November 2012 IAB AMC


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November 2012 IAB AMC

  1. 1. Affiliate Marketing CouncilAssembly meeting26th July 2012 3 December 2012
  2. 2. AgendaProgramme of activities 2012 Looking forward to 2013Affiliate Advertiser SurveyLegislation and standardsPerformance Marketing Industry study2013 Steering GroupNotes from A4uAOB
  3. 3. Programme ProgrammeIAB:
  4. 4. AMC Council 2012 activity framework - updated   Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 J F M A M J J A S O N DRegulation  ePrivacy Guidance / advice / status updates… Consumer/  Consumer  TransparencyStandards  site EU Data Protection Proposals … Framework/ Practice Updated  Product  FAQs / WIKI BP docs  feed  guides Voucher Code of Voucher Code of Affiliate  Conduct Conduct paymentsResearch /  Advertiser survey / A4Uevents / training A4UExpo PwC Performance Marketing Industry Study  Innovation ForumMktg /  Website / blog integration with new IAB websiteComms  Case study development…  PR framework  Whitepapers new & updated
  5. 5. Industry roadshow PMI study base, case studies, network presentations. Pop-ups at lunchtime? Target agencies / newspapers / brand owners – 3 in year???Customer journeys Work with Sky to understand work – extend to generic piece?Deal shopping and rise of 1. Surveyperformance brands 2. Article/s focus… strong PR story (membership development)Advertiser m/ship Pursue brand / retailer members (via panel / director dinners)Advertiser survey 3rd in the series – September?PMI study 2013 update on figures - NovemberAffiliate Marketing 101 Training workshop aimed at Brands / AgenciesEU Data Protection Review 1. Introduction to Affiliate Marketingresponse/s 2. MEP / MP: representation 3. Updated ePrivacy guidanceMobile: call for developer Develop position to call for greater Affiliate / eCommerce focus in mobile /focus app development. Working group: Maureen McDonagh / Gillian makepeaceCouncil membership Running campaign to developROI whitepaper Making sense of the dataEthical Merchant Charter Revitalise and representAffiliate standards Develop seminar event?Collaboration 1. Cross industry, eg: IMRG, Retail Consortium?? 2. Cross-industry consumer data initiativeEthical Publisher Charter Balance with Merchants
  6. 6. News NewsIAB:
  7. 7. Affiliates take higher proportion of online marketing spend;commission payments continue to rise; significant increasein affiliate programmes IAB / A4u  Affiliate  Advertiser  Survey 2012IAB:
  8. 8. Affiliate’s increased share of marketing investment is clear indication of the channel’s strengthening role within the marketing mix Qn: What % of your overall online marketing spend is attributed to affiliate marketing? Qn: What % of your overall online marketing spend is attributed to affiliate marketing? Programmes investing less than 10% of Programmes investing more than their marketing budget in the affiliate 31% of their marketing budget in channel decreased by: the affiliate channel rose by: 18% Advertisers investing less than 10% of their 45% Advertisers investing more than 31% of their marketing budget in the affiliate channel fell from marketing budget in the affiliate channel rose 51% (2011) to 42% (2012) from 11% (2011) to 16% (2012) NOTE: Online marketing spend defined as media spend within paid search, online display, email marketing, lead generation, social media channels and content marketing.Source: IAB A4U Affiliate Marketing Survey, October 2012
  9. 9. Advertisers making monthly commission payments of over £31K significantly increased Qn: What is your average monthly affiliate commission payment? Qn: What is your average monthly affiliate commission payment? • (Commission payments over £31K show a 21% uplift from 2011 to 2012) • Advertisers paying out more than £100K per month in payments increased by 16% 34% 41%Source: IAB A4U Affiliate Marketing Survey, October 2012
  10. 10. Affiliate channel’s growth in 2013 fuelled by increased marketing investment in affiliate programmes: 72% say commission  payments will continue to increase Qn: Do you forecast aarise or fall in affiliate commission payments during the next 12 months? Qn: Do you forecast rise or fall in affiliate commission payments during the next 12 months? Expect increased payments (72%) Expect decreased payments (12%) Expect payments to stay the same (17%) • Significantly almost three quarters of respondents expect monthly commission payments to rise during 2013  • 81% of those expecting increased payments (see note), say they’re increasing investment in their affiliate programmes pointing to greater reliability of and confidence in the channel. • Only 12% expect commission payments to decrease and 54% of those cite economic conditions for their prediction. NOTE: base size of reasons for rise, fall and no change inconsistent and so regard charts as narrative indicators only.Source: IAB A4U Affiliate Marketing Survey, October 2012
  11. 11. Coverage so far!IAB:
  12. 12. Coverage so far!
  13. 13. Coverage so far!
  14. 14. Legislation & Standards Legislation & StandardsIAB:
  15. 15. Focus and Headlines• EU Privacy – 6 months on• EU Data Protection Proposal- update• Wider regulatory and enforcement climate (ASA, OFT, ICO)
  16. 16. EU Privacy• ICO feedback on ePrivacy compliance (Nov 2012) • Responses from 68 companies written to in May • No company specifics yet but overall: • 88% say they were fully compliant or working towards compliance • Visual Reviews by ICO indicate
  17. 17. EU Privacy• “Between 25 May and 6 September 2012 we received 388 complaints about 207 websites. (3,646 complaints about unwanted marketing communications in September alone)”• 86 further organisations written to in October 2012, more feedback expected in November
  18. 18. EU Privacy• IAB Legislation Committee Focus 2013 • Update Transparency Framework • Update Performance Marketing Consumer Portal • Support process of gaining cross industry body approach • Identify opportunities to educate consumers – maybe talk to Which? • Encourage communication within the Affiliate/Performance industry (e.g. Developing Publisher Best Practice Charter?)• KEY MESSAGE: Monitor feedback, reassess approach to compliance and make changes where necessary. Be transparent, open and visible with site users/ consumers.
