it. I have to work today.” Oasis: “Well, you’ll get to see the baby after work, right?” Phil: “Yeah. I guess…” Oasis: “It’s okay. My parents will be here.”
  64. 64. Currently, Phil is in the Law Enforcement career. But his dream job is the Science career, which hasn’t shown up on the computer yet.
  65. 65. Odd randomly stopped by the house shortly after Phil left.
  66. 66. Oasis: “Oh! The pain!” Lindy: “It can’t be that bad!” Odd: “I was hoping to go through life without witnessing this!” Peter: “I can’t see anything!”
  67. 67. This baby has brown hair and dark blue eyes.
  68. 68. Peter: “Man, I wanted to spy on the neighbors some more!”
  69. 69. This baby also has brown hair and dark blue eyes.
  70. 70. Lindy: “This is going to suck, isn’t it?” Peter: “It probably will.”
  71. 71. YES! Phil was a natural blonde after all! Score! The final baby has blonde hair and dark blue eyes. (I already like this kid.)
  72. 72. Oh, the joys of triplets. From left to right are: Peri (the only blonde and a boy), River (another boy), and Lute (a girl and the Bad Apple this generation). You might notice that, so far, every generation has had a kid named after some body of water. That’s kind of my ongoing theme for the OWBC.
  73. 73. I might be insane for doing the Golden Trio mini-challenge. So, that’s where I’ll end the chapter! Tune in next time for…well…the real question is when that next time will be. I am busy, after all.
  74. 74. Name: Phil Jitmakusol-Abel Aspiration: Knowledge/Popularity Sim LTW: Become Mad Scientist Zodiac Sign: Virgo Personality: 9/2/6/3/5 Hobby: Science Hair and Eye Colors: Blonde and dark blue Name: Oasis Abel Aspiration: Family/Grilled Cheese Sim LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary Zodiac Sign: Pisces Personality: 8/3/8/3/10 Hobby: Tinkering Hair and Eye Colors: Brown and green