  19. 19. EU Data Protection proposalsey Issuesotential threat to online is extensive • Scope of personal data is more extensive • Non-opted in “profiling” could be an issue regardless of ability to identify users • Explicit consent is more far reaching and less “catch all”he legislative process • Proposals still being discussed at National & EU levels including: • UK Ministry of Justice • MEPs & European Council of Ministers Assessments • Timescales – after 2014 (some sources state introduction as 2016-
  20. 20. EU Data Protection proposalsobbying & Promoting Counter Arguments & AlternativesCO and UK Government are arguing that proposed changeswould be damaging, not beneficial, to the UK economyeneral consensus that the proposals need reworking • IAB has responded in detail to Ministry of Justice “Call for Evidence” • Commercial impact argument put forward • Various, better informed amendments suggested • MEPs and relevant ministers lobbiedAB Performance Marketing Industry study and case studies inpipeline and will provide substance to the counter argumentIAB: www.iabuk.netocus on and evidencing ability to self regulate (committee focus
  21. 21. General Regulatory and enforcement climate• Greater focus on consumer trust and transparency….• ASA to extend remit to handling OBR complaints. • Adchoices icon and associated self regulation playing key part• OFT focus on comparison websites calling for greater transparency• Both of above extend into territory of privacy and therefore tracking/cookies• What does all of this mean? • Ideally, a greater recognition of self regulation and less need for prescribed, blunt EU legislation• Take away point: • Focus on transparency, appropriate and proportionate controls for handling consumer privacy • Monitor development of EU Data Protection proposalsIAB:
  22. 22. Best Practice & LegislationReminder of work completed and available to everyone: • Voucher Code, Code of Conduct • Voucher Code Enforcement Procedure • Ethical Merchant Charter • Mobile Marketing: Best Practice Guide • Conducting Affiliate Audits: Best Practice Guide • Product Feed Best Practice Guide • Product Feed Best Practice Guide: Mobile • Product Feed Best Practice Guide: Travel • Product Feed Best Practice Guide: Retail • Downloadable Software Applications, Code of Conduct • Retargeting, remarketing and behavioural advertising in affiliate marketing IAB:
  23. 23. Best Practice & LegislationPlan to merge two committees: ‘Legislation & Standards Committee’ • Composition to be agreed in January 2013 • Based on previous attendance and IAB membership • Chair to be agreedBest Practice projects underway or suggested for 2013 • Payments guide: close to completion • Ethical Publisher Charter to mirror Ethical Merchant Charter • Code of Conduct for Mobile, evolving best practice guidance • Forge closer links with the Performance Marketing Association (US) IAB:
  24. 24. Performance Marketing Industry Performance Marketing Industry study studyIAB:
  25. 25. Performance Marketing Industry study• Biggest project of type undertaken by IAB• Measures economic value of the Performance Marketing industry• Revenues, ecommerce / retail contributions• Profiles the market• The long tail… retailers, SME businesses, entrepreneurs, economic stimulator• Identifies growth trends• Produces independent document supporting industry initiatives – eg government lobbying – and individual business needs – eg financing…• Updatable - annual
  26. 26. Ground-breaking PMI study update• PwC presenting initial findings to the working group Tuesday 4th December• Full report for publication and launch 3 rd week January• Presentation to AMC Assembly: Thursday 24th January 2013IAB:
  27. 27. Current contributors to the PMI study Total raised to date: Your  £58K logo? Total needed: £32K
  28. 28. Steering Group in 2013 Steering Group in 2013IAB:
  29. 29. Council structure Monthly meetings Chair IAB Industry Programmes Steering Group n IAB Resources Working Groups Regulation Legislation Research & Standards Training Research task Events …etc Assembly Training task … Qurterly
  30. 30. 2012 contribution Company Steering  LegCom PMI Other Group Affiliate Window 10 5 Plan + fund Best Practice | Consumer site | PR | Social Affilinet 8 4 Fund Social Commission 9 4 Plan +fund Social Junction Criteo 6 Debenhams 6 Fund Payments LastMinute 3 1 LBi 8 Fund Social | Payments Mindshare 8 Fund Case studies NectarIAB: 6 3 Plan + fund Consumer site
  31. 31. 2012 Contribution Company Steering  LegCom PMI Other GroupNonStop 6 SocialConsultingOgilvy 7 PlanOMG 8 5 Fund Innovation | SocialRakuten 6 3 Fund Ad Survey |Linkshare SocialRedLetterDays 7 Plan + fundSavoo 9 Fund Innovation | Payments | BlogTradeDoubler 10 5 Fund PR | SocialVouchercodes. 7 3 Fund Ethical Publco.ukWebgains 5 Fund
  32. 32. 2013 invitation• 20 seats• Member of the IAB• Strong record of commitment in 2012• Expected to contribute to council work• Must attend or send nominee• Submit nomination to by Friday 14th December• 2013 Steering Group announced 24th January 2013IAB:
  33. 33. Notes from A4u Notes from A4uIAB:
  34. 34. 7th May 2013, Grosvenor House Hotel, London ENTRIES NOW OPEN New Categories for 2013 - Best Brand Engagement Campaign - Most Incremental Performance Marketing Campaign - Best Agency-led Performance Marketing Campaign - Grand Prix Award - Best Account Manager at an Agency or Network(Publishers Choice) Full Category List:
  35. 35. 2013 Event Dates - 12 / 13 March2013, NYC - 7th May 2013,London - 2 / 3 July,Amsterdam (TBA)
  36. 36. Date of next meeting Thursday 24th January, 4.00pm, IAB OfficesIAB: